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Marcos Martial Law is Back in Mindanao as the President Returns Immediately from Moscow

martial law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President of the Philippines has declared the Marcos-style martial law in Mindanao. This is despite his trip to Russia. He returned immediately to deal with the problem with the Maute insurgencies in Marawi. The place is filled with terror with rebels burning houses and taking over the city jail to free prisoners.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday night declared Martial Law in Mindanao amid the ongoing clashes between government troops and Maute group terrorists in Marawi City, presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said.

Anticipated Action

President Du30 always remind people that he won’t hesitate to declare martial law when there’s a reason for it. It is noted that the rebels in Mindanao were in contact with the administration’s detractors, the Liberal party ever since the time of the late Ninoy Aquino. His decision is not a surprise to Filipinos.

Aquino Visit

Coincidentally, Bam Aquino is rumoured to have visited Marawi just before the attacks. Many people speculated that he is carrying out what the older Aquino did during the Marcos regime. It is assumed to be one of their destabilisation tactics.

Harsh Dealing

Martial law is as it is. It is not different from the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos actions. He deals with it with toughness. Punish the lawless to protect the land. The police, however, promises not to do any abuses. This remains to be seen.

No Worries

The tough leader assures his citizens that there’s nothing to worry about. His action is lawful. It intends to preserve the nation and the people. Only the detractors can say otherwise.

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Caution to Suspected ISIS Preachers – they can be Arab Retirees


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
In connection to President Rodrigo Duterte’s ordering the military to validate the presence of alleged ISIS indoctrinators in Mindanao and to immediately arrest and deport them once reports against these persons have been confirmed is clear – but it can happen that these foreigners’ lives can be endangered due to the nature of the threat if police operations are not monitored closely.

“I have been informed that a lot of Caucasian-looking people are conducting teachings. They don’t have weapons. They are foreigners. I told the military to validate it, and arrest all of them and we will deport them…”; was the incomplete statement in Davao during a press conference.

Duterte revealed earlier in Zamboanga that there are Arab-looking missionaries in some parts of Mindanao, which he feared may be the start of ISIS threat in the country – but caution is needed in apprehending these visitors because they may be Arab retirees wanting to retire in Mindanao as promoted by past administrations.


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Soon to be Revived: Shrimp Farm in Bato, Misamis Occidental

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The “Punong” shrimp farm of the late Rodulfo Flores and Pilar Branzuela was a successful aquaculture joint venture between private hacienderos and the Marcos administration through the public service projects of then first lady Imelda Marcos.

Correspondence in telegraph forms between Lolo Opong and Imelda were seen in the Flores family’s ancestral home in Centro, Calamba, Misamis Occidental proving their alliance. When Lolo Opong died, Maurice Flores, one of his sons became the administrator of the Punong property but he was not a farmer. He graduated with a Commercial Degree and served as Baranggay Secretary instead. None of the Flores siblings took the challenge to continue Lolo Opong’s manual labor on the land because most of them are already professionals and living in the cities, particularly Cebu City.

It was rumored that the engineer of the family George B. Flores, Sr., my father failed to pay for the arrears of the land that’s why when I went there in 2005, it was about to be confiscated by the government according to the Flores-Pollescas family who were the collectors of the coco land proceeds of the Flores family that are for payments of the property taxes. This triggered family differences so, in spite being appointed by the majority of the heirs as President of the ancestral lands, I decided to go back to Manila and let time heal the wounds. After Maurice died, his wife baby or Conception Flores volunteered to take care of my grandson so that I can earn money for the Punong. As I have fulfilled my personal responsibilities to my own family, I am now ready to go back. I asked Melvin Flores, my cousin and son of Maurice to get the official statement of the Punong’s land taxes to be guided accordingly on what we have to pay and found out the truth that my father, was innocent of the accusations against him. The arrears for the Punong taxes started only in the year 2000 – and he was already dead at that time. The balance that the Pollescas family were talking about was actually the running taxes of the land that were not paid by them – and put the blame on my dead father instead. Here’s the evidence:
ArrearsNevertheless, they are still my family so we will start slowly but surely. Will try to start all over again little by little and raise the money needed the way we can without holding anyone accountable. Just hoping that in time, the family will be reunited and forget past pains.

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VP Election Fraud Proofs Gathered as Official Canvass Resumes

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Members and supporters of the Liberal Party were on hot seat when the Marcos camp gathered election fraud proofs over the weekend of May 21, 2016, showing that there was indeed cheating in a large scale in Mindanao.

The venue of the showdown is at Anabel’s Forum in Quezon City where members of the Alyansang Dutere-Bongbong (ALDUB) held a press conference to stand as witnesses to various incidents of electoral fraud in Basilan, Lamitan.

These were: Victor Abillo and Abdurasad Teodoro, provincial coordinator of Aldub in Basilan, said that many voters were prevented by armed men from voting as reported by their election watchers. No actual votings were held in various areas that explain why there were zero results for Duterte and Marcos – but why not Roxas and Robredo?

These witnesses said that they will execute sworn affidavits but now seeking for protection to be safe.