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Chocolate Cake



By: Geraldine G. Flores (Ms. “G”) 

Our most popular cake. Of course anything choc...
Our most popular cake. Of course anything chocolate! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A family of four with a strong bond, represented by the time and effort they all put in the kitchen while creating a magnificent piece of work – a moist, mouth watering chocolate cake with a beautiful `dark chocolate glaze. Unfortunately as time went by the distance grew, time spent in the kitchen lessened just as much as the time spent together. Parents too busy living their lives, failing to notice their elder daughter’s increasingly frequent headaches while the children are too innocent to speak up.

Part I : (On the set, Dianne while reading in the living room suddenly felt dizzy)

Dianne: Why am I always feeling this way? My head, oh, it’s so painful. (younger sister Donita appears)

Donita: Dianne, I’d better tell mom and dad about this!

Dianne: No, Donita, they’re both busy. They don’t even have time attending our parent-teacher meetings in school. Don’t worry, I’ll just take some medicine and then after a while, I’ll feel better again. [phone rings twice]

Donita: Reyes residence, good evening (listens to the caller). Dad…dad! The call is for you.

Dad: (To Donita) Thank you. (then speaks to caller on the phone) Oh, yes my friend, I did not forget our appointment tonight. I’ll just  take a shower  then I’ll see you all. Okay? Bye. (dad leaves the living room to get ready)

(Friends Rose and Peter knock at the door)

Rose: Hello Dianne. Hello Donita, you forgot  to attend our meeting this afternoon, that’s why we came to visit you now.

Dianne: Oh sorry, we forgot, please come in. Have a seat.

Peter: Thank you, we actually came here for your mom’s chocolate cake, yummy!

Dianne: I like it too, the chocolate cake of my mom is my favorite, the best of all the chocolate cakes I have ever  tasted in my whole life (about to cry) but I’m sorry – we no longer have any, she’s so busy these past few days. No more time to bake a chocolate cake.

Rose: Oh no Dianne, don’t be sad, don’t worry. Peter  is just kidding, we came here because you and your parents were not around during our meeting.

Donita: So what was the meeting all about?

Peter: We have agreed that we will go camping this weekend, we can bring along our parents.

Dianne: That would be nice, but would that cost too much? And where would that be?

Rose: Not at all! B$60 only for one person and it will include everything  already. We just have to bring our own personal  things. The bus will pick us up 6 am at the covered court.

Peter: Bring your favorite  swimming attire and your mom’s chocolate cake! Just kidding  Dianne. Temburong is so beautiful we could also go swimming there.

Rose: We will experience having a camp fire as we go singing, telling stories, dancing and playing too.

Peter: We will sleep in the tent and feel the real nature’s touch! I’ll bring my video cam with me, would you like to join us?

Donita: That sounds great! Dianne, please… let’s go with them.

Dianne: I’d love to Donita but we have to ask permission and money from our parents. (car sound – broom broom broom) That’s dad for sure.

Donita: Oh no! He’s gone, where’s mom?

Dianne: There in their room… busy.

Rose: Busy working at home?

Donita: No, busy preparing herself.

Rose: Hurry up! For sure she’ll allow you.

Dianne: I hope so, go now Donita,  ask permission from Mom.

Peter: Great ! So, we could count you in now.

Donita: Okay…mommy, mommy, where are you? Dianne, she’s no longer here. (Donita returns to the living room.) As usual she flew away again.

Peter: Is your mommy a bird?

Donita: Of course not! But whenever my dad goes out, she goes out too. We hardly even see each other at   home anymore. I wish everything was like before…mom baking a chocolate cake with me and Dianne, dad – taking our pictures and…(Donita says these lines w/ tears in her eyes)

Dianne: Donita stop. (to their friends) I’m so sorry, we can’t go with you guys on your camping trip this weekend…my head, it’s aching again. Donita, please give me some medicine now.

Donita: Yes, but we really need to go to the hospital, I’m really worried about you.

Dianne: Oh, no, we have no money.

Peter: Don’t worry, I have a lot of money in my  wallet, I’ll bring you to the hospital. (Peter trying to get his wallet from his pocket. Rose stopped her.)

Rose: Never mind showing it, let’s carry Dianne now.

Dianne: Thank you both, for being here. (then Dianne closes her eyes)

Donita: Please don’t leave me, I don’t want to be alone (crying now). Wake up please.

Peter: Hey you! Stop crying. She’s not dead – just dizzy, she’ll be alright. We will bring your sister to the nearest hospital. Go with me and Rose, please inform their parents. (Donita helped Peter carry Dianne instead)

Rose: Okay, I will! Better go now. Peter, take care of them.

Peter:Yes, I will, don’t worry.

Part II: (At the hospital, Dianne lying on a bed, mom and dad were fighting at first then Donita dramatically stops them upon hearing them both.)

Dad: Now, look at what you have done! You’re not in the house. It’s our neighbor  who took Dianne to the hospital.

Mom: Look  who’s talking, you don’t even know Dianne’s sickness.

Dad: You’re  supposed  to be the mom, you should know that.

Mom: And you’re the dad, you’re always out of the house. You don’t have time for us – always off with your friends leaving your family behind!

Dad: And you? You don’t care about us anymore. Maybe, it’s better for us to part ways.

Mom:  (Scoffs) You’re scaring me? Go away! (pushes dad to the door)

(Donita enters through the door. She was listening to their conversation.)

Donita: Dad, mom, I hate you both -even if   Dianne is here in the hospital, you still don’t stop fighting, I’d better leave you  both!

Dad: No Donita, come back!

(Donita about to leave but Dianne called them.)

Dianne: Donita, mommy, daddy (then closes her eyes)

(Everyone starts crying – thinking that Dianne’s gone already)

Mom: Dianne no, wake up, wake up! We love you both, we care for you.

Donita: Dianne, please don’t leave us. I’ll not run away anymore because I know that you’re here for me.

Dad: We’re so sorry Dianne, promise , we will be good parents to you from now on. We love you my daughter. I do love each and  everyone of you.

Dianne: (Wakes up smiling) I’m still alive, I heard all of you – everything you’d said and don’t worry the doctor says I’m okay. I’m very happy – we’re all together now.

Mom: Promise Dianne… from now on, I’ll take care of you and Donita and of course  your dad too. (daughters tease parents)

Dad: I love you (to mom)

Mom: I love you too.

Dad: Dianne, Donita, I love you both – very much  too.  From now on I’ll devote quality time for you, my family. I could never afford losing this wonderful family. I’m so sorry.

Dianne & Donita: Thanks dad, thanks mom, we love you both.

(As friends enter the door, family members  are still embracing each other)

Peter: Flowers for you Dianne from your dad. I bought it for him.

(Dianne looks at dad, smiles and says)

Dianne: Dad, thank You.

Rose: And your favorite chocolate cake too from your mom. She asked me to bring it here. She can’t wait to see you until she has finished baking.

Dianne: Mom, you still remember my favorite?

Mom: Of course Dianne, I love you. I’m so sorry.

Dianne: Thank you, mom.(Diane embraces mom)

(Both with tears in their eyes)

Peter: (Carrying the chocolate cake) Oops! Enough of the crying. The chocolate cake will melt! Can I have a slice now? I miss this badly too.

(Everybody laughs)

Rose: Pretty obvious! Come on pose  first with the chocolate cake. I’ll take a picture. Everyone…1, 2, 3, smile!

Lesson in Life: Never take your family for granted because they are all that matter in the world!


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How to Script


By: Elena Grace Flores

Screenwriter Jim Jennewein visits VFS
Screenwriter Jim Jennewein visits VFS (Photo credit: vancouverfilmschool)

I was delighted to learn that my sister who is an avid script writer apart from being an acting coach and an actress herself – both on TV and stage plays is interested in submitting her original masterpieces to Carelinkwebpr for everyone to enjoy or learn from. We will be posting her scripts one by one in a regular basis. So, for dramatic enthusiasts out there – we will be happy to hear from you after reading her work. Should you need to share or re-publish any script, just do the necessary attributions. We will also appreciate it if you can allocate donations to our site – so that we can continue to help develop God-given talents through our blogs. Here are some tips on how to script for life as explained by our resident script writer, Geraldine Flores recently:


  1. Get Inspired to Start a Topic or Scenario
  2. Imagine the Setting of the  Play
  3. Create the Characters
  4. Plan the Plot
  5. Organize the Structure of the Play
  6. Narrate the Scenario in the Introduction
  7. Write the Story in the Body of the Script
  8. Compose the Dialogues
  9. Add Some Creative Punch Lines
  10. Write the Conclusion

How to script is just like acting – you have to feel every character you are writing about. Putting yourself in his or her shoes will help trigger your creative mind, heart and soul – thus making writing catchy dialogues very natural. It will just flow freely and before you know it, your eyes are already in tears or better yet, you are already sobbing or  laughing depending on the mood of the character.

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