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Obese People Have Lesser Carbo-Gene Elements

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
We all differ genetically in terms of bodily framework. So, a diet plan for one person may not suit others. Many obese people eat less than a person with normal build. Some get fat easily by just eating bread for breakfast. No wonder, we know a lot of people who eat more than us and yet look a lot leaner than us! So it’s not a surprise that people who are prone to obesity has lesser Carbo-Gene elements or AMY1 gene duplicates!

It was assumed after checking on the tests done that salivary amylase has something to do with the lesser AMY1 gene duplicates abnormality. Obviously, it was noted that people who were having difficulties in softening starchy foods while they were still in the initial process of digestion which of course started from the mouth, were the ones found to have lesser AMY1 gene duplicates.
This genetic condition is not surprisingly hereditary in nature.

That’s why individuals coming from stout families are more likely to be big when they reach adulthood. Lifestyle of course also contributes to the weight factor of individuals – like dining behaviors. However, this new study confirmed the carbo-gene difference in the digestive system for obesity candidates! It is therefore ideal to match your nourishment selections with your physical build. One with large framework or bone structure must minimize intake of carbohydrates. According to studies, they are the ones that can really expand faster after substantial intake of carbohydrates. Naturally, body build is also hereditary.

The facts above were obtained from the facts issued by the Scientists at King’s College London and Imperial College London recorded in Nature Genetics. In summary, people defer from genetic coding and some have lesser copies of the genes involved in processing carbohydrates – making them prone to obesity!

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UN Campaigned for Cost-Effective Healthy Diet

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO is advocating on promoting healthy diet utilizing natural produce that can’t do any harm to humans and the environment when utilizing and processing them. However, it is common perception that it’s expensive to eat well – but it’s really not the case. It’s just a matter of educating people that that healthy stuff even found in our own backyard can look and taste good.

Since fast food advertisements are rampant these days, advocates must use visual strategies promoting healthy eating. Salads should look good to entice for example. Mixed of vegetables with bits of lean meat should be appetizing to see just like the crunchy fried chicken on TV. If the mentality of the general public changes for the better, spending on diet-related ailments which is 75% of the overall healthcare expenses will be minimized according to CDC. Not only that, greenhouses gasses contributors will be 24% less without the destructive farming techniques.

In 2050 when the world population is predicted to reach 9.3 billion by the United Nations, at least 3 billion more people will be competing with the resources available since the world population currently is at 7 billion. Therefore, further campaigns are needed for this project. If each responsible individual helps in advocating for this health cause – educating the rest of the population on healthy eating, this will not be a problem. On that note, we leave you with this question. In your own capacity, how can you promote cost-effective healthy diet that is not only sustainable for a long period of time but also environmentally-friendly?

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Big Bellies Signify Diseases Caused by Childhood Pains

By: Elena Grace Flores

obesity (Photo credit: Iqbal Osman1)

Hormones that trigger Obesity and Diabetes are found to be developed as early as childhood. In the article written by Robert Preidt on March 20, 2014, stated that there are credible findings that adults who were abused or neglected as children were more at risk to these diseases than those who are well-taken cared of emotionally and physically.

Maltreatment both physical and emotional including sexual abuse or even neglect can actually result to a more serious degree of obesity and diabetes. The study focused on the examination of Leptin which is an appetite regulator affecting the fat levels. The metabolizing energy called Irisin and Adiponectin which decreases bodily inflammation were also the other important elements during the experiment.

Abnormal levels of these hormones constitute risk for obesity already. Those who had the most traumatic childhood experiences showed to have a lot higher Leptin  and Irisin levels with lower Adiponectin level. Note that when testing the subjects, their diet, exercise routines plus lifestyle differences were accounted for – but Leptin and Irisin remained high that matches the extremity of childhood sufferings.

A bulging belly thereby signifies childhood trauma because the stress experienced earlier on was affecting the endocrine system – and progressed towards adult life. Knowing this relevance to these diseases dating back to childhood can help a lot in finding remedies and preventive measures against cardiac problems later on.

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Weight Gain and Love


By: Elena Grace Flores

does-xanax-cause-weight-gain ?
does-xanax-cause-weight-gain ? (Photo credit: Life Mental Health)

I can’t help over-hearing two fat women updating their progress in life to each other after not being in contact for a while. Generally, the talk revolved around weight gain and love. This was during few hours of travelling in the same bus with them recently. I can let go of other topics that I did  not feel like knowing in the first place anyway but not about one woman’s justification of why the other woman is fat. I just did not have a choice knowing about it because they were just speaking so loud, with exclamations plus facial expressions – not to mention the vivid body language. So might as well prove my point for the following dialogue:

First Woman: Oh you really gain weight now…
Second Woman: Yes, I’m actually checking out the nearby gym to put me back to shape.
First Woman: I’ve noticed that you seem different from before – you used to be very body conscious.
Second Woman: Really? I thought I just got preoccupied with my man – you know, serving him my home-made cooking, eating out and getting lazy!
First woman: Now I know the reason why you let go of yourself! You are in love, my friend! Where is he  now by the way?
Second Woman: I don’t know – maybe with someone else…

The above is the main part of the discussion that I wanted to straighten out. Never mind the rest. Here are the facts that make women get fat apart from overeating and not exercising:

  • Menopause- a period in a woman’s life starting from middle age up to 60 years old or more.
  • Diabetes – a metabolism disorder that causes excessive thirst but generating a large volume of urine
  • Stress – is a psychological and emotional strain
  • Obesity – an overweight condition due to eating wrong foods or genetically acquired.
  • Heart disease – coronary ailments including hypertension and high blood pressure

These are also the supporting claims:

  1. According to FITDAY, anxiety and stress can cause weight gain because you tend to resort to comfort foods when that happens
  2. Better Health Channel also pointed out that menopause can lead to excessive weight because of declining estrogen level
  3. also published that type 2 diabetes can make someone fat  because of the presence of excessive insulin in the blood stream
  4. FitWatch’s article about heart disease and weight gain covers all the other reasons including obesity and diabetes why these unwanted bulges exist

On the Other Hand on Love;

1 Corinthians 13:4-8a
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails…”

Judging from the above justifications, if a woman is in love, she must be glowing with radiant energy and it should bring out the best in her – not feeling down or just being used as seen in the woman who’s supposed to be in love. If it’s the opposite like getting fat, it’s probably a feeling of desperation, self-pity, low self-esteem or foolishness? (Not unless you’re happily married which is not the case here). Take note that these ill feelings are related to stress and other conditions discussed in this article. Would you like to help out? Please write your comments on the article page itself!


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