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Blogger Slams LP Media, Robredo for Info Bias against Bongbong Marcos, Du30


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Facebook flourishes in the Philippines killing the business of mainstream media that have lost their credibility due to information bias. Maria Ressa, CEO of Rappler alerts Mark Zuckerberg saying that the online platform is used to manipulate public opinion. She cites Du30′ army of Facebook personalities and bloggers worldwide. Online practitioner,  Sass, slams Ressa for being one-sided – sparing LP players in the world wide web. In the video, she shows how VP Leni Robredo strategizes in spreading fake news against Bongbong Marcos who questions her legitimacy.

Youtube video by; PagBabago Ng Pinas


Facebook as a Weapon

Ressa claims that Du30 turns Facebook into a weapon. In fact, online personalities who campaigned for him are brought inside the Malacañang Palace. From there they allegedly take down opponents. Then when she starts to probe the government’s use of social media, the force of Du30’s FB team turns against her, she said.

Blaming Facebook

Ressa, rather than learn from her failure to build a credible news media entity that can excel in the free market of ideas, she, instead, appeals to Facebook to “moderate its greed” and urges its management to step up to “the new gatekeeper to information” role. This is after his organization suffers a steep decline in revenues.

Robredo’s Attacks on Bongbong Marcos

Sass shows in the video how Robredo detailed her instructions on how to counter-act Marcos’ publicities driven by actual coverage, reach and traffic of passionate supporters over social media. Despite all these, the multitude of his volunteers who are ready to defend him just can’t let the VP’s online warriors win.

A desperate Maria Ressa blames Facebook for Rappler’s inevitable demise

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Help Others by Sharing Computer Programming Know-how

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and creator of Facebook did not let his success get in the way in his dedication to help others. He remained accessible to his own community and his readiness to help out is something that made him a role model to the young generation of this present time. Truly, there’s no busiest person when it comes to public service – if only you want to help out because if Mark can do it, why can’t you? See this for yourself:

Mark Zuckerberg on helping others learn to code

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It is sad hearing from people who are not even successful that they are very busy at work that’s why they cannot attend to community meetings. The truth is, they just don’t have the will to donate their time for the welfare of society. For sure, they are good in complaining when they face certain difficulties in their neighborhood but they will never participate in carrying out solutions.  Don’t be a problem – be a solution to the problem instead. Take it from Mark Zuckerberg!

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