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Email Bulk Service using Mailchimp

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Leading Email Marketing tool, Mailchimp is not just helpful in processing EMAIL BULK SERVICE bit for any other email marketing functionality like social media distribution. The latest craze is the incorporation of Twitter connection within the Mailchimp Service. This is how it works:

Announcing Twitter Tailored Audiences

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If you’re using email marketing, you know it’s the channel with the best ROI for your company. After all, your customers expressed interest in you to the point where they handed over a portion of their inbox. They gave you permission to invade their space. That’s no small thing, and you should wield your power wisely. So how do you grow that group of loyal customers, and find even more true believers like them?

Minimum of 5,000 lists is huge enough for a Twitter database that can be linked to Mailchimp for automated transmission after creating your email message. This is less hassle that you can reuse continuously as needed. No doubt that you will definitely love this new Twitter Integration because it certainly saves you lots of time and efforts in doing EMAIL BULK SERVICE for that higher yield!

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Current Mobile Marketing Trend


By: Elena Grace Flores

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Mobile marketing is surging high nowadays because of the increasing number of mobile gadget users. This article is not about the different kinds of mobile gadgets but the tools used by mobile marketers in conducting successful marketing campaigns online. See for yourself if you are abreast with the current trends or not. Read this:

5 Mobile Marketing Tools to Reach Customers on the Go


This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Looking to up your mobile marketing game? Here are five vendors that can help.

Aside from Facebook which is probably the most popular mobile marketing tool mentioned herein, I find Mailchimp very helpful in keeping in contact with my target market. Setting up regular Newsletter will not be that complicated. It is also very handy to track the outcome of the materials sent. If you are in business, you should try this out!


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