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Marcos Protest Update: Recount Takes 180 Days Once PCO Proceeding is Set in Motion


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

On the Bongbong Marcos electoral protest update against Vice President Leni Robredo, both camps await for the Preliminary Conference Order to set the proceedings in motion. It is expected from the PET any time soon.

Youtube video by; Sa Ganang Mamamayan
[VIDEO]: SC, Pinagbigyan ang Precautionary Protection Order na inihain ni Sen. Marcos.

Rule 65

Rule 65 says that either camp is required to present at most 3 provinces “best exemplifying the frauds or irregularities alleged in the petition.” If the protestant or protestee makes out their case in these 3 mentioned provinces, the protest prospers. Otherwise, it is dismissed without consideration of the other details stated in the protest. In the Marcos protest, Lanao del Sur, Basilan, and Maguindanao are the 3 questionable provinces.

Physical Count

The revision of votes starts as scheduled in the preliminary conference order. Ballot boxes are opened and the votes on ballots are recounted and tallied. Revision committees are formed for the continuous revision of votes. The revision is done using vote-counting machines – or manually and visually – as the PET decides on. The revision is completed in 5 days. Either party moves for a technical examination. The authenticity of the ballots or election returns is verified.

Marcos’ Lawyer: 180 Days Recount without Delay

Marcos’ lawyer, Vic Rodriguez is confident that if there’s no delay, the manual recount for the 3 disputed provinces takes only about 180 days. However, Robredo’s camp can contest every step of the way to delay the proceedings.

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Time Spent Until Decision is Made

The last Vice Presidential electoral protest filed by Mar Roxas against former Vice President Jejomar Binay takes 6 years. The Supreme Court dismisses the case and declares Binay the real winner. However, Rodriguez insists that it should not take that long if Robredo’s camp won’t file motions for reconsideration for ever decision made by the SC. The least it can take without delay is 2 years.