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Why is it Necessary that Duterte & Marcos are NOT Involved in Leonen’s Ouster?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Manila Bulletin Online

Not involved in Leonen impeachment complaint – Palace

Duterte Not in Any Way Involved in Leonen’s Ouster

President Duterte is not in any way involved in the ouster case against Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, Malacañang asserted. Bongbong Marcos also denies motivating Atty. Larry Gadon. In fact, he said that he was trying to stop him. He knows about the lawyer’s plan but did not basically thin that it’s the right time for it. It is undeniable, however, that Leonen’s impeachment is favorable to the idealism of both. Note that government officials are not rulers of people. A dismissal should not be a personal punishment from leaders to their officers.

Marcos-Duterte Alliance

It is hard to believe that Marcos and Duterte have nothing to do with the ouster plan of Leonen because of their alliance way back the late president Ferdinand Marcos’ time. But only hard evidence will do in court. As long as they deny it, for the record, they are not involved. If the opposition insists, they can get all the concrete evidence they want. Not just hearsays. Gadon is confident to get copies of Leonen’s SALN after the Congress’ subpoena. They should too.

The Best Tandem for 2022 Elections

People speculate that the Marcos-Duterte tandem is unbeatable for the 2022 elections. The President for sure won’t run for a second term. But his daughter can be VP. It is the intention of President Duterte to retire if Marcos wins his election protest against Leni Robredo. Two more years to go before the end of the year. But if Marcos does win the protest, this is a big plus for a sure victory in the upcoming poll

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Trillanes Swears Not to Fall on his Own Media Trap


By: Elena Grace Flores
Many people expect that the outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV now faces his final curtain. In a recent press conference, the main suspect for President Rodrigo Du30’s ouster plot swears not to fall on his own media trap. He observes that there’s no case filed yet. They only stir the news to get the public’s reaction. He also said that if Bikoy has evidence, they also have it. Trillanes is known to launch black media propaganda to discredit their political enemies – just like the former President Jejomar Binay.

YouTube video by

[VIDEO]: Trillanes: We have evidence against ‘Bikoy’

Actions Speak Louder than Words

In the video recording of Trillanes’ press conference, the dark circles and eye bags on his eyes can tell so much what the libelous Senator is going through. He also speaks heavily as normal. There’s no doubt that worries surround him as his term in the Senate ends this June 30, 2019.

Will Dig a Hole on the Case

Trillanes claims that the government cannot rely on Bikoy’s adjustable evidence. He warns Bikoy not to forget that they too have evidence against him. The Senator would rather submit his affidavit only once the courts asks for it. He idiomatically proclaim that he will dig a hole on it when there’s a case already.

Admission on the Two Previous Ouster Exercises

It’s foolishness to use a video to stage an ouster plot using only Bikoy, Trillanes said. He should learn from his two previous exercises that did not work, he added. This actually sounds as an admission that his group did stage a black propaganda against the President. Unluckily for them, it backfires to them resulting to the painful defeat of Ocho Diretso.

Not Falling on his Own Media Trap

Presidential spokesperson, Salvador Panelo hints on Trillanes’ future. Once his Senatorial term expires, he no longer has the immunity to go back to jail for his sins. He causes the suicide of his ex-boss, and robs the people of deserving leaders who work solely for the welfare of their citizens. Not to mention the untimely death of the former Chief Justice, Renato Corona. He might be careful now with what to say to the media but no one can spare him from the court of law.

The Near Fall of the Black Media Propagandist

Senator Nancy Binay has all the rights to ridicule Trillanes for what he did to her father. Nonetheless, she offers him a teaching job at the University of Makati that he declines out of delicadeza. Many people criticize Binay for doing so, but that’s the last thing the country needs. Hate and revenge must be exchanged with understanding and kindness – just like what the Marcoses are doing.