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PBBM Addresses the Media Twisting on his Actions


By: Elena Grace Flores

PH Latest
[VIDEO]: It takes a President to change the wrong system.

The Media is being Addressed to

Some mainstream media focus on chaos rather than progress when it comes to their administration coverages. Most of these articles give false impressions internationally. Like the delay in appointing cabinet secretaries in important sectors.

It takes a President

If the media can only understand the logic of President Bongbong Marcos, they can write better articles that are precise and not just gossip.  Not appointing a Department of Agriculture Secretary for example is very crucial at the moment. PBBM stresses that it takes a President to bring the system of the agency back to its ideal standard. There are things that the Filipino leader can do that other secretary cannot.

Normal Situations

Issues like the American sanctions, DOH secretary appointment, and more came up. And the president’s answer is firm and follows one concept. The country needs to get away from the emergency stance to be able to address major problems first. Once the President is not needed anymore in such departments, he would gladly turn over the tasks to his appointees.

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Media Interviewer Karen Davila Seems to be Out of this World when Asking about Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: The out of this world line of questioning by Karen Davila

Online Attacks and No Media Interviews?

Karen Davila insinuates that anti-Marcos media journalists are under attack by allegedly trolls online. Bongbong Marcos’s spokesperson Atty. Vic Rodriguez said: Show us one troll to prove. But there’s no answer from her. In fact, it’s Marcos who is the main victim of cyber-bullying, he added.

No Interviews and Debates?

Davila also asks why BBM avoids media interviews and debates when she interviewed him herself. She even admits joining one of his sortes. Are SMNI, DYLA, CNN and others not media? Rodriguez asked. Not satisfied, she inquired about his platform which is explained a million times with the message of unity.

No Threats and Spokesperson?

The media anchor cannot understand also why Inday Sara urged their supporters to protect BBM. She seems to not know that being the frontrunner, BBM’s life could be in danger. She tries to intimidate Rodriguez by saying that BBM said that when he becomes president, he won’t have any spokesperson. But the smart lawyer immediately agreed to BBM’s pronouncement. Because he’s not insecure.

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Bato Blasts Media Headlines on the Alleged “No Comment” Statement of Mayor Sara Duterte on Isko


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Sara Duterte ‘no comment’ on Isko Moreno.

Media’s Impartial No Comment Statement

Senator Bato de la Rosa blasts the impartial media news of ABS-CBN saying in the headline that Mayor Sara Duterte has no comment on Isko Moreno’s promoting her as running mate. De La Rosa clarified that Inday Sara is in the Uniteam. Not Divided Team. So, her only President is Bongbong Marcos.

Different Media Content

This strategic coverage of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol is indeed misleading. Contrary to their headline, Mayor Sara said deeper into the content that they already issued a statement on the matter confirming what Senator Bato said.

Isko Moreno’s Side

Presidential aspirant, Isko Moreno denied that he is leaving Dr. Willie Ong as VP running mate. He just respects what the people want, he added. He claims that he cannot stop what the organizers want in Maguindanao. Therefore, this is not a good sign of his presidency, if ever. If he cannot control a small cluster, how much more the whole nation?

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Know if you are a Victim of BBM Media Block


By: Elena Grace Flores

Eduard Q. TV

[VIDEO]: Drilon’s Cigarette Bill artipulation by BBM

The Media Block on BBM

If you don’t know about the wisdom of BBM on the laws, chances are, that you are a victim of a media block. As people already know, the biased media usually include him in the news only if it is against him or his family. Otherwise, his good deeds would remain unannounced but thanks to social media.

Taxation on the Cigarette and Alcohol Industry

BBM artipulates Senator Franklin Drilon’s sharing proposal which is 60-40 for tobacco alcohol based on history. This is allegedly based on the consensus of a caucus that Bongbong Marcos disputed. Drilon cited health reasons. But Marcos insists that it’s 40% high and never reached 60%. He stresses that job loss is detrimental if these industries won’t survive.

BBL Scrutiny

Do not treat me like a Muslim but treat me like a Filipino, BBM said. This should be the basis of the Bangsamoro law. Marcos rejected the original bill, saying it was unconstitutional. He made good on his promise to submit a substitute version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in 2015. Overall, he’s into job creations by investing in the economy. Teach them how to fish and they eat for a lifetime, he added.

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Social Media Beats the Mainstream again in BBM’s Caravan News Coverage Nationwide


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mami KP

[VIDEO]: BBM’s Nationwide Caravan from Social Media featuring Abra

Marcos Bridge in Abra and Pampanga’s Longest Caravan

Social media posts with YouTube videos occupy walls of Facebook. They feature BBM’s caravan nationwide. For one, the Don Mariano Marcos Bridge is the third longest of its kind. It spans 886.812 meters across the Lagben River.

BBM Chanting in Cagayan Valley

The Sari-Sari Channel
It just feels good to gather along the stretch of the roads said the loyalists. This is after more than 30 years of keeping quiet. Now, the silent majority speaks. However, in Cagayan Valley supporters chant BBM as the Bagong Lipunan song plays in the background as per the video in social media.

Overwhelming Sentiments in Cavite

Vincent Tabigue
People are now vocal about their support to Bongbong Marcos. Social Media interviews are common to see. In Cavite, people pour their heart out as they speak of their sentiments to Marcos.

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Mainstream Media Lost their Credibility on BBM’s Oxford Record Propaganda


By: Elena Grace Flores

Robin Sweet Showbiz

[VIDEO]: Young Researchers Online Blast Rappler’s Lie on BBM’s Degree

Unreliable Mainstream Media

Netizens come to realize that people should not believe all the reports of the mainstream media. Young online researchers found out that the source of these news outlets is a hoax. Rappler namedrops Oxford and a certain Cathy King in its alleged report on BBM’s degree. They all have the Rappler link as their source.

The Registrar’s Office has no Access

The young researchers then found out that Cathy King is actually Catherine King who is the secretary of Oxford’s registrar’s office. Their website also has a disclaimer stating that their office has no access to the students’ record.

Name-dropping of the Biased Media

Rappler’s technique of convincing people with their lies is to use a credible name as their source. Without their consent, it is name-dropping. The rest of the media on mainstream follow suit. Where is investigative reporting now? These young netizens online show that they can do a better job in news reporting. Thus, giving mainstream media a bad name.

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Media Mess: How Can BBM Get a Special Diploma without Graduating?


By: Elena Grace Flores

By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; 

[VIDEO]:Marcos: Special diploma from Oxford is same as bachelor’s degree

Some Media are Playing on the Headlines

Many supporters of Bongbong Marcos are disgusted over the misleading headlines of some media outlets. They treat their readers or viewers like dumb people. Only those who are anti-Marcos believed them without reading the full content of their articles.

Marcos’ Response to the Media Mess

The camp of presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos said in a statement on Saturday, October 23, that he “has always been forthright” about his diploma from the Oxford University in the United Kingdom (UK).

Signs of Misinformation

They used a social media group set-up in 2017 to make it look like that their inputs are from Oxford. Their source is also Rappler that is a notable anti-administration news website. It is owned by Maria Ressa who is out on bail for libel cases.

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Why do Biased Media Never Highlight the Real Reasons for ML?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by GheLpapz TV

Ferdinand Marcos Imposed Martial Law to Save the Country from Communism
September 21, 1972 was the declaration of Martial Law. Year after year, the alleged atrocities during that time are republished by the mainstream media. They are biased in the sense that they never highlight it’s real purpose and the good outcome. Most of them are repitions of interviews that can discredit Marcos to people who do not know the real story.

Liberal Party Meeting de Avance

The late Ninoy Aquino was not present during the Meeting de Avance of the Liberal Party. Then, the bomb exploded in Plaza Miranda. He’s the top contender of Marcos at that time. It is widely known that he connives with Joma Sison’s communist party. He links them with the New People’s Army or the NPA. So, they can spread terror. And blame the chaos on the President. This is consistent with the reaction of an elderly witness. Therefore, it is best to double-check the truth.

Who’s the Real Dictator?

Aquino’s strategy to destroy the reputation of Marcos was through the media. The same system of the American media’s circulating fake news against China. This is a huge network of oligarchs. They are the real dictators. They want people to hate key figures who can be a threat to their monetary power worldwide. Nonetheless, most people fight back through social media. It’s trending now; Never Again Dilawan!

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Netizens Hail Toni for Scaring Robredo, Media Critics on the Return of a Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

Netizens defend Toni Gonzaga from media critics
Toni Talks is trending during the interview of Bongbong Marcos. It garners more viewers than Leni Robredo’s. Many loyalists also speak up. They told the Dilawans to move on. Because they cannot harass democratic hosts anymore. Nowadays it’s netizens versus unfair media practitioners. So, Toni Gonzaga must continue her advocacy. She clearly has the support of the majority.

No Platform for BBM but Nonsense Robredo Talks Highlighted

Robredo’s telling the audience that it’s dangerous to bring back a Marcos is nonsense. But the Dilawan media highlights it. Whereas, they criticize platforms that conduct interviews with Bongbong Marcos. Where is democracy with these alleged democratic people?

The Anti-Marcos Must Move On

The people are already aware of the details concerning the Marcoses. They can also judge by themselves who is right or wrong. It is now the internet age. The Dilawans must move on already. They cannot manipulate the news anymore because of social media. One-sided reporting must stop.

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Beware of American Media Propaganda against Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

by Sangkay Janjan TV

American Propaganda against Ferdinand Marcos
American lawyer, Robert Swift allegedly announces that litigation against the Marcoses is set to happen in 2022. This is for the alleged Ferdinand Marcos’s ill-gotten wealth for 3 decades ago. This is not a surprise anymore to many Filipinos. American media is very notable to spread hearsays against the Marcoses. Since Bongbong Marcos is likely to run as President in 2022, so, here they go again.

American Litigator in the News

This news first resurfaced in 2019 in Rappler. Now, it seems recycled. Swift works for the anti- Marcos on the Martial Law class action suit. Several other cases on human rights abuses followed since the late 1980s. He urged the Philippine government not to give up on finding other ill-gotten wealth, the news said.

Can’t Make Use of the Philippines

This kind of propaganda does not work anymore nowadays. The public already knows that the court cases against the Marcoses are dismissed due to lack of evidence. Just like what former First Lady Imelda Marcos said; they are not the thieves but the victims of extortion. Why do some Americans do not want Bongbong Marcos to be president? As a good leader, they can’t make use of the country anymore with his brilliance and influence. He has the power to make the Philippines great again.