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Bongbong Marcos’ Political Platform as He Runs for President Does Not Depend on One Person Alone!

political platform

By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Bongbong Marcos’ Political Platform
One thought, deed, freedom, richness, and power for all Filipinos. Not just for one. This is in line with the political platform of Bongbong Marcos. He also swears to continue the visions of his father as per the nomination of the late President’s KBL party on his presidential bid. This is contrary to the intention of his 2016 rival, Leni Robredo. She only intends to stop Marcos from being president.

Leni Robredo’s Condition

Leni Robredo said that she may run or not run. Whatever makes Bongbong Marcos not win. Clearly, she is only after her revenge to the son of the man whom she detests. She accuses him of crimes he did not commit. Wisdom is not the only thing lacking there. She is the worst kind of a political prostitute. No political platform to start with at all.

The Right President

The country can be great again. Despite the rehashes of the black media propaganda. Bongbong Marcos continues to excel. There’s no other time for him to run for the presidency. 2022 it is. His political platform is what the people need. So, cast your votes wisely.