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Beauty Queen Secrets by Gwen Ruais: Review

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Tim Yap’s show recently featured an interview with Gwen Ruais or Gwendoline Gaelle Ramos Ruais who is a French-Filipino beauty queen, who was crowned as Miss World Philippines 2011. She promoted her blog called Beauty Queen Secrets. It’s definitely entertaining, informative and truthful:

The design of the site can definitely improve but the content is worth the visit for those who wanted to stay fit and beautiful like Gwen. It might be a wrong perception that the world of beauty queens are just for glamor but as what I can see just in the Get Sexy Workouts – it’s hard work! It’s really true that diet and exercise are the best slimming techniques.

Despite their beauty queen status, you can watch Gwen’s guests in this interview section that they are real people who can win or lose – but what makes them special is how they carry themselves through the odds:

The fact that Gwen Ruais remained humble all though these years after winning the crown, whatever she does will always go a long way because she is dedicated, humanitarian, selfless and of course gorgeous just judging from how she presents her blog. Enjoy it!

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What it Takes to be a Beauty Queen

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Miss Universe

Beauty queens look so pampered and luxurious but what we did not know is their tough training before they can get where they are now. Just doing the duck walk everyday on their heels is already too much of a burden. If you are a quitter, you can’t be a beauty queen for sure. This is just one example – read this to know more:

How to spot a potential beauty queen

By: Boy Abunda

Beauty pageant season is upon us. With the triumph of Megan Young in the Miss World pageant, the Philippines has now won all the major beauty titles in the world, some more than once.

It’s true, the Philippines does have some of the most beautiful women in the world. But it takes a certain skill to spot that beauty, bring it out and make it shine in front of the world — and that’s where people like Jonas Gaffud come in.

The beauty queen structure comes naturally like the body shape, long arms and legs but most of the other characteristics can be learned. The walk, talk, projection, smile, look and many more can be obtained through rigorous training. Although there are many beautiful ladies in the Philippines, it takes strict discipline to become a titled beauty queen!

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