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NagaLeaks’ Advantage Over Robredo’s Anti-Marcos Books


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

A lot of investments are seen in the book re-launching, revisioning, and publishing from the Liberal Party’s side headed by Vice President Leni Robredo. On the other hand, WAC’s Nagaleaks make use of modern technology for faster, effective, and timely information dissemination.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Naniniwala si VP Leni Robredo na paninira lang ang ‘Naga leaks’ sa kanyang pamilya at kay dating DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo. Ulat ni Gem Avanceña.

Nagaleaks: Not to Silence but to Make Noise

We Are Collective or WAC releases what they call; The Shocking Truth behind Leni and Jesse Robredo which is only part 1 of their compilation of stories about the Robredos. It has gone viral and becomes a trending topic on social media. Robredo claims that this is not the first time it is done.They eventually do this to silence her as a government critic.


The Vice President said it herself that the alleged misinformation being spread out by alleged trolls via social media are ways of expressing dissent. She has expressed her dismay that people use social media to show their sentiments. Isn’t this freedom of speech? If so, the misinformation that she is talking about is actually from the people. As a general knowledge, misinformation is without facts but WAC makes sure that all claims are backed up with facts that can be verified as attested by one of Jesse Robredo’s ex-counsellors.


Robredo calls those who are against her online as trolls. There may be some who do not disclose their identity but many are real people online. Trolls are fictitious people on social media particularly Facebook. This is perhaps the reason why the We Are Collective page is taken out because it is created by an unverifiable account. One thing is for sure, the posting of the existence of Nagaleaks is initiated by a troll to protect the creator – but the information given are not necessarily wrong. They are leads for mainstream media to uncover since it is their job to do so.


Advantage of Nagaleaks from Robredo’s Books

The Vice President is often in the news giving anti-Marcos and anti-Administration speeches in many book launches that she is supporting. She is actually doing the same thing as WAC. She expresses her dissent over the government for favoring Marcos through traditional means. Many travels, events, and other efforts are done just to make some news over her opinions. It takes only one campaign for WAC to express their dissent towards Robredo – but it immediately manipulated the news scenes both online and offline. Robredo’s team should learn how to take advantage of information technology next time.

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What VP Robredo Does to the late Marcos is now Happening to the Deceased, Jesse Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

What the ex-confidante of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos wrote in his book “Conjugal Dictatorship” are the propaganda details that Vice President Leni Robredo keeps on rewinding in her bid to discredit the son, Bongbong Marcos who filed an electoral protest against her. Now, the karma of the dead goes back to her. In the recent Nagaleaks revelations, the ex-councillor of her husband, the deceased Jesse Robredo calls them plastic.

Youtube video by;  News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Tumiwalag daw noon sa kampo ni Robredo ang dating konsehal ng Naga na si Luis Ortega dahil sa pagkakasangkot ng dating kalihim sa katiwalian. Ulat ni Gem Avanceña.

Ramon Magsaysay Foundation Award

The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation recognizes Jesse Robredo as a dignified public servant. The allegation that Jesse Robredo garners the Magsaysay prize due to the lobbying efforts of an ex-journalist Gabby Bordado who serves as his speech writer tainted the achievement just like the alleged fake medals of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos. Robredo’s camp denies this revelation among other negative details from The Collective’s gathered information about them. The foundation itself does not admit to Bordado’s influence on that.

Luis Ortega’s Revelations

On a separate interview, an ex-councillor of the late Jesse, Luis Ortega squeals that the ex-mayor’s campaign against drugs is fake. Robredo allegedly just keeps on criticizing the illegal trade but he did not to anything to stop it, Ortega reveals. This is actually consistent with the facts stated by The Collectives in the so-called Naga Leaks.

Silencing Robredo?

The Vice President dismisses the alleged false stories against her family as an attempt to stop her from being vocal on anti-administration issues using the Marcos propaganda. Since the VP resigns from the Cabinet she has openly criticized the administration’s brutal drug war, the death penalty, and extra-judicial killings. She detests the president’s friendly relationship with the Marcoses especially to her arch-rival, Bongbong Marcos.

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How Does Karma Feel?

The Marcos loyalists ask the Vice President on how does karma feels? She never misses criticizing the dead Marcos just to justify her win. Whether Naga Leaks are true or not, it definitely is a lesson to the living Robredo not to mess with the dead!