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American President’s Father’s Day Message

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Getting involved in your children’s life not just on Sundays but everyday of the week is strongly advised by President Barrack Obama during his Father’s Day How message to the American people. How can this be possible for all hard working fathers when they all have to work full time for the basic needs of the family? His plea for congress just made sense. Watch this:

Weekly Address: The President Wishes America’s Dads a Happy Father’s Day

Posted at Youtube by: The White House

Equal wages for men and women, general pay raise and work schedule re-arrangement¬† can definitely help in allowing parents who are both working to take turns in caring for their children. The president’s recommendation for people who can volunteer to mentor a child or children can also be very possible and helpful – because there are surely plenty of individuals who are earning well but no children. A nice thought and hopefully immediate actions for better society on Father’s Day.

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Child Custody Tips for Fathers

By: Elena Grace Flores

Separated couples with a child are left with a problem on where the offspring will go after they have parted ways. Often, the child is left with the mother – not unless the father fights for his rights. In a child custody battle the aim is to provide the best interests of the child. Watch this video for some standard tips applicable to any such case:

Child Custody for Fathers Tips for Success – Evidence Part 1

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Credible witnesses are the best evidences for child custody case that will prove the mother’s inability to provide the best interests of the child. This can be through court testimonies for cross examinations, recorded telephone conversation or sworn statements. They may be family members, friends, professionals or any credible people who came in contact with the mother in question!

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Love is Nothing when the Subject is Dead

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
We all die regardless of our status but sometimes many parents end up being so cruel in protecting their children – not knowing that they could scar them for life. This video shows a protective father that hindered the love affair of his daughter for obvious reasons. However, when the lover got killed while protecting her – there’s nothing a father could do to pacify her:

A heart touching Love story that would make you cry!

Posted at YouTube by: Rhob Sanchez

Parents must guide their children to the right path but still, their lives do not belong to their father and mother only. They have to grow up and find their own purpose. So, if they fall while soul searching – the parents can only give advices and support to help them stand up again but never control their choices and direction because fate does not belong to anyone in this world. You do not want to be the reason of your loved ones grief for life, right?

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