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Jinggoy Out, Noynoy In but with Some Help from the Ombudsman


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

On almost the same period as Jinggoy Estrada’s release from prison after posting bail, the Ombudsman junked former President Benigno Aquino III’s appeal. This is to dismiss criminal charges against him for his role in the deadly Mamasapano encounter in January 2015. However, the Ombudsman dismissed homicide charges against the former President because of lack of probable cause. So, his fate is not yet clear.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Ex-Sen. Jinggoy Estrada’s release from detention after paying P1.3-M bail.

Justification of the Ombudsman

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales explains that what Aquino did wrong was to allow then-Philippine National Police Chief Alan Purisima to play a major role in the Mamasapano operation. This is despite the official being under preventive suspension.

Free after 3 Years

Meanwhile, after three years of detention, former Senator Jinggoy Estrada walks out of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Custodial Center in Camp Crame. Estrada was accused of plunder and anti-graft and corruption charges. He was released last Sept. 16 around 12:30 p.m. after posting bail of  P1.33-million at the Sandiganbayan.

Family Reunited

Estrada was accompanied by his wife, Precy,. All his children – San Juan Vice Mayor Janella, Jolo, Julian, and Jill, as well as his brother Jude, were also there. He said that he was very happy and elated to be reunited with his family.

Help from his Appointee

The Ombudsman did not deny that Aquino indeed has a criminal liability over the SAF 44’s early demise. However, it is not a homicide case. Therefore, he might avoid being imprisoned unless there’s a more serious verdict. Earlier, he already prepared for the worst. Obviously, what goes around, comes around.

After 3 years in jail, Jinggoy Estrada walks free

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Historical Revision? Tarlac’s Never Again Aquino Paves the Way for Bongbong Marcos


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Initially, it was Marcos Never Again – the slogan of Aquino’s supporters against Bongbong Marcos. Now, right from the hometown of the late Aquino patriarch, Ninoy Aquino, the cry is Aquino Never Again. Is this historical revision or a change of heart?

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[VIDEO]: While unfazed by President Rodrigo Duterte’s tirades against him, former President Benigno Aquino III admitted on Monday that he was not happy with the expletives that he received from his successor for criticizing the administration’s bloody war on illegal drugs.

Block Aquino Movement

Political leaders in Tarlac province swear to block any member of the Aquino clan who seeks any elective post in the 2019 elections. Mayor Benjamin Tesoro said this during the program commemorating the 34th death anniversary of former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. “Never again to an Aquino in public service,” Tesoro said stressed.

Fed-up with the Aquinos

Tesoro explained that after many years that the Aquinos have been in power, nothing beneficial happened to Tarlac.” He was referring to the administrations of former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, the late former senator’s son and his wife, the late President Cory Aquino.

Incompetent Ex-Presidents

Tesoro clarified that Ninoy Aquino was not blamed for the shortcomings of his widow, former President Corazon Aquino, and his son, Noynoy, and other Aquinos who served the government. He was different in the sense that he dedicated his life to fighting for his principles.

The President’s Grudge

Noynoy Aquino and the President currently have some kind of heated exchanges. They both criticize their ways in stopping illegal drugs in the country. Ex-President Aquino is a noted blocker of Bongbong Marcos to the executive office while Du30 pushes for Marcos to be his successor. The conflict is indeed an indication that while Marcos’ electoral protest against VP Robredo goes quiet, something else is brewing.

Tarlac leaders vow to stop electing Aquinos

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The Tales of Influential Marcos-Aquino Mothers on Son’s Presidency


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mothers know best they say. This is a review of what these two influential mothers said about their son’s presidency quest. One was against – and the other is proud to say that it is her ultimate dream.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Former First Lady Imelda Marcos celebrates her 86th birthday. Her wish is for her son, Senator Bongbong Marcos, to run for President.

Imelda Marcos’ Dream

Bongbong Marcos sais that it is the dream of his mother, former first lady, and now Ilocos Rep. Imelda Marcos, for him to become president. “Of course, that’s her dream, he confirmed. If she could nominate me for the position of pope, she would,” he said with a smile. That only shows how Imelda is so certain that her son can make a difference for the welfare of his constituents since she also dreams big for the country’s progress.

Cory Aquino’s Fear

Since the 1987 EDSA revolution that toppled Bongbong’s father, the late Ferdinand Marcos – Binay has been the confidante of the that President Cory Aquino. Binay was aware of the forecast of a Chinese fortune teller that the son of Cory will bring chaos to the country. This is why she was hesitant when the idea flows. She made her fear known in her death bed, said Binay. He was also a witness when Cory said; “Let the people suffer – so that they will hate the Marcoses”.

Mothers with the Same Dream

Mothers generally wish for their children’s success. “My mother generally thinks in political terms because that has been her life,” Bongbong said. He added that one cannot prevent a loving mother from pursuing her aspirations for her beloved son. Bongbong confidently confirmed that he shares his mother’s dream for him to become president. This is why he wants to do more for the country. Currently, he just spent P36 million for his electoral protest against Leni Robredo for the Filipinos’ votes to be properly counted – may it be in favor of him or not. It is good enough just to know the truth of who really won in the 2016 Vice Presidential elections.

The Presidency for Bongbong Marcos

“I have seen the presidency from the different side more than the other people have,” Bongbong said. People normally see just the grandeur of it and the power that the president holds. I wish I could do that, but I have also seen the other side of it, and I have a more balanced idea,” he disclosed. He also explained that anybody can be president, but not everybody can be a good president. “There is no use being a president if you are not going to be a good one. It’s very hard.”

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Ombudsman Castigates Abad for the Sins of Former President Noynoy Aquino Over DAP?

Noynoy Aquino

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Ombudsman clears former President Noynoy Aquino and DBM undersecretary Mario Relampagos from charges over the alleged illegal implementation of the P72-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Former budget secretary Florencio Abad is the only official found liable in the supposed illegal implementation of DAP.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: The cases against Noynoy Aquino and Florencio Abad arose from the complaint filed by Bayan Muna Rep.Carlos Zarate, Renato Reyes, Benjamin Valbuena, Dante Jimenez, Mae Paner, Antonio Flores, Gloria Arellano, and Bonifacio Carmona, Jr. on July 8, 2016

No Justice to CJ Corona

The Ombudsman dismisses the administrative charges against Aquino for lack of jurisdiction. Relampagos is also cleared from administrative charges for lack of merit. The Ombudsman, however, found probable cause to charge Abad with the usurpation of legislative powers before the Sandiganbayan.  Usurpation of legislative powers is a crime. It is where an executive or judicial officer either made general rules beyond the scope of his authority. Then attempts to repeal or suspend the execution of a law.  The crime carries a penalty of imprisonment that ranges from six months and one day to six years. Abad is also guilty of simple misconduct. He must pay a penalty equivalent to only three months his previous salary while still in office.

Abad’s Doing it for Pnoy?

It is found that Abad unlawfully encroaches on the powers of Congress by effectively modifying the provisions on savings of the General Appropriations Act (GAA). He “unduly modified” and expanded the meaning of “savings” under the GAA when he issues National Budget Circular (NBC) No. 541 on July 18, 2012 to carry out the implementation of DAP, said the Ombudsman. Modification of the definition of “savings” is a “power reserved only to Congress.”

Not Guilty of Graft?

The technical malversation and graft complaints against Aquino, Abad, and Relampagos have are dismissed. Ombudsman explains that “they cannot be indicted for technical malversation because they allegedly did not “apply” public funds to other purposes.”

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Abad is ex-Pnoy’s Saviour

In a Memorandum dated October 12, 2011, Abad sought Aquino’s approval to implement DAP to fast-track public spending and push economic growth by prioritizing high-impact budgetary programs and projects. This is to be augmented out of the savings generated during the year and additional revenue sources. Aquino approved the program on the same date which is a clear connivance but no ruling can be applicable to that.

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President as New Macoy due to Small Edsa Celebration? Enrile says the Simple Event is Appropriate!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In his disappointment over the small Edsa celebration, former senator Rene Saguisag calls the President the “new Macoy.” He refers to the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos whom he calls a dictator. He also accuses Digong the same. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that only expresses his dismay and calling the president as such is not necessary. Meanwhile, senator Juan Ponce Enrile who launches the mutiny that is turned into revolution by the Liberal Party agrees on the simple event. He said that he and his men gambled for their lives – and other people has no right to make a feast out of their sacrifice.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Rodrigo Duterte challenges President Benigno Aquino III to cite an instance where he was, supposedly, a “dictator.”

Du30 is not a Dictator just like Marcos

During the president’s campaign speech in Davao, he challenges former President Noynoy Aquino to provide an instance that he acts like a dictator. The late Ferdinand E. Marcos as per Enrile also just follow the laws and implement them. Just like the president who has the political will to impose proper governance. He mentions that he’s not like Aquino who is a “sissy” president. He also throws a blow to then Vice President Jejomar Binay as the dictator of the people’s money but this is cleared later on as political stunt for their alliance that is now slowly emerging.

Edsa Shocked the World but it is Twisted

Saguisag is sad to have a simple and quiet Edsa celebration because according to him, that was one bright shining moment from which Filipinos shocked and awed the whole world,” The government must not ignore that. But reiterated that its the rights of the president, because he is allegedly the new Macoy or Marcos. He is not surprised with the decision, he added. Malacañang just holds a “simple and quiet” commemoration of the 31st anniversary of Edsa on February 24. Enrile made sure that in every opportunity, he corrects the media propaganda regarding the People’s revolution. It is clear from him that it was not intended for the yellow regime – the reason why Senator Honasan’s men hold several coup d’etat against the late President Cory Aquino. The President urges the Filipinos to move on.

The Democracy Promise becomes Communism

Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos warns Filipinos that one cannot distinguish politicians as democratic according to their words or speeches about democracy. It can be seen through their actions by not respecting the rights of the people to vote – just like with the electoral protest filed by his son against the Liberal Party Vice President Leni Robredo.

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Freedom of the Press becomes Misinformation Drive

After Martial Law, if the people do not listen, watch, or read news, they are not informed but if they do, they are misinformed. This goes on for more than 30 years but thanks to social media. The public can now express their sentiments and opinions to various important issues of the country.