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Binay Religious Support: As your Heart Dictates

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Human nature takes it’s tool – few individuals from religious sectors particularly the United Methodist Church reacted to this article: but some perhaps missed the point. However, this discussion is appreciated thereby this clarification is posted:

People are free to vote for whoever they choose regardless of religion and even if they encourage their members to vote as one, not all can comply to that especially when it’s against their conscience. If you read the article carefully, it never mentioned the word endorsement or block voting for Binay by the mentioned sectors. It simply implies that Binay gained from various religious groups after losing from INC.

Happy to receive these comments knowing that people care:

Vida Sison: The United Methodist Church is NOT endorsing any candidate! Please be careful in what you are posting!!

Jaycee Colcol: My Free will po ang Methodist to choose who they will VOTE.. Wala pong mga Endorse endorse na ganyan For your Information madam!. Thank yOu!

Rev Jonavern P. Lungub: Did you check your facts or hearsay before publishing your article?

We, at the United Methodist Church do not endorse any candidate. We are guided by God in our right or freedom to vote through upholding biblical principles of choosing leaders, earnest prayers, by conscience and wise research on the backgrounds of the candidates.

– Voter in the National Election 2016
– Ordained Pastor in the United Methodist Church, Manila, Philippines

Bhin Perez: I don’t think that the observation of the writer is 100% accurate. as we, the United Methodist Church do not support VP Binay for the Presidency.

Quick Silver: Ang pinuno ng Dating Daan na si Eliseo Soriano ay hindi pabor sa Bloc Voting 🙂 Ang sabe nya sa mga ka membro ng kanilang samahan, kung sino an napupusuan nilang kandidato ang kanilang iboto 🙂

Source: Hilario Andes: Pastor Romy Manguiat, Bro Rey Manjares are for Binay. Bicol Batangas leaders.

Please feel free to check them out and let me know – if you want this issue addressed. Again, it’s your choice. I just practice Freedom of Information if you can respect that.

In life, you win some – you lose some regardless of religion.