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Mayor Sara Choses Bongbong Marcos because He’s NOT Fickle-Minded

Mayor Sara

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Mayor Sara: Bongbong Marcos is a firm decision-maker.

Mayor Sara Said No to the Presidency Since 2016

Mayor Sara Duterte addresses the Misamis Occidental crowd. She said no to running for president since 2016. The president’s daughter choses Bongbong Marcos because he can make decisions firmly. In the executive position, a firm decision-maker is needed, she added.

Meeting the Calls of Her Supporters Half-Way

Marcos had 4-terms at the gubernatorial level. He has experience in both the legislative and executive branches of government. So, to heed the calls of her supporters to run for a national position, she settles for the VP Post. She also asks the people to vote for her president. The Bongbong-Sara tandem must work together for the progress of the country.

Running Instead of her Father for VP

The mayor only decides to run for the VP post after she knew that her father wouldn’t do so. Therefore, they are still aligned with their agreement. No conflict whatsoever despite the strategic acts of her father.

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Gadon on Mayor Sara’s Substitution: What you See is What you Get!

Mayor Sara

By: Elena Grace Flores

The Character of Mayor Sara According to Gadon
Atty. Larry Gadon who runs for Senator under the banner of Bongbong Marcos’ PFP has this to say on Mayor Sara’s possible substitution with Senator Bato dela Rosa. Her character is what you see is what you get, he said. The mayor is always true to her words. She never intends to run as president. Although she jokes at one time that she might go for the VP post. Bato can never get the voters of Marcos. Instead, he can garner the Duterte voters who are anti-Marcos.

No Substitution

The law states that a substitution can happen only when the candidates are in the same party. Although there’s no rule that a new member can’t do the job, it is still against the principle of Mayor Sara. She already said that she has no intention to be a member of the PDP-Laban now and in the future. Although this can change if President Duterte cannot do the original plan himself for some unthinkable and emotional reason.

Alliance with Bongbong Marcos

Since 2016, Mayor Sara is already in alliance with the Marcoses through Senator Imee Marcos. It turns out that she can disappoint her many supporters but not the Marcos agenda. She remains true to the alliance despite the pressure. This is why the loyalists are grateful to her for being firm in such hard to make decisions.

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Know the Reason Why Mayor Sara does Not have the Confidence to Run for President

Mayor Sara

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Mayor Sara Announces that She’s Not Running for a National Post
It’s already all over the news that Mayor Sara is not running for President or Vice President. She announces this after her father confirmed that he is vying for the Vice Presidency. He wants to assist the President with the continuity of his projects, he said. The Presidential daughter added that she made this decision because of the agreement with her father.

The People’s Welfare Over Personal Interest

The President undermines his daughter’s leading the Presidential survey. He stresses that he does not want the same trouble he went through for his daughter. According to a foreign psychic, Mayor Sara does not have the confidence to seek the highest post because she does not have the support of her father. As everyone knows, President Rodrigo Duterte wants Bongbong Marcos as his successor. Thus, the decision of his daughter.

A Marcos can do the Job Better

The scenario can still change as the election is fast approaching. Marcos can definitely do the job better because of his family history and track record. The Marcos-Duterte tandem is a match made in heaven according to Senator Imee Marcos. This can still happen. Up to this moment, Marcos does not have a party yet. President Duterte does not have a running mate either. In the event of his incapacity during the elections, his daughter can also substitute for him. So, be it.

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Mayor Sara may NOT run for Now but she Can still DO Substitution

Mayor Sara

By: Elena Grace Flores
by UNTV News and Rescue

Mayor Sara: Only One Duterte will run for the national post
Mayor Sara reiterates the agreement with her father. That only one Duterte will run for the national post in 2022. She is not running for now. But she can still run as his substitute. That’s substitution!

Bongbong Marcos Goes Around

On the other hand, Bongbong Marcos goes around town nationwide to seek support for his presidential bid. He’s confident that he already got some credible support to beat the sitting VP and 2016 staunch rival, Leni Robredo. Some UP professors thought that he’s delusional. But the surveys say otherwise.

The Ultimate Substitution

Let’s analyze this. Only one Duterte will run for the national post. President Duterte already confirmed that he will go for the VP position. Therefore, he successfully secures 2nd place in the executive branch. This may be for substitution later on by his daughter, Mayor Sara. It’s definitely still the tandem made in heaven in the end. No doubt, that’s the Marcos-Duterte one.

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Mayor Sara’s Closeness with Gov. Imee and Bongbong Marcos Signifies Realization of the President’s Promise


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara Du30-Carpio and Bongbong Marcos once again join hands together in making the wedding of Du30 Youth Ronald Cardona’s wedding memorable. Inday Sara as she is fondly called officiates the civil ceremony. Marcos is referred to as the Vice President after he gives his inspirational message to them. The series of events show a close alliance between the Du30s and Marcoses. This could be a positive sign to the realization of the President’s promise for Marcos to take his place.

Youtube video by; DU30 News


Plans of Running for Congressional Seat

Mayor Sara already said that she is not interested in running for any national post in the next elections. “I do not have plans on running for a national post in the 2019 elections. I have plans for running for the 1st congressional district of Davao City,” she once told reporters.

Former Senator Santiago’s Death Anniversary

Friends, relatives, and members of youth groups that supported the late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago gathered to remember the“Miriam Magic.” This is during the commemoration of her first death anniversary. Mayor Sara, former president Joseph Estrada, and Bongbong Marcos paid their respects to Defensor at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City.

Wedding of Imee Marcos’ Son

Mayor Sara also flew all the way from Davao City to Ilocos Norte just to attend the grand wedding of Governor Imee Marcos’ son Michael to Cara Manglapus. She is one of the principal sponsors.

Truth Amidst Rumors

Apart from the aforementioned events. Gov. Imee Marcos was also in the Presidential daughter’s Tapang at Malasakit Alliance launch. Needless to say, there’s no conflict in their future political positions. It’s too early to say for 2022 elections but, it’s only a stone throw away for Bongbong Marcos’ recount against VP Leni Robredo in February 2018. Should he succeeds, perhaps, it’s more likely that Gov. Marcos is Senator and Mayor Sara is Congresswoman for 2019.

Bongbong Marcos’ Humor Neutralizes Publicized Martial Law Scare

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Mayor Sara Proud to be Marcos-like, Calls Hontiveros Spokesperson of Terrorists


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Risa Hontiveros’ obsession with the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos is elevated to the higher level when she likened Mayor Sara of Davao, the president’s daughter to the most popular leader of the country. Of course, Inday Sara as she is fondly called can only be too proud. She reiterates by calling Hontiveros the spokesperson of terrorists.

Youtube video by; Malayang Pilipinas

Abetting Rebellion

Senator Risa Hontiveros accuses Davao City Mayor Sara of using the tactic of the late President Ferdinand Marcos after the latter indicts her for “abetting rebellion.” Hontiveros defends the Maute group by saying that they are not rebels but they only fight for their own ideology.


At first, it was the President whom the Liberal Party assumes to follow the footsteps of ex- President Marcos against democracy defenders. Hontiveros mentions the likes of Soc Rodrigo, Lorenzo Tanada, and Ka Pepe Diokno.” Now, it’s his daughter. People are confused why the yellow faction keep on pressing on Marcos. Is that because of their highest elected official, Leni Robredo is about to be toppled by the namesake, Bongbong Marcos through the electoral protest?


Terrorists’ Spokesperson

Mayor Sara recently resorts to Facebook to express on Hontiveros’ statements and said that she is “abetting rebellion”. This is Hontiveros’ justification of the Marawi City conflict. Maute Group act doesn’t fall either in rebellion or invasion, she said. This prompted Inday Sara to inquire why Hontiveros is acting like the terrorists’ spokesperson?

Different Views

Hontiveros is disappointed by Inday Sara’s remarks whom she considered as “friendly acquaintance”. “The Mayor and I are friendly to each other for some years now, I respect her as a fellow woman leader,” Hontiveros said. Obviously, they have two different beliefs when it comes to the Maute Group’s illegal violence in Marawi. After all, they burned government facilities, killed civilians, and took over public properties before the president decided to pursue them using military powers.