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Grandma Stirs Yuppies over VP Binay Debate

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It’s been said before that the government is the reflection of its people the same as, the youth is the future of our country – but what if good manners are forgotten by many and real issues are overlooked due to massive public prosecutions?  You may already know that our media channels are overwhelmed with unfounded corruption news including that of VP Binay, and whoever masterminded this can already expect great success if they already attract massive audience. Who will continue prioritizing community development efforts – when most of us embrace publicized accusations against politicians in power? Since I never have political ambitions, I am thankful to our politicians that they seek public office, or else – no one would run the country! Instead, I support programs initiated by government sectors that nurture community welfare in the areas of livelihood opportunities, environmental preservation and sustainable public service facilities.

Just after finishing lots of government requirements for the organization of our cooperative group in one of the communities I supported, I checked on my Facebook and there were many posts about VP Jejomar Binay’s alleged overpriced projects. Since they are set on public, I did not hesitate adding my comments on those that I spotted. Some owners of these posts clicked like or unlike which I think, were very kind. There was one who just blocked me off which is also fine but another put up a challenge which obviously amused me and better yet, it was supported by his contacts. I said; this must be from an energetic group because I failed to intimidate them with my personality which I normally do. Well for me, this is a privilege for older people who are stable because we’ve been there, done that – and we have nothing to prove anymore. Most of all, we have come to the point where there’s no need to work harder to keep both ends meet – like most budding professionals. Just hoping that the younger ones will learn from our achievements as well as from the mistakes we made, because human beings make mistake as we all know and I am not an exception to that rule.

Since my eyesight, memory and motor skills are not anymore as efficient as during my prime, I was comfortable to remain in that mind and body framework – thinking that I was simply debating with a friend. It’s after few exchanges that I wondered why the reactions were not quite like from that press-friend whom I admired – who will always remain relaxed, kind and polite during our past debates and discussions. You know, prior to press conferences in our Cebu group, we normally exchange views on what we think about that current hot topic whether favorable or unfavorable – to come up with a good follow-up material. That helps to be fair when both sides are reported. Good journalists will always make it a point to verify facts and quote the two sides of the story – and leave it to the public to decide the verdict if needed. So, I mentioned my disgust about his reactions and that’s when I learned that although they have the same name, he’s not the same person as I thought he was. I was apologetic and was prepared to go away. However, my name was often quoted demanding answers from me so, I complied in my utmost availability – so as not to be rude but in a different manner.

Nevertheless, my best is not good enough and for sure, I can’t please everybody especially the group with different political views than me. As I learned from our Debates back in High School, it’s not about your arguments that matter most – but it’s how you deliver them. Often, your credibility is enhanced by being courteous and not by what you know or don’t know. For sure it’s also important to support your arguments with facts or else, you will sound like a talking parrot!

It may be funny for a grandmother like me stirring up a group of young executives in a social media environment – but this boils down to; what will be the future of our country if instead of contributing in our own simple way for its progress, we are fueling the interests of bad politicians who just intended to destroy each other and neglect their own responsibilities for our country or world in general? There’s only 24 hours in a day – and massive negative publicity like what we are experiencing now from powerful political parties can exhaust our leaders with their quality time while defending themselves and our money (financial reserves from taxes) extensively! Can’t we just leave the allegations to the courts of law? To ignore is the best insult. So, why not make noise for better public hospitals, schools or universities and efficient public infrastructures or services including daily segregated garbage collection plus emergency readiness and calamity prevention or precaution from our government instead of sharing gossips? It’s not too late to adapt to the idealism of being a good citizen – rather than remain hateful, egoistic and often useless netizens.

Just click here if you want to view the actual debate and let me know what you think. There can be no wrong views here, so please do not hesitate to do so.

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Dysfunctional Family of Lorna Mildred Cervantes

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Lorna Cervantes with Rey CallantaBeware of this Family:

BF International Barangay Case No. 683-13: Lorna Mildred Cervantes (pictured on the right) did not pay 4 months rent amounting to 46,000 Pesos, 7,000 Pesos Meralco bill and 5,000 Pesos Maynilad bill.

She also brought with her the TV stand which is supposed to be one of the collateral exchanging it with 3  dysfunctional electric fans when intercepted by Casimiro Village Phase 3 security guard. Nonetheless, she still managed to remove all the electric lights of the apartment and the provisional fire extinguisher.

Ma Laarnie Cervantes FernandezMa Laarnie Cervantes Fernandez alias Lally Fernandez who’s husband is a taxi driver also did not pay 8 months rent while staying at Mrs. Ponching’s apartment at Casimiro Village Phase 1 as reported allegedly by the KPM association of Casimiro Village Phase 3. She moved in with her sister Lorna Mildred Cervantes at Casimiro Village Phase 3 where there were petitioned by the Homeowners Association to be evicted due to operating small businesses without permit using the apartment, parking a taxi inside the village without sticker, storing their things in the place and living there without the approval of the owner.

She was all the while the support of her sister during the eviction process sighting that legal processes take time and they can benefit to stay for free until the case has been executed.

John Paul with wifeAfter they were evicted from Casimiro Village Phase 3, an alleged motorcycle buyer of John Paul Cervantes (pictured on right), the son of Lorna Cervantes complained that the vehicle that they bought from his small vehicle buy and sell business did not have proper documentation thus preventing them to change the ownership. He was terrorizing the security guards during his part-time stay at Casimiro Village Phase 3 as per the guards’ log book report.

Also, a legal notice from the Bank of Makati (A Rural Bank), Inc. was also received at their vacated place for Ronnie Jeorge Carbungco Santos for his delinquent account that remained unpaid! Contact RECEIVERS AND LIQUIDATORS to verify c/o Mr. Bernard San Fernando Tel Nos. 02 6333931 or 6384446.

They may look like a decent family but beware…it’s just their tactic! Tough times can often make a family financially unable to pay their responsibilities but with Lorna Cervantes’ family, it’s their way of life – and they just cover them up by giving free food to their followers or throwing parties and get together including some drinking sessions!

Don’t be their next victim. Call to check the authenticity of this report at Barangay BF International c/o Barangay Secretary Nelly Angana, Joan Fortich and Executive Officer Richard Lacson Tel No. 02 8202016 Case No. 683-13 Elena Grace Flores vs Lorna Mildred Cervantes.



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Efficient 24h Apartment Hotel in Makati

By: Elena Grace Flores

Makati (Photo credit: Puck777)

While contemplating the disasters happening in the Philippines, I can’t help remembering my previous accidental stay in a neighboring hotel in Makati – during one of the powerful floods that ever hit Luzon just last year.  Since our house in San Antonio Village cannot be accessed by my visiting friends from Cebu due to the flooded entrances – as they were scheduled at that time to arrive the next day, I searched over the internet for the best deals I could find. I found this 24h Apartment Hotel in Makati from Agoda. This video does not do justice with regards to my wonderful experience there:

24h Apartment Hotel, Makati, Philippines Hotel

Posted at Youtube By: kissbooking

Apart from the 24h arrangement wherein you do not have to worry about check-in and check-out time because the 24 hours stay starts from the time you checked in and expires at the same time the next day – it was no sweat for me to take care of my guests. They were transported from and to the airport at minimal rate, good food were served anytime they need to dine, accommodated in a clean but well-equipped rooms and treated like a family member when safety measures were imposed during the calamity. Will write the details of the experience in my next blog. Try the 24h Apartment Hotel when visiting Makati.

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A Treat at Seda BGC

By: Elena Grace Flores
It was a nice Friday morning when I received a follow-up call from Genny Puno, the Communications Manager of Seda Hotel at Bonifacio Global City – advising me to arrive a bit earlier than lunch time because the restaurant that she reserved for us was expected to be full due to corporate group arrivals.

Going to BGC from Makati was supposed to be a quick ride – but it still took me 30 minutes for some reasons. Seda BGC is located at 30th Street cor. 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. I was greeted by the gentleman at the front desk who hooked me up with the host for that day.

Seda BGC
Seda BGC

Genny then ushered me to Misto, the restaurant for the lunch gathering along with two other media guests. This is where the hotel serves buffet breakfast daily and an Executive Lunch on weekdays. You can choose to sit indoor or outdoor. Stylized photographs cannot be ignored along with contemporary wall art and decors that enhance the neat look of the place.

It was refreshing to view the familiar selections on the buffet table. The salad greens were definitely chosen from organic botanical suppliers – as per the earthly freshness registering in my senses of sight and smell. Other selections although limited were obviously planned carefully but the steaming beef delicacy took majority of my interests. It was so tender, saucy and so good. Executive Chef Romualdo “Pepe” Castillo really did a good job in designing a well-coordinated package that one can’t refuse.

Deluxe Room
There was a great need to take a walk after the sumptuous meal – so going up to inspect the hotel rooms was not a bad idea. At this point, there’s no problem selling the Deluxe, Club and Suite rooms at an average rate of 4,500 Pesos. Published rates range from 6,000 to a bit more than 8,000 Pesos. Modern connectivity is an added value of the Deluxe rooms on top of the cozy furnishings and amenities. The Club rooms are more or less the same as the Deluxe rooms but with extended facility called the Executive Club Lounge. Personalized service is being offered here from check-in to refreshments. The kitchenette facilities are the attraction for the Suite rooms. This is where families can stay and enjoy the benefits of home cooked meals.

Straight Up Roof Deck Bar
Further on to the inspection was a short glimpse at the swimming pool area that is equipped with lockers and shower rooms. This was after the visit to the roof deck bar, the Straight Up. It was indeed a cool place for easy listening and cocktails – bur mind you, if you are a health enthusiast – the famous Filipino pork delicacy, Crispy Pata is being served here. It must be a treat while mesmerizing in this elevated magical setup overlooking the cityscape. Just limit your intake and you will be okay.

Seda BGC is indeed another profitable property of Ayala Land – being the first hotel to open in this well-developed Bonifacio Global City project – that caters mainly to travelling business executives and returning Filipino migrants. It was indeed a smooth visit as the name depicts – Seda is silk in the local vernacular. Wondering how it’s like in Seda Abreeza Davao and Seda Centrio CDO.

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