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Senator Trillanes’ Piles of Libel Cases from the Binays are Proofs that he is a Habitual Liar


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Habitual liars don’t tend to acknowledge that they do lie. Since it’s not socially accepted, they’ve perfected the art of lying with a lot of practice until their lies are perceived as the truth. Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is again facing another libel case in court. This is over his allegations of corruption against former Vice President Jejomar Binay and his family before the 2016 elections. The lying Senator is just on bail for his temporary liberty following an arrest warrant for libel issued by the Makati City Regional Trial Court Branch 142. He was charged with libel after acting Makati City Prosecutor Gilmarie Pacamara found probable cause on the allegation of dismissed Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay, the son of the former VP.

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[VIDEO]: Senator Trillanes, ipinaaaresto dahil sa kasong libelo

Probable Cause

The Department of Justice or DOJ filed the case recently against Trillanes before the Makati City Regional Trial Court. This is after finding probable cause in the complaint lodged by the former vice president in September 2015. The former vice president complained about Trillanes’ several allegations against him. They include the P100 million-a-year racket involving ghost senior citizens in Makati. The Binays have been ruling the progressive city for three decades now.

Another Lie

Trillanes said he did not recall having publicly made the statements. He said that he’s also not aware of such publication on the internet. He also said the complaint had prescribed and there was undue delay in the preliminary investigation. The DOJ dismissed Trillanes’ claims. It branded the senator’s claims about the P100-million racket “clearly defamatory.”

Clearly Defamatory

“The publication shows respondent’s or Trillanes’ imputation to the complainant which is Binay of vices and defects, as well as the commission of crimes, including violations of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. The statement is clearly defamatory based on Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code,” stated the resolution dated October 9.

Destroyed the Election FrontRunner but Neglected the Real Bet

The DOJ ruled. “Malice, in fact, is evident from the fact that the public statement was not based on established facts. Apparently, the public statement was made without regard to the truth or falsity thereof and at such a time as the complainant was consistently coming out in the surveys as the frontrunner in the May 2016 presidential election. The questioned publication being defamatory and malice being apparent, a prima facie case for libel exists.” Needless to say, even if Trillanes succeeded in maligning the Presidential frontrunner, he neglected the fiercer alternative. The fruit of Binay’s alliance with Du30 is now starting to surface for Bongbong Marcos’ return power takeover which was the common goal of the two former Presidentiables.

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Ihahabla ni V.P. Jejomar Binay si Trillanes ng Libel

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Ang pang aakusa ni Senador Trillanes kay V.P. Binay sa harap ng kamera at sa video ng senado ay sapat na pruweba na para sa kasong Libel o Paninirang Puri!

Sa July 7, 2015 Binay Senate Probe pa lamang, matatandaan na iginigiit ni Trillanes ang mga akusasyon nya kay Binay kahit na pinabulaanan ito ng mga testigo:

Gold Background3
1. Inakusahan ni Trillanes si Binay na nakinabang sa kita ng Nursing Department ng University of Makati kasi itong kurso lang na ito ang may mataas na bayad kumpara sa ibang mga Kurso. Ginigiit ni Trillanes na shareholder siya ng partner academe ng Unibersidad na STI. Sinagot ito ni Ginoong Tangco, may-ari ng STI na qualifying shareholder lang si Binay sa kanyang Kompanya na Venture Securities na may 1% share na naaayon sa “requirement” ng bilang ng Board of Directors.

2. Inakusahan din ni Trillanes si Binay na may mga Ghost employees sa Makati City Hall – katulad ng kaso ni Baloloy pero pinabulaanan ito ng Makati City Hall Officer na si Binibining Aldon. Tinanggap lang daw ni Baloloy ang kanyang Paid Leave kasi may natitira pa siyang Leave credits na naaayon sa Labor Law. Kaya di pa sya tinanggal sa payroll kahit nakapagsumit na siya ng sulat para sa pagbibitiw habang naka Leave.

Here are notes in English for the False Accusations of Trillanes:
Libel Charges that can be Charged can be based on these statements alone from Trillanes:

1. Trillanes accused Binay to be shareholder – but the answer of the witness was No – but only a qualifying shareholder of 1% and Trillanes castigated him on the confusion.UMAK is subsidized except the College of Nursing. Why? The shareholder is V.P. Binay as per the baseless accusation of Trillanes

A share of common stock that a candidate for a company’s Board of Directions (BOD) is required to own. The term does not reflect a difference in the properties of a qualifying share compared to common shares held by other shareholders. Instead, it refers to the requirement that a member of the board must hold a vested interest in the operation of the enterprise in the form of company stock.

2. Trillanes apologized to Aldon that her testimony will not be followed because they are convinced that there are ghosts employees in Makati City Hall.

Makati City officer Aldon was there to answer about payroll questions but she is not from Financial Department. She said that Baloloy is still under payroll while processing her resignation while on leave – because her leave was approved and she’s entitled of leave credits. The salary must be paid during the leave because she is entitled with the paid leave.

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Source: Senate of the Philippines