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Cha Cha at its Best

Snappy, elegant, creative, original and passionate moves –  make the cha cha, a classical latin dance looks so vigorously entertaining. You might not be a dance enthusiast but if you watch this video, you wish you have that dashing presence on stage. Here’s the video that should not be hidden beneath Youtube files:

Sergey Surkov & Melia – Cha Cha

Posted at Youtube by: NoielaDanza Italy

The grace, confidence and good looks of the dancers plus the chemistry between them added to the elegance of the dance. Dancing techniques, choreography and presentation lay-out are definitely the works of experts. Truly an inspiration to dancers who are trying to make it to the peak of their career or been there – done that. Simply, amazing!

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Dance Symmetry

Symmetry (Photo credit: gwilmore)

People who are into dancing are always interested to know about the latest moves or events as far as dance is concerned. Aside from the modern moves and artist-inspired steps like the Gangnam style, we can always stick to the elegant ballroom and Latin dances. If you really are into it, for sure – you already explored la rueda or the group dancing technique that depicts the movements of a wheel. Nevertheless, I was not ready to find out about this amazing dance from Pilipinas Got Talents, a talent search show in the Philippines. Don’t miss the video show:

5 pairs of twins wow with ‘mirror dance’ on ‘PGT’

By: ABS-CBN News

Five pairs of twins on Saturday were given a standing ovation by the judges of “Pilipinas Got Talent” (PGT), after showcasing a dance routine that highlighted the illusion of reflections. The audience members at PAGCOR Grand Theater in Paranaque City were also on their feet after the number of the dance group Symmetry, which was among the six quarter finalist acts that performed during Saturday’s live telecast –

It may look simple if you don’t know that the dancers are not really using mirrors – they are being mirrored by their own twins! How amazing is that? Every movement is imitated by the other twin to look as if each performer is dancing in front of the mirror. Another extreme factor is that, the group is composed of 5 pairs of identical twins. So, they are not only in sync with their own twins – but also with the rest of the twins in the group. Yes, Philippines really got talents and they are gifted indeed!

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