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Complaint on Pnoy’s Marcos Gold Thailand Shipment is True But Ombudsman has not Filed a Case Yet


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Loida Nicolas Lewis’ comment that Filipinos must be afraid of Bongbong Marcos because he is a thief has no basis. Marcos has never been involved in any graft and corruption complaints and his parents are both acquitted from such cases. Contrary to her endorsing Leni Robredo in lieu of Bongbong Marcos, Robredo’s Liberal Party members now has numerous complaints filed against them. One of which is the graft and plunder complaints have been filed against former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III and six other officials during his administration for the alleged shipment of $141 billion in gold to Thailand.

Youtube video by; Across Globe
[VIDEO]: Breaking News: Aquino and 5 liberal party members face plunder charges on Metric tonnes of Gold transferred to Thailand

Pnoy’s Co-accused

Also facing the charges are former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, former Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Amando Tetangco Jr., former Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, Treasury Department chief dealer Lorelei Fernandez, and Sen. Franklin Drilon.

Freedom of Information Evidence

The complaint filed before the Office of the Ombudsman was based on a questionable BSP circular that was first seen on social media – with discrepancies from the titles of the co-accused to the actual circular numbers of the BSP. However, the fact remains that an audit is needed to satisfy the interest of the Filipinos. After all, the gold reserves are deposited by the late Ferdinand E. Marcos for the welfare of humanity. They deserve to know if the gold reserves are intact.

Ombudsman’s Job

If the Ombudsman is for the service to the people, Conchita Carpio-Morales should not hesitate to order an audit of the said gold reserves. If something is missing, then it’s a good probable cause to investigate further.

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Get the Facts Straight

Some Filipinos tend to judge political figures right away before checking facts. This results to various fake news websites to multiply. Be knowledgeable on how to discern reliable sources from the malicious ones. Check it out here.

Lewis: Bongbong Marcos Causes Destabilization by not Accepting Defeat

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What does Binay Know About Pnoy’s Marcos Gold Shipment to Thailand?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former President Benigno ‘PNoy’ Aquino III, former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary, Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas, and several officials are facing plunder cases filed over an alleged shipment of gold bars to Thailand. They are allegedly part of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ gold reserves allotted for humanity.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Mainstream media is quick to fact-check details of alleged “fake news” pertaining to the illegal transfer to Thailand of Marcos’ gold reserves from the BSP – but wait, why is the name of the former V.P. Binay dragged along with it?

Mainstream Media Fact-Checks

The mainstream media is quick to fact-check the documents cited in the complaints and as expected, they found some discrepancies. Among them is the circular itself which is non-existent in the central bank’s circulars database. BSP issues five circulars in December 2014, both of which bearing three digits starting with “8”.

Binay Camp Noises

Ever since the elections, the Binay Camp groups on Facebook are already discussing the said gold reserves shipment to Thailand. The rumors just won’t die until the actual filing of complaints to the Ombudsman. Lawyer Fernando Perito and CPA Rogelio Cantoria, who claim to be a former examiner of the BSP, jointly filed the complaint against Aquino and his allies. Perito supports Binay during the elections.

6.8 Trillion Pesos

Perito and Cantoria claim that 3,500 metric tons of gold bars are transferred by the officials to Centennial Energy Company Ltd. located in Thailand from a Switzerland bank to secure the bank notes’ printing. Perito and Cantoria estimated the value of the gold bars to reach up to P6.8 trillion.

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Fake News or Smoke from Fire?

Critics cannot just say that the disclosure is fake news judging from some discrepancies in the documents as researched online. The real action is in the court. Will the complaints result to the Ombudsman’s ordering to audit the gold reserves as documented by the BSP or Central Bank of the Philippines? This must then be counterchecked with the World Bank documentations. The People would like to know what happened to this substantial part of the wealth for humanity. Ombudsman must investigate!

Aquino, Roxas Face Plunder Complaint Over Alleged Gold Shipment