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Macapagal: Smartmatic’s Server Tampering is Serious Despite Minor Correction

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Manila City Prosecutor Rector Macapagal indicated that the case filed by Abakada party-list Representative Jonathan dela Cruz is “serious” because the “security breach” that the complainant was referring to was when Smartmatic made an adjustment to the script to fix an issue involving the “Ñ” character being replaced by “?” is highly political.

Whether it affected the actual vote counts or not, Smartmatic is still at fault by not getting clearance from the Comelec for the alleged correction. Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon, backed this up saying; Smartamtic should have notified the poll body about the modification made in the script of the transparency server prior to the act or acts itself – since Marcos’s camp disclosed that the server was tampered twice.

In the Infromation Technology world, it is very common knowledge that changing a single element whether it is a period or a dash could totally change an ongoing process if not corrupt it. So, debating that it is just minor correction, is useless because aside from it being still against the law, it’s a nonsense explaination if you have a bit of know-how technically speaking – and if they expect the world to accept it, then they are hallucinating.


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Philippine Government will fight side by side with Sultanate for Sabah Claim

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Malaysian Media wrote that; Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he would stick to the government’s original position on the Sabah issue. As per his own words, “I stick with the original position of the government, nothing has changed,” Duterte said.

Perhaps, the Inquirer which is the source of the news did not know about the government’s original position. Duterte was actually referring to the plan established during Macapagal-Marcos era. Here’s an excerpt:

“The Philippine claim to Sabah was formally filed in 1961 at The United Nations during the administration of President Diosdado Macapagal (1961-1965) based on historical and legal claims. President Ferdinand Marcos assumed presidency in 1965. His alleged Jabiddah plan, supposedly proposing the invasion of Sabah, was publicly exposed, bringing the relations of Malaysia and the Philippines into a state of mistrust.”

When asked by the Inquirer on his government’s plan on the country’s claim over Sabah – he then switched like he normally does saying; “But only through peaceful means. We don’t have the luxury of getting into trouble or another war – we just have to talk to everybody to develop our country. “We can’t afford to fight, let’s just talk, and I hope Malaysians will understand.

But then reverted again; “We will make clear to them what is going to happen.
“If we file an actual case in (the international) court, and it is sure we will win, and yet, we don’t want trouble, so can we resolve this by other means?” Duterte said.

Malaysia knows that as per UN Resolution, the Sultanate as a sovereign entity has propriety rights over Sabah. The truth is – the Philippine government is dedicated to claim back Sabah side by side with the Sultanate – even if it means going to war against the Malaysian oppressors. It will be the Philippines vs. Malaysia in time!

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Arroyo-Marcos: Destroyed by Media Propaganda but the Heart Prevails

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Strong women are only strengthen by the tears in their eyes. Filipinos and the world in general have witnessed how former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was sentenced in jail without due process and the ever stylish former first lady Imelda Marcos was dragged into the ill-gotten wealth phenomenon and the martial law era mandated by her late husband, former President Ferdinand Marcos.

Senator Bongbong Marcos’s fight with Leni Robredo in the country’s Vice Presidential race is a clear proof that not all people hated the Marcoses especially those who have the wisdom to weigh what is right or wrong. Win or lose, the country is still divided into pro or anti Marcos.

So, there’s hope in the Philippines that like these two iron women, despite circumstances failing them, Arroyo is Arroyo and Marcos is Marcos. They do not let their heads rule their lives but their hearts – by still serving the people until the end of time and reconcile with foes when you still can. Remember the Macapagal-Marcos presidential race in 1964? It’s water under the bridge now. They allied to get the real democracy back from the Liberal Party. All for their beloved Filipinos!