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Will Church Leaders Follow the Pope’s Example and Comply with the Governor’s Call?


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Evening Standard
The Pope calls for prayers for Covid-19 sufferers during live-streamed Mass

The Example of the Pope

Pope Francis holds private daily mass from his residence inside the Vatican. It has a livestream coverge. The pontiff decides not to hold regular mass in public. The Pope’s decision is to help prevent crowds from gathering as a precaution against the spread of the novel coronavirus. His regular online mass aims is to create closeness with those who suffer from the pandemic. “Let’s continue to pray together for the sick people, the health workers, so many people that are suffering from this epidemic,” said the pontiff at the beginning of the mass celebrated from the Casa Santa Marta residence. The livestream of the private morning liturgy will continue every day, according to the Vatican.

The Governor’s Call

Cebu City Governor Gwen Garcia calls on the church leaders to apply precautionary measures to fight against the spread of coronavirus. She discourages group gatherings and encourages social distancing as much as possible. Both personalities are not imposing tough policies to punish those who do not follow. But only people with common sense can realize the severity of the situation.

Not an Order but a Request

The church always gives its followers the option to decide on what road to take when a situation arises. Nevertheless, since the Pope already set an example to his faithful, church leaders must have the wisdom to follow through. If only they can track the updates worldwide, then there would be no excuse for them to have blind faith.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Echoes the Pope’s ‘Who am I to Judge’ View as the President Agrees on Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine President Rodrigo Du30 may displease local Roman Catholic bishops but not the Pope. Bongbong Marcos in 2016 echoes the head of the church’s same sex marriage view saying ‘Who am I to judge?’ It’s the talk of the town via social media when Du30 vow to protect the rights of homosexuals. He even invites them to nominate a representative to work in his government.

Youtube video by; PTV

[VIDEO]: Pagpabor ni Pangulong Duterte sa same-sex marriage, ikinatuwa ng LGBT community

Pro Same Sex Marriage President

“I said I am for same-sex marriage – if that is the trend of the modern times,” the president said. “If that will add to your happiness, I am for it,” Du30 jokes that in his youth he was unsure of his sexual orientation. “Why impose a morality that is no longer working and almost passed?” “So I am with you,” he added.

‘Who am I to judge?’

In 2016, Bongbong Marcos cites the Pope’s reply to same-sex marriage queries. ‘Who am I to judge?’ The Pope humbly asked. Whatever the livelihood of these brothers and sisters of hours, for as long as they have not hurt other people, they deserve such respect, Marcos explained.

Unanimous with the President

Some people may use the bible to support their disagreement with same-sex marriage. However, if they insist on that, they also break other biblical rules which are more important. Love one another and do not judge. Besides, same-sex couples need the legal protection the same as heterosexual couples. As Bongbong Marcos said; Vox populi, vox dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God. That’s how we’ll follow,” Marcos elaborated.

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Pope Francis’s Kind Example: The Catholic Church is not Under Attack – but the Wrong Deeds of Some of its Leaders


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Changing religion cannot make this world a better place to be. The Catholic church is under fire when President Duterte said that the Catholic leaders are only good at criticizing him but have actually not helped in his war on drugs.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: President Duterte is dismayed by Catholic Church leaders who are good at criticizing but have not helped.


The President challenges priests to help in addressing the drug problem by preaching in drug-infested areas. Instead of criticizing the government’s campaign,  they can actually help by doing social services and not just collecting alms, as per president Duterte. Duterte firmly confirms that the killings are not state-sponsored.

Duterte’s Experience with Priests

President Duterte made it known that he was also a victim of abuse by a priest during his younger days. He is not alone in this experience. However, there are more priests who are helping out in their community than those abusers. The fact that the abused child is now the president of the Philippines, his warnings must be taken seriously by Catholic leaders. Instead of condemning him, they should do a clean up in their organization as well.

Controversy during the Pope’s Visit

It is all over the news worldwide that Duterte curses the Pope during his Philippine visit. The president was addressing the traffic problem and actually cursed it and not the Pontiff. Most believers who are pro-Duterte are confused which side they are going to take. This has escalated over the Marcos burial issues. They are advised by Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez to change religion if they are treated differently – like not allowing them to take communion if they are pro-death penalty.

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The Bishops’ Noise is Toppled by Pope Francis’ Kindness

President Duterte expresses his respect and support to the Catholic church in his letter to the Pope – hand carried by Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza. Dureza asks the Pope to bless the country. Pope Francis said; he will bless the president as well. Showing no ill feelings at all. Only love, humility, and kindness. This is being Catholic is all about. Not a rebel to the government.

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The Stand of Pope Francis

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Pope Francis Portrait Painting
Pope Francis Portrait Painting (Photo credit: faithmouse)

People are so judgmental when others don’t share their principles. This time, it’s the Pope already who says that many Marxists are good people so, you do not have to be a Roman Catholic to follow the examples of Jesus Christ – which is true. Pope Francis is indeed a character and he will speak his mind based on what his heart dictates. Read this:

Pope Francis gives gifts to Rome’s poor as he denies he is a Marxist

By: Josephine McKenna

Pope Francis will celebrate his first Christmas as pontiff this year by giving personal gifts to the poor of Rome.

The Vatican has announced that 2,000 envelopes containing free publictransport tickets and telephone cards will be distributed in the Italian capital in the next few days by nuns from the order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who serve meals to the poor and the homeless.

Controversial practices in the Catholic church like divorcees cannot take communion have to be finalized yet after the cardinals present their recommendations to Pope Francis. This only  proves to show that even if the Pope is a strong-willed person, he is fair in considering the inputs of his team members. This is already a good example not only for Catholics but also to all organizations religious or not.

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