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Comelec’s Negligence on Hacking can be Related to Marcos Election Results


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Days prior to the 2016 elections, the Comelec website is hacked that leaks the voters’ database. It’s head, Andres Bautista reacts on the NPC’s recommendation to file a case against him. Why punish the ones hacked? Guidelines must be in place to avoid the same incident. Currently, the Supreme Court, that acts as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal deems that the complaint of Bongbong Marcos presents enough merit for its review.

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Unauthorized Servers

Marlon Garcia, head of the Technical Support Team of Venezuela’s Smartmatic, admits that aside from the three servers sanctioned by the Comelec in the transmission of votes under the Automated Election System (AES), there also existed a “meet me room” where several servers are housed. This supports Marcos’ quest for truth because Smartmatic finally attests the existence of several other servers aside from the three authorized servers.

Possible Manipulation can Occur

Smartmatic lawyer George Aquino denies that there are major changes at the height of the transmission of votes on May 9. This is when Leni Robredo overtakes the almost a million margin of Marcos. Can it be that the stolen voters’ database finds their way to the secret server?

Publicize Bongbong Marcos’ Voters

One way to find out that the votes are not manipulated to put Leni Robredo on the lead is to publicize Bongbong Marcos’ list of voters. These Marcos loyalists can then check if their votes are counted or not.

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Influx of Affidavits

The massive affidavits saying that their votes for Bongbong Marcos are not counted are part of the concrete evidence that Marcos submits to the Tribunal. This is one of the main reasons why PET’s initial ruling favors Bongbong Marcos.

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Simple EDSA Anniversary is Binay, Honasan, Marcos and the President’s Way of Moving On


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Binay, Honasan, Marcos and the President’s alliance or Bihomadu shows its force for the very first time when Pastor Boy Saycon accompanied the witnesses of the fraudulent activity of the Liberal Party that benefits Vice President Leni Robredo at the senate. Their emergence is one substantial proof of Marcos’ electoral protest. On the EDSA celebration plan, it seems that Bihomadu again shows its existence.

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[VIDEO]: Time to move on from merely celebrating the past. This was how Malacañang responded on Thursday to questions about why the Duterte administration chose “a simple and quiet” commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution on February 25.

Simple and Quiet EDSA Celebration

The first EDSA People Power Revolution anniversary under the new administration is “simple and quiet.” It focuses on “moving the nation forward” rather than celebrate the past, Malacañang said. “It’s simple and very quiet… a reflection on nation-building,” the Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella discloses recently.

Future Goals

Abella explains that the public can expect a “shift” in the administration’s focus in this year’s EDSA celebration on February 25. Contrary to the previous shining event, this year, the anniversary looks towards the country’s future. “The emphasis is shifted. It is not anymore a celebration of the past; it now reflects on what the future holds… We are moving on from the past,” he said.

A Day of Reflection

This year’s 31st EDSA anniversary theme is “A Day of Reflection: Celebrating People Power for Nation Building to be exact.” Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea takes the lead in planning the event. He is the new head of the EDSA People Power Commission.

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Time to Move On and not about Marcos

“It’s time to move on from just celebrating the past, remembering the past, and to move on into the whole aspect of nation-building. We should give it a more positive outlook and to.. give a more positive understanding.” “The whole nation evolves. We can’t get stuck in the past,” Abella added. Marcos is never mentioned in the explanation. However, Bihomadu announces the same way of moving on from the EDSA incident.

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Binay: Filipinos Remain Poor – Ramos’ EDSA Jump Becomes Symbol of Poverty?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former President Fidel Ramos breaks away from the late President Ferdinand Marcos as vice chief of staff during the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986. He is still anxious in re-enacting his jump with glee. This is on the third day of the 4-day revolt while he and other key players unfold the event along the EDSA-Aguinaldo and Crame road. His co-player, Former Vice President Jejomar Binay, however, calls for real democracy by alleviating poverty.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: “27th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Celebration”

Jejomar Binay on True Democracy

Vice President Jejomar Binay issues a statement as the nation marks the 28th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. “True democracy cannot thrive in a society whose population lives in poverty,” he said. It is the duty of the government and citizens alike to let the effects of the economic gains of the country benefit all, he added. He is a member of the MABINI group of human-rights lawyers who defend critics of the martial law regime – but an avid supporter of Bongbong Marcos.


Half the Battle

Binay expresses his thoughts that the peaceful revolution’s success is only half-way. The other half is for the people to protect the democracy the nation by not letting memory fade. Not through lavish celebrations but to be It demands vigilant against any violation of human rights that makes poverty worse.

Memorial Museum

Binay agrees on the establishment of a memory museum to document the struggles against martial law. This is to help in educating the youth and to make them aware of the fight for democracy during that period.


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Nancy Binay’s Take

Senator Nancy Binay also said that people power is not finished yet since most Filipinos have no food on the table. Poverty continues to increase and inequality still persists. She believes that it is still work in progress. Binay said the EDSA People Power Revolution should inspire people to attain real democracy that stops hunger worldwide.–fvr-re-enacts-jump-of-edsa-revolt-binay-says-poverty-key-challenge-28-yrs-later

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Macalintal Defends His Lies and Urges Bongbong Marcos to Prove Fraud as Usual

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo’s lawyer Romulo Macalintal tries to keep his cool upon knowing that SC paves the way of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against his client. He maintains that it is only a procedural matter and Marcos still has to prove if there’s indeed fraud in the 2016 elections. Enough to his lies, he does not have to urge Marcos what to do next. They for sure know what to do next. Sets of evidence are intact and they are ready for hearings.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: MANILA – The camp of Vice President Leni Robredo is unfazed by the latest developments in the election protest filed by defeated vice- presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Lengthy Procedure

Macalintal confronts himself knowing that the COC and ballot counts take time. This case is definitely a long process. This is the reason why the president appoints Bongbong Marcos as DILG secretary – to make use of his brilliance while waiting for the electoral protest to finish. It is speculated that Marcos assumes the post after May 10, this year. Robredo expresses her fear in having Marcos in the administration’s cabinet.

SC’s Discovery that Made them Favor Marcos

The protest contains narrations of ultimate facts on the alleged irregularities and anomalies in the contested clustered precincts. However, Marcos needs to prove in due time,” the PET discloses.

Macalintal Previously on the Other Side with Legarda

Macalintal is also the lawyer of Senator Loren Legarda who contests the VP win of her friend, former Vice President Noli de Castro. He says that the cases are different because the older case lacks merit. Obviously, with all the boxes of concrete evidence in the Marcos electoral protest with matching live witnesses and affidavits, it’s only a matter of time that Bongbong Marcos unseats VP Robredo.

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SC Gives the Green Light to Marcos’ Electoral Protest

Despite SC’s green light on Marcos’ protest, the president makes preparations for Marcos’ entry into the Cabinet. Current DILG Secretary Ismael Sueno is also not bothered by reports that Marcos replaces him. He serves at the pleasure of the President which is very noble.

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Enrile: EDSA Revolt, No Meaning for Key Players – Just an Accidental Event

Edsa Revolt

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

On the recent interview with Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, it is evident that the stand of the key players of the EDSA People Power’s Revolution in 1986 is divided. While former president Fidel V. Ramos practices his alleged symbolic jump, the people are busy following Bongbong Marcos’ possible appointment as DILG Secretary via social media.

Youtube video by; Bukal Teeve

The Sacrifice of Gen. Fabian Ver

Fabian Ver is the AFP chief under Marcos. He allegedly masterminds the murder of Benigno Aquino Jr but the court acquits him in 1985. He clashes with Enrile and Ramos but sticks with Marcos. Bongbong Marcos supports his suggestion to attack rebel camps. The son then realizes that his father puts his people first before him. Loyal until the end, Ver and his family leave the country with the Marcoses to Hawaii. Ramos and Aquino stop his return. They consider him a threat to national security. Ver dies in Bangkok sometime in 1998. He is buried in his hometown of Sarrat, Ilocos Norte.

Ramos’ Jump Becomes Poverty Symbol

Fidel V. Ramos is the AFP Vice Chief and also the Philippine Constabulary chief under the Marcos administration that is subject to martial law abuses. Ramos becomes AFP chief of staff and later National Defense secretary under the Aquino administration. In 1992 he becomes president. He implements the Philippines 2000 socio-economic program but until now, poverty is still the country’s main problem.

Enrile is Correcting the Wrong of EDSA

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is the architect of martial law as defense minister under Marcos. He discloses that he never left his friend Marcos. All his actions during the People’s Power Revolution are agreed upon with the late president. It is for the safety of then the First Family. He attests on Marcos’ heroism in not using the military to crush the revolt to avoid bloodshed. Enrile is castigated by the Aquinos and is accused of rebellion by the late Cory Aquino just to put him in prison. Her son, Pnoy also implicates him with plunder and graft before the Sandiganbayan in relation to the misuse of the Priority Development Assistance or PDAF Fund. He is detained for more than a year, but now out on bail. He vows to correct the wrongs of Edsa in his remaining existence.

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The Marcoses are Back

The late Marcos’ widow, Imelda Marcos still serves her last term as 2nd district Representative of Ilocos Norte. Her son, Bongbong Marcos might be the next DILG Secretary while the electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo is ongoing. The daughter, Imee Marcos is now Ilocos Norte governor. These are proofs that the people want them back so badly that the 1986 People Power Revolution now has no meaning.

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Ramos: Spares Bongbong Marcos but Blindly Questions Imelda on Hidden Wealth and Ninoy’s Murder?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Even former President Fidel Ramos says that Bongbong Marcos is good in his own rights. He just wants the former First Lady Imelda Marcos to answer on two things. First, the alleged hidden wealth and second of all, the assassination of Ninoy Aquino. This raises the eyebrows of people who are knowledgeable in current events. The hidden wealth is already addressed by the World Bank as wealth for humanity. He can ask the Aquinos about Ninoy’s death and why they don’t want it investigated.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Former President Fidel V. Ramos urged the widow of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos to put closure on issues that the country still couldn’t put to rest decades after his death. Ramos wants Imelda Marcos, to tell the truth about at least 2 issues: the alleged hidden wealth of the Marcoses and the murder of his political.

Why did Ramos go against the late Ferdinand Marcos?

Ramos said that in the 1935 constitution, one obeys the orders of superiors, the commanding officer for legal orders. He cannot accept the alleged “mine” attitude of Marcos because it is against his basic values. So, his group agrees to go against the late president even if it will cost us their lives.

The Journalists with Ninoy Aquino

The mastermind of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination in broad daylight is so precise. If the killers’ timing is just seconds late and the journalists with Aquino on board the plane insist on their usual process of covering every step of Aquino down the tarmac, his killing could have been witnessed and videotaped by foreign media who can tell the world about it. Quite the contrary, all they can show are bits and pieces of footages that only offer speculations.

Angry to the Marcoses but not to his Father’s Murderer

The Aquino’s then powerful son, Pnoy, did nothing to uncover who are behind hs father’s killing, as well as that of Rolando Galman. He is allegedly the trigger man who shot Ninoy in the head. Despite Aquino’s stint as president of the country, he can only remove the Supreme Court Chief Justice, imprison the former president, and control the entire Congress under his thumb. Aquino is known to put vengeance into his hand like blocking Bongbong Marcos to power. This trait, however, is not evident in the chase of his father’s killer.

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World Bank Testimony

The World Bank and IMF’s agreement when the gold was deposited by the late strongman can never deny the fact that the wealth for humanity is real. In fact, their role is to safeguard them and make sure that the Filipino people can benefit from them when the right time comes. The Central Bank is also the keeper of the manifest that the wealth is secured for the welfare of Filipinos. Around 400,000 metric tons of gold are believed to be locked in the 3rd floor of the Central bank according to the latest report from the World Bank whistleblower, Karen Hudes.

Stop the Lies: No One Can Steal the Wealth for Humanity – Marcos Made Sure Of That for his Beloved Country

His powerful son has done nothing to solve his murder

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Enrile Slams Calls for Bongbong Marcos to Apologize over Martial Law: Warns that the Aquinos’ Have No Substantial Idea


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Why are the Aquinos’ angry of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile? Is that because he is the architect of Martial Law? They adopted a provision in the 1987 constitution that allows Martial Law but contains several provisions to ensure that due process is followed and warrantless arrests may only be conducted upon fulfilling certain conditions. What are they worried about President Digong declaring it just like the late Ferdinand Marcos? Where are their brains? These are Enrile’s questions to the Aquino faction. The Suspension of the Writ can do it, adds Enrile. Bongbong Marcos need not apologize about it because it’s constitutional.

Youtube video by; Alon Dy
[VIDEO]: Sen. Enrile Frustrated Over Cory Aquino Administration

Suspension of the Writ

The Suspension of the Writ states that in the case of invasion or rebellion, the President may suspend the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus for a period not exceeding sixty days only when the public safety requires it – or place the Philippines or any part of the country under martial law.

Cory Aquino is the Real Dictator

The late Cory Aquino dissolves the 1973 Constitution and establishes a revolutionary constitution.  She arrogates unto herself, the power of legislation and the power of the presidency,” Enrile said. He stresses that the only counterbalancing force to Aquino’s revolutionary government is the Supreme Court. Who’s the real dictator then? On her first cabinet meeting attended by Enrile, she already shows her hollow head.

Martial Law is Constitutional

Enrile shows his disgust over the call for Bongbong Marcos to apologize for the abuses committed during Martial Law. They go to another country to file a case against Marcos because they know that Martial Law is a constitutional act,” Enrile said. They can’t just talk about so many things that happened because if that’s the case, all Filipinos can ask repatriations from the Japanese,” Enrile added. Enrile also questions why every administration after the Marcos administration continues to use the Presidential Decrees of Marcos if they really believe that he is a dictator? Pnoy who attacks the younger Marcos definitely has no substantial idea about Martial Law.

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A Reformist is Crucified – but they are the Working Leaders

What is the purpose of a government if it does not govern? This is what Enrile can say about the criticisms against President Digong. Even Jesus Christ is crucified. The president also knows this because he said that he is willing to go to hell for his people to go to heaven.

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Pnoy has No Right to Criticize Marcos: Cory Aquino and other Family Members Deceive the Filipino Masses


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The 1987 Philippine Constitution revised during the Cory Aquino administration os for and by the Oligarchs. Each Cojuangco politician stays in the government during the two terms of the Aquinos. They simply want to stay powerful through government control. They aim to protect the lands which they took away from the hardworking farmers. Contrary to Pnoy’s allegations on the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ land reform program, it is her mother who is actually corrupt. The DSO or Stock Distribution Option that allegedly gives shares to the farmers does not make them co-owners of Hacienda Luisita. He betrayed the Filipinos by tolerating the explanations of his elders and not do something to alleviate the plight of the poor.

Youtube video by; Noblesse
[VIDEO]: AQUINO + COJUANGCO FACTS THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW. The video basically talks about the performance and the riches of the Cojuangco family and how they unite with the Aquino family that made worsens the country’s situation.


They have stayed powerful when Corazon Cojuangco married Ninoy Aquino, who is a well-known politician in the country challenging the Marcos rule. After both families joined forces, the Cojuangcos become the richest and most untouchable Filipinos. The 1987 Philippine Constitution was not created for the good of the country, but for the good of the Oligarchs alone.

Protect their Riches

The performance and the riches of the Cojuangco family and how they unite with the Aquino family worsens the poverty problem in the country. The Aquinos who are in the government are not pro-poor. Their priority is not to help the people but to protect their riches. They have done almost everything in order to protect their lands, even murder the farmers in the sugar estate owned by the Cojuangco family.

Ninoy is not a Hero, Cory not a Saint

Ninoy was killed, but why make him a hero? He only ran for president against the late Marcos. He’s not able to do a major change to the Philippines. A lot of massacres occur during Cory’s presidency, but why is the CPCP wants her to be anointed as a saint? She has not done anything effective to stop those killings. In fact, she triggered them by accusing Juan Ponce Enrile of rebellion.

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Kris as Magdalene

Kris Aquino is doing well in show business but why is she called a Magdalene? All she ever does is entertain the people. She has not done anything substantial to help in making Filipino lives better in terms of livelihood. Noynoy is once referred to as a rock star? He only wants to look good in public. He has not used his power the previous president wisely because he has no solid platform like th Marcoses.

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Ferdinand Marcos on Healthcare Priority Agenda: Take Care of Filipino Hearts


By: Danilo Flores II

The next president of the Republic of the Philippines should put healthcare programs on top of the list of significant agenda. In the 2016 Presidential race, five contenders promised to ensure that all Filipinos must have a 100-percent Philhealth coverage. The present administration of President Digong aims to decongest the current specialty hospitals in Metro Manila. All provinces across the Philippines must at least have tertiary hospitals equipped with Intensive Care Units. If this is not possible in the current administration’s term, how about the next?

Youtube video by; Imelda Marcos
[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos Heart Center opening. President Marcos narrates that when he wed, former first lady Imelda Marcos, he only asked for her to take care of his heart – but she ended up taking care of the hearts of Filipinos!

The Role of Local Government Units

As mandated by the Local Government Code of 1991, the Local Government Units must enjoy genuine and meaningful local autonomy to attain full development as self-reliant communities that contribute to the achievement of national goals. Features of the LGC include the relinquishing of responsibilities of the national government in favor of the government units to efficiently mobilize their own resources.

How Effective are the LGUs Delivering Healthcare Services?

Currently, the local government units in provincial, cities, municipalities down to barangay level has become inefficient in delivering basic healthcare services to the countryside. This can be primarily attributed to financial constraints. There is a great lack of budget for spending on infrastructure, purchase of medicines, ambulance and personnel. The sad reality is that LGU’s is not effective in providing healthcare services compared to the central government.

Alternative Source of Income

Hospitals in the provinces most likely become income generating projects of the Local Government Units. Such hospitals are now comparative to various private hospitals wherein patients could not be admitted without down payment. The LGU’s cannot afford to maintain the salaries and wages of the physicians, nurses, and staff without asking payments from the patients, defeating the very purpose of its creation.

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Realistic Platform: Do it the Marcos Way

During the presidential race, the current administration pushed healthcare programs as one of its main platforms. The first six months of the term of President Digong proves that the President’s priority program is the war on drugs. Such advocacy has become controversial due to issues on extrajudicial killings. All Filipinos hope that he make good on his promise of establishing healthcare programs to uplift the overall health of the Filipino people. If not, at least the next president should make this a priority. Who’s that going to be? The current Vice President who is a neophyte in the executive level or the son, of the healthcare initiators in the country, Bongbong Marcos?

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How Liza Araneta Brings Out the Ilocano Lover Traits of the Nation’s Crush, Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos while in the U.S. learns to cook because everyone has to be independent there. Maids are not just the norm. Despite his popularity growing up, courting a girl is not easy for him. He finds it hard to make that someone relax when surrounded by bodyguards. He met his wife through mutual friends. With Liza Araneta, he can be himself. They live like any other Ilocanos when all earnings of the father are given to the wife. So his wife gives him an allowance.

Youtube video by; Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Sen. Bongbong goes live on the ABS-CBN morning news show and talks about his personal life: his experiences as a teenager, why he learned to cook, and how he and his wife Liza raise their children.

How Bongbong Marcos Met Liza Araneta

Bongbong Marcos narrates that she first met Liza Araneta in New York in 1987. This is through their mutual friends. Liza was working as a lawyer while he attends the trial of his mother, former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Liza for Bongbong is the epitome of energy and life. She is strong, confident and always on the go. Bongbong applies what he learned from his father. He offered her two flowers. One is open and the other is close. The fully blossomed flower symbolizes his love that is already out of the grab seeking for her love that was still close at that time like the second flower.

Their Love Story

Their love for each other blossomed. They’ve seen their true colors during those difficult moments in the lives of the Marcoses. They are comfortable with each other and got along really well. Both share the same sense of humor. Laughing a lot at everything and everybody is a regular thing. Liza admires that there’s never any animosity in Bongbong. He remains a nice person despite the odds of life that are known to all. She said that if she has gone through what her husband went through, she’d be bitter and angry. It is admirable that Bongbong chooses to be kind to all especially to those who betrayed his family during their exile.

No Dull Moments

Bongbong admits that he keeps on falling in love with his wife over and over again because there’s never a dull moment with her. There seems to be a serenity in her that calms down his whole being. The two got married in a chapel in Italy. It is a small but very touching ceremony. It is attended by selected and very few witnesses of their vows. To this date, they still go out like lovers do like watching movies.

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The Ilocano Lover in Bongbong Marcos

In an interview, Bongbong Marcos clarifies that he’s not a real cook. He just loves eating. Since it is hard to find Filipino food like Adobo and Sinigang in the States, he has to cook to satisfy his cravings and remember the Philippine tastes. He explains that small and young vegetables give the sweetness of a delicacy. They must not be mixed by a ladle but just shaken slightly to avoid bringing out their bitter taste. The Ilocano lover is simply the one who helps the wife with household chores and raising the children hands-on.

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The President’s Testimony: Marcos Can’t Violate Human Rights – He Demanded Due Process for Communist Priests


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President vehemently let people know that the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos can never be a killer.  He stresses this out during his speech at a housing summit of the National Summit Authority (NHA) in Quezon City, Digong recalls how he got acquainted with then Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco. He is a former rebel priest. The Marcos administration handled captured rebel communists with full respect of their human rights. The president is a living witness that the cases of these two rebel priests arrested by the Philippine Constabulary were handled fairly. Evasco and Fr. Tison of Leyte’s cases are handled with due process as ordered by Marcos. Digong can attest to this because he was the prosecutor at that time.

Youtube video by; Jazzer musiko
[VIDEO]: President Duterte: Marcos was never a killer

The Catholic Church’s Anti-Marcos Sentiments

The Catholic church that holds the allegiance of some 84 percent of the population of 54 million during the Marcos regime was a powerful institution for hundreds of years. It was only during the 1970’s when it offered opposition to the Marcos government because of its demonized image orchestrated by the Liberal Party. The church began to shift the emphasis of its activities from the elite to the urban and rural poor that constitute a majority of the population. It has a decisive role in bringing Cory Aquino to power during the EDSA revolution.

Poverty Causes Priests to Rebel

The injustice is in the system, and that is evil in the eyes of the priests. Social structures are made by men thus their reason for blaming the Marcos government for the injustices made.  Other religious people say this process of social analysis and self-examination are the common experiences of Filipino priests faced with the poverty and social imbalances in their designated parishes. It is a struggle that led some priests to take up arms and join the insurgents.

Cardinal Sin

Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila, took the decisive action of calling out millions of Filipinos to support the rebel movements. Due to the media propaganda against Marcos, a vast base of support for Aquino sprouted. The institutional backing of the church remains her main power base.That prompted Manila lawyer, Eliseo B. Alampay Jr into saying that the country is ungovernable for whoever may oust her. That might be the reason why her son succeeds her as president.

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People Have Enough of the Church. Media Propaganda and the Aquinos

Aquino did not have free access to the press during the election campaign. The church offered its nationwide network to support her. A church-run radio station, Radio Veritas promotes Aquino. That escalates into many more commercial media set-ups that are anti-Marcos. This has destroyed the Marcos name here and abroad for 30 years. It is only after the existence of social media that the masses’ voice is heard and overpowered the bias press organizations. The sad thing is, many Catholics change religion after realizing that the church has done many unacceptable and immoral actions contrary to their teachings. The Aquinos in their two terms in the presidency also made the lives of Filipinos even harder. Digong’s victory over their bet is a big sign that the majority have enough of them. He is now out bringing back Marcos’ policies that benefit the people in general than the elite but discredited by propaganda. He also supports Marcos’ son, Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency or perhaps gives a cabinet position soon.  That ignites the church but this time, they are about to know that their forces have weakened.

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How the Liberal Party Demonizes Digong to Discourage the Return of Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The president is disgusted by the Amnesty International’s report saying that cops were being paid P8,000 (US$161) to P15,000 (US$302) per dead drug offender. No cash incentive is allegedly given for arrests to ensure that operations always result in the death of a drug suspect. This is a very demonic accusation by a human rights group, just like during the Marcos regime.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday slammed an Amnesty International report which claims that Philippine National Police (PNP) is paying policemen and vigilantes for every drug killings.

Intelligence Fund

The president only allocates 150 million pesos for intelligence funds for police anti-drug operations. They are used by undercover cops to “buy” drugs from pushers for evidence to catch them. It is the job of the police to arrest illegal drug offenders. It makes no sense for the president to give them an extra incentive for every death. Doing so is crazy, the president said.

Drug War Deaths

Since July 2016, police report more than 7,000 deaths in the war on drugs. More than 2,000 are legal police operations, but the majority are allegedly vigilante-style killings with possible links to illegal drugs. These are considered “deaths under investigation” by the PNP.

Martial Law Deaths

3,257 is the number of deaths allegedly killed by the military during President Ferdinand Marcos’ martial law regime. This is for a ten-year period from 1975 to 1985. This quoted figure is cited to support the complaint that the military under Marcos is guilty of committing human rights violations. Terror and brutality describe the martial rule through media propaganda.

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Demonization of a President

The accuracy of the 3,257 figure of martial law deaths is highly disputed. Serious doubt is cast on the sources of the figure.The possible return of a key member of the Marcos family, particularly Bongbong Marcos is feared by their political enemies. His electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo is still ongoing. Digong’s adapting the late Marcos’ winning strategies in governance also faces the same counter-resistance to topple his leadership. On top of that, his endorsement of the younger Marcos in the executive level makes him a more viable target for demonization propaganda.

3,257: Fact checking the Marcos killings, 1975-1985

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Watch the Video: Martial Law Terror Acts are Sison-Aquino Maneuvers NOT Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Liberal Party headed by the late Ninoy Aquino blames the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos for Martial Law abuses including acts of terror during Martial Law like the Plaza Miranda bombing. Marcos slammed the accusers by throwing back the blame. That led to the stepping down of the strongman during the people’s power revolution in EDSA. Now, many players of those terror activities prove that Marcos is right. It was Aquino in collaboration with Joma Sison that masterminded the fatal events. Therefore, the CPP-NPA-NDF rebels are already terrorists ever since.

Youtube video by; Anonymous 51478
[VIDEO]: Ninoy networked with the Communist Party.

Weak Sense of Nationalism

A weak sense of nationalism is evident through the country’s reputation as the biggest migrant nation in the region. There is an exploitative Spanish- and Chinese-descended elite mindset. Many would rather not be known as Filipinos.The country a fragile state that is easily manipulated by the oligarchy.  Our great awe of foreign capital allows foreigners to dominate telecoms and other public utilities even if the Constitution prohibits so.

Longest Standing Communist Insurgency

We have the longest standing communist insurgency in the whole world. The Communist Party of the Philippines celebrated its 48th anniversary last December. Other Southeast Asian nations are not immune to communist insurgencies. China under Mao Zedong tried to foment Marxist revolution in the region to be able to construct a wall of communist client states around it to keep out the US dominion. However, those countries have crushed these insurgencies more than two decades ago—excluding the Philippines.

US Imperialism and Big Landlords Defeated by Marcos

US imperialism in the Philippines and big landlords may still exist but are somewhat defeated. The evidence is the kicking out of all US military bases in the country and the passing of land reform laws by the late president Marcos. The Liberal Party highly criticize these achievements of the strongman until now.

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Enemies of the State are Demonizing the Government through Human Rights Accusations

It is now understandable why politicians under the Liberal Party like the Vice President Leni Robredo always shout to accuse the government of human rights violations when it comes to extra-judicial killings that allegedly results from the President’s war on illegal drugs. This is to give an image to the government that it is so demonic to get public sympathy.  Once many people are brainwashed, they can already stage another people’s power revolution.

The communist insurgency: The Marcos-Aquino curse on the nation

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What does Bongbong Marcos think of Former Vice President Jejomar Binay?

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos thinks of former Vice President Jejomar Binay as someone he can get along with. They are both from local government. Binay also has a good understanding of the nuts and bolts of governance, Marcos said. The possible Binay-Marcos tandem during last elections failed because of political division from both parties.

Youtube video by; Bongbong Marcos
[VIDEO]: Sen. Bongbong returns to ANC for another interview with Karen Davila on her morning show, “Headstart.” Karen asks Sen. Bongbong what made him decide to run for Vice President, why he chose not to run with VP…

Political Divide is too Wide

The opposition standard-bearer, Binay is a human rights lawyer who fought the dictatorship of the senator’s father, the late former president Ferdinand Marcos. The Vice President was also a staunch ally of the later strongman’s rival, Corazon Aquino. Binay, however, turns his back from Pnoy’s administration and becomes his biggest critic. The political divide was a little too wide for them to breach at every level, Marcos said. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is also against the tandem during the elections.

Political Baggage

A possible partnership would have been confronted with political baggage because of the opposing history of the two camps. Binay also dealing with plunder and corruption allegations that until now remain just cases. Still no probable cause at this point. Perhaps just awaiting the retirement of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, an Aquino appointee for possible dismissal. He was a front-runner in the presidential race but plunge in his popularity due to the controversy.

The Vice President is still the 2nd President

The Vice President occupies the executive office. He can influence the leadership depending on the approach. It’s a responsibility of the V.P. to assist and support the president regardless of differences in certain issues. Running after political enemies in a sort of vengeance cannot be a government policy. Marcos and Digong share the same principle unlike the previous president Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

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Bongbong Marcos Supports Digong

Digong always says that what he needs is another Marcos. He is also vocal that he will implement the late Marcos’ policies. Bongbong Marcos also expresses his support to the president. It did not matter if they were a tandem or not. The president’s actions nowadays clearly show that the late Marcos and his son have shares in the present governance.

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Number of Martial Law Compensation Claimants Exaggerated – Digong and Bongbong Marcos Friendship Questioned

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It takes a long time to process each claim for Martial Law compensation because the board makes sure that applicants are legitimate victims of Martial Law atrocities. This is contrary to the accusations that Bongbong Marcos, Imee Marcos, and Imelda Marcos tries to stop those payments. The government allocates part of the sequestered wealth from the Marcos family as funds for the said compensation.

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[VIDEO]: Partial compensation for martial law victims to be distributed—Palace

Not all are Legible Claimants

Not all those who filed receive compensation.Legitimate claimants also are paid differently. The monetary reparation for each one depends on the number of approved applications and the degree of suffering for each victim. Those who are killed and disappeared get more money than those who are tortured.

Estimated Number of Claimants

The government initially estimated that there are only 20,000 claimants, but the board actually received 75,730 applications from alleged human rights victims during the Marcos regime. Senate Bill No. 3153, sponsored by Senator Aquilino Pimentel III is recently approved. It extends the timetable until 2018. SELDA’s 75,000 estimate in total is far from the 30,000 cases processed by HRVCB. Only 4,000 have approved applications. SELDA stands for Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto. HRVCB is Human Rights Victims Claims Board.

Source of Funds

The principal source of funds for the implementation of RA 10368 is the Php 10 billion, B plus accrued interest which forms part of the funds transferred to the government of the country from Switzerland by an Order of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in 1997.

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SELDA’s Indifference with Bongbong Marcos

SELDA officials are concerned over the president’s giving a possible government position for former Bongbong Marcos. They are not happy with his friendship with the latter. Digong’s sincerity for the Martial Law victims is questioned by them because it seems like Marcos has shares in governance at this point. What would you think SELDA will do if Bongbong Marcos becomes the President of the Philippines?