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WordPress Coder Needed

By: Elena Grace Flores

Open Source Logo
Open Source Logo (Photo credit: phradaka)

We require an outstanding candidate for the position of WordPress Coder.

Technical job requirements:

1. Outstanding PHP skills – OOP, design patterns, working against specific PHP versions, producing an optimal and reasonable standardized code (required) and using experimental APIs (recommended)
2. SQL for MySQL understanding – being able to handle different MySQL engines and develop scalable and optimized queries
3. JavaScript – in-depth JavaScript experience is a plus, even though a more limited use is acceptable (bonus is experience with Backbone.js, node.js, Angular.js, Ember.js and relevant)
4. Experience with other languages (Java, C#, Python, Ruby, C/C++) is a plus
5. Experience with VCS (Version Control Systems) is highly recommended – Git in particular, Hg or SVN would be acceptable
6. Experience with MVC frameworks is a plus
7. WordPress backend development experience is highly recommended – it’s not required if you’re a mindblowing PHP ninja, but being aware of the life cycle of a WordPress application, hook systems and general CMS patterns would significantly faciliate the process and would be used all the time here
8. Candidates with Open Source products (plugins, libraries, frameworks) are preferred – GitHub, BitBucket or other source-control repository hosting platform examples are more than welcome
9. Server experience is a plus – we use various VPS/dedicated servers around the world for staging/development/testing/production. Knowing your way around ssh could help.
10. Other technical skills such as: TDD/BDD, deployment systems, bash programming, continuous integration etc. would be a great asset
11. Active participation and contribution to an Open Source community is a great plus – WordPress, PHP, JavaScript or other communities where you would be involved in.

Personal job requirements:
1. The candidate should be motivated and ambitious, responsible to the team, code, deadlines and the overall business processes.
2. The candidate should be communicative and report daily. We don’t track all of your moves (neither should we), but we need to see progress of the work being done on GitHub and in the project management system.
3. Full time with NO other jobs.
4. Outstanding attitude.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, please contact us using the contact details of the post and tell us why we should hire you. Ideally, send us some examples of code you have written.

Monthly pay: 35,000 Pesos

Homebased position required to work online only!

Contact Elena at

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Online Money Making is a Process

By: Elena Grace Flores

English: Hands collaborating in co-writing or ...
English: Hands collaborating in co-writing or co-editing or co-teaching in online education. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the economy is bad, we can’t blame people to resort to making money online to get out of their financial mess. Little do they know that they are an easy victims to those scams that are rampant over the internet – the so-called “get rich quick” scheme. It’s true that online money making is possible if you are willing to go through the process to make the most of your talents. Read this for enlightenment:

Making Money with Online Writing

Many people have the dream of working from home and earning a living by writing online. I love that people want to do that, but I am going to be dealing with some of the realities of this dream. I do not want to push anyone from desiring this. What I do want to do is help people from getting discouraged and realizing that this is not easy money. Notice how I put that in bold.

There is no trick in online writing. You have to be the best that you can be in this field – and work only for employers that value your contribution. You can’t be too desperate to cash in without proving your worth, just like in working in an office. You have to be organized, work as a team and be proactive with dealing with your boss. Again, if you are looking for an easy escape, perhaps online money making – may it be writing, web developing or virtual assisting might not be for you!

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