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Marcos Election Protest’s LP Fraud Trend on Cebu’s Rama vs. Osmena July 24 COMELEC Decryption


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

According to the notice from the COMELEC the decryption of the SD Cards and other election paraphernalia for a number of clustered precincts in the election protest of Michael Rama vs. Tomas Osmena in Cebu City is currently happening. The decryption activity date is 24 July 2017 at its main office at Palacio del Gobernador, Manila. Rama claims that he was cheated just like Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena on Saturday took on the dare of his political nemesis, Michael Rama, for both of them to take a drug test.

Decryption Ongoing

Comelec finds the election protest of former Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama against Mayor Tomas Osmeña sufficient in form and substance. This is why the decryption of data follows. Rama’s complaint has the same pattern to Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against VP Leni Robredo in the local level.

Rama’s Election Protest

Last May 20, Rama’s camp filed an election protest that asks the poll body to conduct a manual count of the votes cast during the May 9 polls. This is for them to verify electoral fraud. The move was supported by 42 village chiefs in the city, who signed a manifesto for it.

Slim Margin Similar to Marcos-Robredo Case

Rama was defeated by Osmeña who is an LP bet by a margin of 34,036 votes. Osmeña earned a total of 267,222 votes compared to Mike’s 233,186 votes. The former mayor said that his loss to Osmeña was “statistically improbable” because he was winning by around the same margin in the eight surveys prior to the polls.

Recount is the Answer

Osmeña’s camp filed a counter-protest and moves to dismiss Rama’s request but failed like Robredo. In response, maintained that the “only way to ascertain the truth and veracity” of the alleged irregularities is through the recount and revision of the ballots.

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Osmeña Affirmed Credibility of Election Fraud Whistleblowers – but Sealed Mouth not to Drive Liberal Suspect into Hiding

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Sergio Osmeña III affirmed the ehistleblowers accompanied by Pastor Boy Saycon into the Senate – and he was not even surprised with the Liberal government official allegedly involved in the said fiasco. There is a great possibility that the suspect will immediately go into hiding and revealing him this early will not help the senate probe on the mass fraudulent activities reported by various groups.

Osmeña was one of those personalities being approached by the three whistleblowers in the Senate seeking security and refuge. A bigger manipulaton scheme of the votes will likely to come out of this confessions but there is a long process to go through in doing this.

The move to look into this matter is supported by Senators Vicente Sotto and Cynthia Villar. There’s no way that Smartmatic will have the say on who the election winners are in future elections; he said.