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Michelle Lederman – Successful Individuals Follow the Laws of Likability

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Do you know hot to create connection through clarity and confidence? Networking and relationship are known to be essential keys for success – but how can you establish and utilize them effectively without breaking your back? yes, people must like you but how are you going to do that?

Then move on to confidence. Confidence is one of the most persuasive traits you can possess. But what comes first: the experiences to give you confidence or the feeling of confidence? Although it’s a little like the chicken vs. the egg dilemma, Michelle says you can authentically fake it ’til you make it! While that sounds contradictory, it simply means to really find the authenticity in the acting as if it’s part of the equation. So authentically act as if you are confident, and eventually you will be. Listen to the full podcast here:

The Art of Charm continued: If you did, you were being inauthentic. Before beating yourself up about it, simply take a look at why you were inauthentic. Were you concerned with looking good, or were you caught up in your own discomfort? Find out why and then figure out what you can do next time to be real and be yourself. Then go out and do it.


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