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President Duterte totally boycotts Media Interviews

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Special Adviser to the Philippine Management Staff, Lawrence Christopher Go earlier mentioned that President Rodrigo Duterte’s boycotting media interviews might last only until he assumes office but in the last ambush interview as published by Manila Times, the President was certain that he would never want to resume media interviews until the end of his term.
This is the transcript of the video and its translation:
Duterte: Sorry ha, talagang ano ako…boycott. (Sorry, but I really have to boycott)
Noguera: Hanggang kailan yung boycott? (Until when is the boycott?)
Duterte: Wala…until the end of my term. (Nothing…until the end of my term)
Noguera: Bakit? (Why?)
Duterte: Ah basta wala. (Nothing)
Noguera: Hindi na talaga magbabago yun? (Will it ever change?)
Duterte: Pag may interview…maraming mali…maraming criticisms. Eh di pag no interview, no criticism, no wrong nothing. Ayoko na talaga. (If there are no interviews, there will be many mistakes, a lot of criticisms. If there’s no interview, no criticism, no wrong statement…no nothing. I don’t want to give anymore.)

It may sound the final decision as far as the President is concerned but knowing that he is a just person, could the media involved or maybe the media groups can apologize to the president for misinterpreting his statements, gestures and jokes? That would be a good one to watch out for.