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Media Propaganda Against Binay Failed because of Social Media

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Imagine if there’s no Social Media at this point in time yet? How can the citizens of the Philippines voice out opinions on political issues among others? Needless to say, Vice President Jejomar Binay is luckier than the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Marcos, a great president suddenly became unpopular when he was accused with series of massacres that until now remained unresolved.

Nowadays, bad rumors can easily be contradicted just by going online and commenting via political forums, Twitter walls or Facebook pages. So, it’s just like a numbers game. The more the pro or anti, the winner they become. Philippines is indeed a country victimized by false publicity – from the leading Asian country to a chaotic 3rd world venue. This time around, it would be harder to fool people.

Social Media play a major part in today’s world whether we like it or not. You can choose not to participate but it is also to your own disadvantage. However, responsible use of Social Media is a must – not to corrupt the young ones. Use them wisely and supervise the minors online. So, goodbye Media Propaganda and hello, Social Media!

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Time to Heal for Philippines with Binay – Marcos Alliance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
No debate is definitely needed that one of the best Presidents the Philippines ever had can finally have the hero’s burial that his family is patiently waiting for. No matter how you look at it, President Ninoy Aquino’s heart is hardened not to allow this to happen in his time. However, since his term is about to end, only Vice President Jejomar Binay has been so outspoken to give his support to bury the great ex – President Ferdinand Marcos where he should be buried.

It is also known world-wide that the Marcos family still continue to win the hearts of many people in the political arena despite the negative publicity about them. If some people hate the Marcoses, there are more Filipinos and even non-Filipinos who love them dearly. This is because during the late President Ferdinand Marcos’s time, the Philippines is one of the most progressive countries in Asia if not the leading Asian territory economy speaking. The good deeds are continued by the Marcos siblings to this date in their own capacity as public servants – just like the Binays.

Experts knew that when negative issues are resolved, positive vibes can be felt nationwide – and this is the promise of the Binay – Marcos alliance. No pride, no bitterness and no competition between the two candidates. Only love, forgiveness and support for nation building. Time to heal, Philippines!

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The Unifying President and the Strategist in Binay – Marcos Tandem

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It seems like there’s light at the end of the tunnel now in today’s Philippine politics with the emergence of the Vice President Jejomar Binay for President and Senator Bongbong Marcos for Vice President. As we already know, V.P. Binay aspires to be known as a unifying President and it will be a lot of help for Filipinos who are suffering from the wounds of the past. Despite not being endorsed by the outgoing President Aquino due to his well-known pledge to Mar Roxas for the latter’s sacrifice in the 2010 election, the Vice President and his family remain friends with the Aquino clan – from the Presidential sisters to the Aquino-Cojuangco uncles and aunts because of Binay’s role during Cory Aquino’s regime.

On the other hand, Senator Bongbong Marcos who’s family is a victim of political media propaganda by the father of the incumbent President, never had traces of bitterness in him. He is willing to be the Vice President contender for Binay – because he knew quite pretty well that 2016 is not yet his time for the Presidency. It is evident that his pride is not important – what matters is the future not just for the country but also for him which is quite brilliant – as a strategist himself.

The Binay – Marcos tandem for 2016 is almost confirmed if not yet announced by major media – and although many Marcos supporters are adamant of his decision to run under the Binay banner, little do they know that this is a very effective political strategy. When these opposing candidates merge as one team to battle the Liberal party, there’s little chance for Mar Roxas or even Grace Poe for the 2016 Presidential race.

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Camp Binay Boycotts Freedom Society Wall

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

This is to let all Camp Binay members know that there’s a unanimous request from the leaders of Camp Binay to boycott Freedom Society Wall as per the following statement:

Glessie Salutillo: Sa lahat ng mga Pro Binay,
Pakiusap lang? hwag na tayo pumasok sa Freedom Society, please lang, Bias mga paliwanag dito, pagkatapos ng argumento dito tungkol jan sa nireklamo ko sa ginawa kay Elena Grace Giangan Flores, please lang mag leave the group na tayo dito! Salamat

Saying, to all Camp Binay members – you are hereby requested not to enter the Freedom Society wall anymore. The arguments here are bias as what they did to the libelous post against Elena Grace Giangan Flores. It is also observed that no admin officer got the courage to follow their own policy – which is not to initiate any personal attack against a member.
Here’s the attack:

Enday_Yu_Libel_PostAlthough as explained by Drey Garcia:

Kapag ang claim ng ibang media ay half truth, jan pumapasok si Elena Grace Giangan Flores para sa other side of the coin. Yan dapat ang patas na pagpapahayag.

If other medias are reporting half truth about a topic, Elena Grace Giangan Flores will cover the other side of the story. That’s fair journalism; he said.

Another defense from Andat Sevoj:

Eh di wow!!
Inform what?? Hello!! Gising ka ba?? You are personally attacking Elena Grace Giangan Flores! Thats her link. Thats google certified. Kung trip nya pagtanggol si Binay sa mga blogs nya that’s her right! And you dont have to yell to the public na may warning pa! Enday Yu, inapakan mo pagkatao ni Elena sa ginawa mo. At huwag mo gawing bobo ang mga tao.. Once they read the blog, kung solido sila sa mga manok nila, at hindi sila boto kay binay then they would know if they need not open elenas articles anymore! Ganito lang yan eh.. Kunwari nasa manggahan ka. Maraming nalaglag na bunga. Pumulot ka ng isa, pagbukas mo eh bulok pala.. Would you still care to open another one na galing din sa laglag?? Diba once is enough for a wise man??

This is a clear personal attack against Elena Grace Giangan Flores. Her articles bear the authorship required by Google – and that if she chooses to defend Binay in her blogs then it’s her choice. You do not have to warn people about it. You are stepping on Elena’s rights. Just take it like this. Those who are anti-Binay who happen to read her blog, will still vote for their candidate if they are not convinced with the facts stated – you wouldn’t want to read crap again right? One word is enough for a wise man; added Andat.

Vergel Boy Gamboa: calling the admins of this group (Vergel called the attention of the admin officers desperately but they were nowhere to be found). However, Camp Binay demanded to delete the post but it seems that the anti-Binays are determined to keep it at this time of writing, but we never know – if it happens to disappear one day.

Here’s the defense:

The Supreme Court, a person or entity who posts something (in words or pictures) — which can be proven false, and is intended to harm the reputation of another by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others — may be arrested, detained, and imprisoned because of libel. Yes, in the Philippines, libel is still a criminal offense. It is defamation in its very essence, but covers published work on print, television and other traditional media. The same is now true for new media like the internet.

Why are the anti-Binays so hot on the pro-Binays? Clear proof that Vice President Jejomar Binay is the leading presidentiable in 2016, despite the massive attempts of destroying his good name?

Article Source: Asian Journal

Other Important Events: Here are the links to the full transcriptions and video of July 7, 2015 Binay Senate Probe:

Part 1: Senate Probe Media Favors Binay Anew – July 7, 2015
Part 2: Trillanes’s Accusations are Opposite from the Witnesses’ – Part 2 July 15, 2015 Binay Senate Probe

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Is Bong Bong Marcos Presidentiable?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

I idolized the late President Ferdinand Marcos same as I wanted to be like the late Ninoy Aquino – at least in his ability to handle public speaking and his journalistic skills. I was living in Thailand for 15 years and I was not in the country when President Marcos was ousted. When I came back for good in 2005, I began soul searching. I did not only research about my past but also about the personalities whom I looked up to. I got most of my reference materials from the Aquino museum in Tarlac for my research on Ninoy – but I was dismayed for the fact that he was using his media capabilities to rebel against the government despite not making a move to verify allegations. He was totally on the other side and believed only one-sided stories. So, I decided to look into the Marcos’ side. Believing that you can see how the parents were through the children, I was anxious to watch this video:

Powerhouse (Bahay ni Sen. Bong Bong Marcos) – 17 September 2013 Tuesday (Full Episode)

Posted at YouTube by: GMA PinoyTV  

Is Bong Bong Marcos Presidentiable? I am not there yet to answer that question but I noted the following traits observed during the interview:

  • The late President Marcos never lost his temper
  • The Marcos children were protected from the traumatic experience during the Edsa revolution
  • Bong Bong Marcos is a wide reader – and he also read about the enemies of his father’s regime
  • There’s no sign of hatred in Bong Bong Marcos’s heart over the Aquino clan
  • Bong Bong Marcos is a logistic planner when he implemented improvements in his Ilocos territory
  • He is a fluent Tagalog speaker despite spending most of his young life abroad

The rest you can judge for yourself from the video. All I can say is – you can clearly see how knowledgeable Bong Bong Marcos is with what he is into, in contrast with President Noynoy Aquino’s CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour where he seems to be in limbo – answering the opposite on what is seen in the footage of the Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda aftermath. Your call!

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