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The Danger of Being an Activist: NPA Member/ Recruiter or NOT?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Senate Hearing on the Prospective Members of the CPP-NPA

Not a Member of the CPP-NPA

Many party-list representatives deny being a member or a recruiter of the CPP-NPA. They condemn red-tagging against them on social media. On the other hand, mothers of activists appeal to the senate that their children are now with the insurgents’ groups. Their recruitment allegedly took place at their schools. Although it is not a crime to criticize the government, the efforts of the mothers in grief socially alert the public on the strategies of the suspected terrorists.

Student by Day, Activist at Night

There are many incidents in universities that the youth are students by day but activists at night. However, the issue is becoming an activist by day and NPA at night. According to the testimonies, their children started as determined students. Then they became activists upon constant brain washing. In the end, their families realized that they are already members of the NPA. One thing is common though, their association with some party lists are proven. Can the mothers lie?

Hiding Behind Legitimate Groups

It is already a known fact that the underground got the support of the opposition ever since the late Ninoy Aquino’s time. He capitalized on their existence to trample the Marcos administration. It is somewhat the same at the present time. Parents must be aware of this circumstance when their children prioritize their government sentiments over their studies before it’s too late.