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Mocha Uson is Anti-Fake News Unlike Senator Trillanes and VP Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Presidential Communications Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson defends herself against “fake news” controversies. Uson said that the public must be aware of what Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and VP Leni Robredo are doing in spreading “fake news.”

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: UB: Panayam kay Asec. Mocha Uson, PCOO

Trillanes and Robredo’s Fake News

Uson pointed out Trillanes’ interview with BBC HARDtalk’s anchor Stephen Sackur as to why the senator is a “purveyor of fake news.” He only says negative things about the President when the facts show otherwise. He is the same with V.P Leni Robredo. She garnered lots of hatred when she spoke at a UN side event against the drug war with the wrong data.

Past Mistakes

Uson, who was previously blamed for the spread of fake news admitted that she had committed mistakes in the past. This is particularly about her social media post on a corporation that owed the government some P96 billion in taxes based on “Article 263” of the Philippine Constitution.

Facebook Post

Uson also defended her Facebook post where she shared a photo of Honduras policemen while calling for prayers for the Philippine military battling the Maute group in Marawi City. She said she only wanted the public to join in praying for the government forces in Marawi City. Not at all intending to mislead the public.

Anti-Fake News Act

Also, Uson clarified that she neither supports nor opposes Senator Joel Villanueva’s Senate Bill No. 1492 or the proposed Anti-Fake News Act. She remains neutral at this time but lamented that she should not be singled out just because of some mistakes. Those were unintentional. The nature is totally different from Trillanes and Robredo’s lies.

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Rally to Oust Leni Robredo from VP Post Successful Despite Media Indifference

Oust Leni Robredo

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The April 2 “Palit Bise” or Change VP rally organized to out Leni Robredo already have between  4,000 to 6,000 people an hour before the official time at 4:00 PM. It quickly multiplied in number until midnight or so. The images can tell the total estimate of the crowd since there’s still no official head count at this time. Many mainstream media are also indifferent in such news – which is evident that Liberal Party still controls the country through media.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Unang Balita is the news segment of GMA Network’s daily morning program, Unang Hirit. It’s anchored by Rhea Santos and Arnold Clavio, and airs on GMA-7 Mondays to Fridays at 5:15 AM (PHL Time). For more videos from Unang Balita,

Pro-Administration Rally

Supporters of the President gathered on April 2 to call for the impeachment of Vice President Leni Robredo. Pro-Du30 lawyer Bruce Rivera said, that Palit Bise is an indignation rally of the people and not administration-backed activity. It lasted until 4 PM with full entertainment and attended by personalities from show business.

Own Publicity

Rivera announced the activity in a press conference. This is in connivance with his group “Impeach VP Leni Team.” The impeachment plan against Robredo is allegedly for “peddling lies” about the Philippines to the international community.

People’s Initiative

According to Rivera, the April 2 rally is not for politicians but for the people. It’s an event for the Filipinos people for unity against the Vice President and other Presidential appointees who are giving a bad name to the president, said organizer, Jimmy Bondoc.

Recount is a Must to Oust Leni Robredo

The organizers of the rally believe that there’s no need to impeach Robredo because she’s not the real Vice President – but the electoral protest is so slow. Impeachment is the fastest way of getting rid of her. The crowd is big enough but it can be bigger if the Binay, Honasan, Marcos and Du30 groups unite to ask SC to fast track the recount. This can happen if organizers clearly define that they want Bongbong Marcos to finally take over the VP seat that the majority of Filipinos voted for.

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Ready for the ‘Palit Bise’ rally on April 2 at Luneta?

Palit Bise

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mocha Uson and lawyer Bruce Rivera lead the “Palit Bise” rally at the Luneta Park. They ask people to show indignation towards the actions of our Vice President. This is the first time that a vice president is to be impeached or booted out,” said Rivera. His moves are in cooperation with pro-Duterte blogger, Mocha Uson.

[VIDEO]: Staunch supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte will be holding a gathering on April 2 to call for the impeachment of Vice President Leni Robredo. The indignation rally called “Palit Bise” will be held at Luneta from 4 pm to midnight.

Pro-Administration Rally

Staunch supporters of the President hold a gathering on April 2 to call for the impeachment of Vice President Leni Robredo. Pro-Du30 lawyer Bruce Rivera said, that the indignation rally called “Palit Bise” starts at 4 pm to midnight.

Press Conference

Rivera made the announcement in a press conference that his group, “Impeach VP Leni Team,” reveals their impeachment plans against Robredo for allegedly “peddling lies” about the Philippines to the international community.

People’s Initiative

According to Rivera, no politicians attend their April 2 rally. It’s an event for the Filipinos people for unity. This is not a celebration because there’s nothing to celebrate yet. We are destroyed in the international community,” he said.

Not the Real VP

The organizers of the April 2 Swap VP rally believe that Robredo should not be impeached because she’s not the real Vice President anyway. SC must fast-track the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos against her. This is to legitimate install the 2nd top leader voted by the Filipino people. Anyway, if impeachment is faster to get rid of her then, it’s an option.

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Mocha Uson Stands by her Anti-Robredo Pronouncements Despite Misfortunes in Broadcasting

Mocha Uson

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mocha Uson, the President’ avid supporter, and MTRCB chair’s fighting spirit is admirable but her hate speeches against Leni Robredo did not sit well with broadcasting platforms both online and offline. Just in a month, she retreats from the Philippine Army’s Senior Leaders’ Conference or SLC, where she was supposed to be one of three resource speakers to discuss the role of social media in national security. It is followed by Twitter’s temporary block of her account and her suspension from her radio program on DZRH.

Youtube video by; Smni News

Twitter Suspension

Mocha’s account was suspended on Twitter – at least temporarily. It was restored within the day. According to Twitter’s published rules, the common reasons for suspending an account include spam, risked account security, or abusive tweets or behavior from the user. Uson seems to be guilty on the third one calling Leni Robredo names and swearing at her.

DZRH Program

Uson’s radio program on DZRH is also suspended after Jozy Acosta-Nisperos of the group called “The Silent Majority” complained against her bad mouthing and below the belt attacks against the Vice President over her recorded message in a video sent to air at a side event of the United Nations about the administration’s alleged extrajudicial killings over the drug war. She calls Robredo a liar for her wrong explanation of the “swap heads” scheme and wrong data.

Declined Army Invitation

Earlier, Margaux Uson in real life sent a letter saying that she would no longer attend the forum after courting bad publicity when she made the Army’s invitation known online, Army spokesperson Col. Benjamin Hao said. “The Philippine Army fully respects her decision.


Limitations on Freedom of Speech

The sexy Mocha Uson definitely has the right to air her opinions and sentiments but in most broadcasting platforms, there are rules that must be followed. Cursing, hate speeches, and unruly behavior cannot be tolerated because it is harmful to the media body as well. It has something to do with image. One can be truthful without the insults toward opponents. Mocha Uson goes back on air but after she passes a broadcasting exam.

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PRRD-BBM Supporters: Filipinos Call on VP Leni Robredo to Resign for Shaming the Nation over UN Message

Robredo Resign

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mocha Uson, a social media icon who is an avid supporter of the President calls for Vice President Leni Robredo to resign. The Robredo Resign movement is supported by the official 16 million supporters of PRRD and 13 million Bongbong Marcos loyalists or BBM. Respected media personalities both online and offline back this movement up to make the international community aware that Robredo is spreading misinformation over her “exchange heads” accusation to the public. Most Filipinos are disgusted with what the Vice President did – and cannot accept her shaming the whole nation. She must resign immediately!

Youtube video by; PRRD
[VIDEO]: Mocha Uson calls to protect President Du30 against #LeniPowerGrabber

Rigoberto D. Tiglao, Manila Times

Robredo shames the nation by portraying the Philippines as a failed state like Somalia, Eritrea or Liberia where the rule of law has totally broken down, and where the streets are littered with the corpses of the innocent killed by the police. She shames herself as she makes allegations against her own government, based on patently false data.

Erwin Tulfo, Punto Asintado

On his radio commentary, Tulfo asks Vice President Leni Robredo where she gets her information from. Why is the “Palit-Ulo” or “Exchange Heads” practice where a family member of a listed drug offender is taken by authorities as a substitute if the criminal is not found not known to other people and not picked up by any media if it is true?

PTV News Break

PTV News Break airs the Philippine National Police’s grievance on why the Vice President immediately resorts to the UN instead of working with the authorities? After all, she’s still the Vice President of the government. Robredo’s spokesperson insists that the PNP ignored her plea. However, there are no records found that support Robredo’s claims.


Robredo Resign: Join in through Twitter @mochauson

Anyone who wishes to join the Robredo Resign movement can get updates through this Twitter link: The Vice President must be liable for the serious constitutional offense allegedly committed. She must be investigated for economic sabotage and betrayal of public trust.