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Accidental Disclosure of Media Propaganda


By: Elena Grace Flores
Disasters happen for a reason. Great people became instruments to unveil the real problems. For sure Anderson Cooper did not know that the Philippine Media propaganda during the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos was the reason of his downfall and the Philippines went down with him. It was initiated by the father of the present President. Now, they applied the same formula since it was very successful to get the power that they aimed for. This time, it looks like majority of the people if not all learned from past mistakes. Read this funny but true article:

Korina gets 360-degree bitch-slapping

By: spinadmin

He then took on BS Aquino, who, in case Cooper didn’t know, is an ex-boyfriend of Korina. But that was well in the past, waaaaay before she fell in love with Mar Roxas, the camera-shy, all-business public servant who had quite a struggle with CNN reporter Andrew Stevens in Tacloban. We’ll surely remember how he also directed traffic in the city three years from now. 

It just happened that I was once a self-made international journalist  – and since I admired the late Ninoy Aquino’s public speaking ability, I traced his achievements and came across with his many questionable deeds. Perhaps, he was also instrumental in the change of government that the people aimed for at that time – but it does not mean that he was right! Just think for yourself. How can the government announced that we have better economy, lots of jobs and not much corruption anymore when despite working long hours, we still cannot afford our daily sustenance? How about the increasing number of beggars in the streets? Homeless children and  old people alike? Answers please?

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