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The Janet Napoles Saga

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago
English: Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I heard over the radio that the most awaited interrogation of Janet Lim Napoles, a Filipino businesswoman who allegedly masterminded the 100 billion pork barrel scam happened just recently – and the outspoken Senator, Miriam Defensor Santiago, has done her best to squeeze Napoles out for some juices but she continually invoked her right to self incrimination by keeping mum about the allegations. Should she confess? Read this blog:

A call for Napoles to start her confession

by: quierosaber

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has recently suggested that Janet Lim-Napoles should start confessing truthfully everything she knows about the controversial P10-billion pork barrel fund scam, in view of the supposed threat on her life due to her knowledge on the alleged involvement of powerful people.

Now I understand why she went to the trial without a lawyer. This is some sort of strategy to delay or even avoid the process. Nevertheless, she can’t still sleep at night and her fluctuating heart beat and blood pressure continue. Is this not enough torture? Maybe not for splurging the money owned by the impoverished Filipino tax payers – but what can we expect to come out from this? Any views?


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