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If Saving Animals and People can make One a Hero, Why can’t Marcos be?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ hero status is confirmed with the burial. All the ceremonial details of a noble soldier’s funeral with a 21-gun salute, horses, and carriages, guards in formal white and a marble grave. It’s hard for his detractors not to see it any other way. Today, an everlasting torch marks the Marcos grave that reminds people to make an act of kindness as soon as they live. Not blaming anyone for extrajudicial killings but to start fixing wrong upbringing within the family first before judging others.

Youtube video by; LikeMasterHD
[VIDEO]: Saved animals and people from death compilation. If these people are heroes, why not the late Ferdinand E. Marcos who fought the Japanese enemies during the war as signified by his military records?

Fears of Anti-Marcos Protesters

Do people, who hate Marcos worry that the undeserved elevation of Marcos to a hero status hurt the Philippines and its people? Are they afraid that the planted world opinion on Marcos was wrong all along? Was there really wholesale plunder, torture, atrocity, abuse and murder in the martial law era? Did Edsa 1986 really happen? Why are they so concerned of discrediting the dead and not kind enough to give him and his family peace?

Humans’ Bitterness

Past sad experiences can harden the human heart. This is exactly an effective strategy to create chaos – not only within the family but in the world in general. People who are campaigning for a better life, do not hate. They are the ones who easily forgive and trust again despite the many times they are fooled. Make sure to support a leader who is not bitter about the past.

What Makes a Hero?

OFWs, soldiers, teachers, doctors, firemen and more are called heroes in their own rights. Marcos for one is a soldier, a president, and helped many Filipinos have a better life. Do you check the alleged sins of these real life heroes before proclaiming them? Why should Marcos’ lapses be scrutinized when he has done more good than bad?

Forget Martial Law?

Since Filipinos need discipline, martial law cannot be forgotten. A president may resort into that when there is anarchy or rebellion as per the Philippine constitution. Why not spearhead order in the community? This helps the government in its war against drugs and crimes. All Filipinos must start in their own homes in practicing discipline – so that the president won’t have to bring it back.

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CHR Dismisses EJKs but Human Rights Watch Condemns War on the Poor


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Extrajudicial killings in the President’s war on drugs are not state-sponsored. This is according to an official of the Commission on Human Rights or CHR. The Human Rights Watch should know that there’s no comparison in the present number of vigilante killings with martial law. The military rule stops the killings of this type but did not get away from collateral damages. In history, ancient Filipino warriors put the law into their hands. This still exists even to this date.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Peter Bouckaert of the Human Rights Watch says the war on drugs is actually a war on the poor, as its victims are those who turn to drugs as reprieved from the squalor of their daily lives. Watch the full interview:

EJKs not State-Sponsored

CHR Commissioner Gwen Pimentel-Gana said there was no official policy ordering the Philippine National Police to kill suspected drug pushers and users. This is why those reported extra-judicial killings cannot be state-sponsored as earlier speculated by many human rights groups especially the ones from overseas that did not know much about the country’s culture and history.

A Police Matter

The CHR has no such finding that can lead them to conclude that the government has a hand in those killings. They, however, can see that vigilante killings continue. As a police matter, the administration should attend to this right away. Since these kinds of crimes lessened during martial law, oftentimes, the president talks about implementing it to the opposition of the Liberal Party.

Aquino’s Appointees

All the current CHR officials are appointees of the previous President Benigno Aquino III. They are Chair Jose Luis Gascon and Commissioners Karen Gomez-Dumpit, Leah Tanodra-Armamento, Roberto Cadiz and Gana who is also the sister of Senator Koko Pimentel who is an ally of Du30.

What the Foreign Human Rights Watch should Know

It is unfair to compare the martial law deaths with the vigilante killings nowadays. Gana said that to conclude that the war on drug killings are state-sponsored is not lawful. The Human Rights Watch should stop insinuating that the administration has something to do with it. The president’s pronouncements to defend his war on drugs are not admissions that he ordered such killings. Peter Bouckaert is right that there’s war on the poor since poverty is massive in the country. It’s their lack of education and opportunities that made them the killing targets. The government can only do so much. The community must actively take part in solving this problem. Perhaps with the help of human rights groups?

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The President’s Courtesy Greeting at PMA is Enough for a Marcos-Slanderer VP Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo can never have enough in her slander of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos reign and administration attacks. She is just lucky that the President is gentleman enough to give her a courtesy greeting during the graduation of the Philippine Military Academy. PDu30 is the guest of honor and speaker at the rites, where he awards the presidential saber to 23-year old Cadet First Class Rovi Mairel Valino who topped 167 mistahs of the “Salaknib” Class of 2017. Robredo awards the vice presidential saber to Cadet First Class Philip Viscaya.

Youtube video by;  Rappler
[VIDEO]: On the eve of the celebration of the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution, Vice President Leni Robredo challenged the President  to use his leadership to “wage the war that truly matters.”

Telling the President What to Do

In her EDSA revival speech at the University of the Philippines, she calls on the president to do the things that she thinks matter more than the alleged bloody drug war. Alleviating poverty is the highlight of her plea to the president. She cites means to do it like additional jobs, better infrastructures, and reliable public services but she forgot that she is the Vice President – and her office has the capability to aid the executive office to do the things she suggested.

Binay’s VP Office Helped Ease Poverty

Ex-VP Jejomar Binay’s situation with ex-Pnoy is not so different from her strained relationship with PDu30. Binay never interferes with the former president’s campaigns. He concentrates in helping the poor and OFWs instead. Medical assistance, educational opportunities, skills training, women and children protection are channeled through LGUs around the country that he worked with ever since he is mayor of Makati. On top of that, he is the housing czar and the adviser for OFW affairs.

What is Robredo doing to Help the President?

Robredo is often in the news touring around towns and overseas giving speeches against the Marcoses and the administration. Her goal is obvious. This is to discredit Bongbong Marcos to get supporters in case the electoral protest against her is set in motion through a preliminary conference. In her UP speech, she accuses the Marcos family of stealing from the people, military abuses, media control, and many more based only on the White Paper that a UP professor wrote while she is still in college.

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Aspiring President?

At the rate it is going, Vice President Leni Robredo is indeed working hard to advance her career as future president of the Philippines. In fact, she is already acting as one by telling the president what to do. Unfortunately for her, she can’t actually be a leader if she does not know how to follow first.

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Do Millennials Listen to VP Robredo’s Martial Law Hate Speeches?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Vice President Leni Robredo is now noted to go around schools delivering hate speeches among millennials in her bid to allegedly educate them about the Martial Law brutality during the Marcos regime. The question is, do millennials believe her? A youth group also criticizes the president for suggesting to bring it back to solve the chaos in Mindanao. It can only add up to the alleged extra-judicial killings, they said. Despite of that, VP Robredo cab find it very hard to convince them of its negativity since millennials get their information via social media and many of them think that it can instill discipline that is badly needed in the country.

Youtube video by;  Millennials on Martial Law
[VIDEO]: The video shows a survey among Millennials on Martial Law.

What is Martial Law for Millennials

Millennials are accused of being ignorant, apathetic, indifferent and insensitive on issues about Martial Law. For them, it is when the president declares that a region or the whole country is put under military rule. They only think of it as brutal through the hate speeches of anti-Marcos politicians and media propaganda about losing freedom of speech. At the end, most of them believe that it can discipline people.

The President’s Threat

In his speech, the president describes the scary details of the possible scenarios when Mindanao is under the military rule. Under the Martial law opens the doors of every house there, the arrest of every person, the detention of every person, everyone, ande anyone, PDu30 said. The military and the police are allowed to just somebody up from the street and detain him or her, he added. But Youth party-list Rep. Sarah Elago criticizes this saying that it paves the way for greater and graver state-sanctioned abuses and killings.

Say of the Human Rights Groups on Martial Law

A group of peace and human rights advocate headed by Rev. Jurie Jayme of Exodus for Justice and Peace urges the president to listen to the call of people from Mindanao who have experienced all-out war and Martial Law. They claim that the all-out war of Estrada did not address the problem of the Moro people – but to the contrary, most people in Mindanao are thankful for Estrada’s move because it crippled the armed group. Jayme forgets that the president himself is from Mindanao.

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Millennials Go For Martial Law

Too bad for Robredo, despite her hard work in discrediting the Marcoses under the Martial Law regime, millennials still believe that it can discipline people and can eventually bring peace in a long run. In today’s world, it is impossible to push information down the throats of the young ones. Trust that they are resourceful enough in searching for the truth and eventually get it right at the end. Why is Vice President Leni Robredo so afraid that they are not capable of doing that?

Youth group slams Duterte for channeling Marcos


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Martial Law is Right for Mindanao but also Robredo’s Ammunition against Marcos

martial law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The word martial law is only a poison to Liberal Party members and supporters. The rest of the people seems to be in favor of it to topple insurgencies in Mindanao. Even Mindanao residents like Senator Koko Pimentel is confident that the president only declares it when the need arises. Not much resistance can be felt from netizens online when in the end, martial law is indeed declared to put rebels and terrorists back into order.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Ang preidente ay posibleng magdeklara ng Martial Law sa Mindanao para masugpo ang karahasan doon.

The President’s Ultimatum

The President said that he won’t hesitate to resort to martial law in Mindanao if violence worsens. Destabilization or the fight between the military and the rebels are grounds for martial law. PDu30 swears that if local officials refuse to help him in the war against the NPAs, then it’s time to go for it. He pleads to get the support of the leaders in the region to reprimand chaos before it goes out of control. That could only be the reason that he is compelled to exercise extraordinary powers that he has. He reminds the people of the brutal war it can bring.

Koko Pimentel’s Trust

Senator Koko Pimentel, a staunch ally of the president said that there’s nothing to worry about. He assures that the President only decides on that to “bring back normalcy and order” in identified areas in Mindanao. He insinuates that this can do more good than harm. The president makes sure that there’s no power abuse and also not interested in staying in power longer.

VP Leni Robredo’s Ammunition against Bongbong Marcos

It is very certain, however, that Vice President Leni Robredo makes a lot of noises again after the martial law remarks of the president.This is an opportunity for her to repeat false accusations during the Marcos regime – in her attempt to discredit Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency. The electoral protest against her is delayed due to her constant motions for reconsiderations in every step.

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Bongbong Marcos Elated on Robredo’s Delaying Tactics

Atty. Vic Rodriguez in behalf of the Marcos camp shows his disgust that Robredo deprives Bongbong Marcos of his day in court. He said that if the Vice President is very sure of her win and really has no knowledge of cheatings done in her favor then, she won’t block the beginning of the preliminary conference proceedings. As early as now, it looks like Vice President Leni Robredo is guilty of fraud, based on Atty. Rodriguez’s assessment.