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The Critics of Imee Marcos Agree that her Win Paves the Way for BBM’s 2022 Presidency


By: Elena Grace Flores

A political analyst said Imee Marcos’ first foray into the Senate aims at making the Marcos brand still relevant in the national political scene. That way, it continues the family’s political comeback. Their patriarch’s fall through a revolt in 1986 divides the nation today. Gov. Marcos decides to run for senator as her brother, former Senator Bongbong Marcos continues to pursue his electoral protest against the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo. Prominent IT experts and clean election advocates support BBM’s claims that electoral frauds denies him the position in favor of the opposition. He already has the sympathy of many voters should he pursue the Presidency in 2022.

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[VIDEO]: Comelec spox: Most voters for 2019 polls are youth

Imee Marcos has the Right Solutions

A long-time player in local politics, serves as Ilocos Norte representative and governor both for three full terms. She said that she runs for the Senate because she wants to uplift many Filipinos from poverty. She pushes for pro-farmer and pro-consumer policies.
Marcos presses for the removal of value-added tax in some basic goods and urges the government to provide more safeguards for farmers. This is in light of the signing of the law that would allow continues rice importation.

Dealing with Foreign Debts

Marcos touts such advocacy in the backdrop of a family history which the media propaganda by their enemies tries to cover the good deeds of the late President Ferdinand Marcos with alleged plunder, repression, and foreign debt that they said Filipinos are still paying for to this day. On second thoughts, what would the citizens use if the former President did not have a massive infrastructure projects that benefit the people to this date.

The Critics’ Fear Revolves around the Marcos Presidency

It appears to be a reluctant run at first for the 63-year-old Marcos, who admits that she previously considers that the Senate “was not for her.” “I think it prompts her and the family to come back to national politics because maybe they felt that Bongbong as senator was not enough. It was not enough to leave a lasting impression,” said University of the Philippines political science department head Ela Atienza. “Like most political families with national ambitions, it’s important for them to also get national prominence and being part of the Senate is an important platform for them,” Atienza added.

The Death of Black Media Propaganda

Marcos’ critics expect that her Senate bid, sails rough. But the accusations of her family’s ill-gotten wealth and the dark days of her father’s dictatorship still do not make sense anymore in the digital age. The anti-Marcoses call the truth “historical revisionism.” But sensible people can only examine the evidence quickly using technology.

Gov. Marcos’ Confidence to Win Lies on the Youth

Some of our youth are confused, so they want to know our side of the story, Marcos said. They may not have the media’s favor but they have ultimate advantage with social media which is quicker and more handy in reaching out the public. Comelec spokesman James Jimenez said, “A little over one-third of the registered voters are the young people.” The 2019 national and election polls will be dominated by voters from the young demographic, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) confirms this.

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President Duterte Refuses to Pass the Presidency to Robredo Despite the Uncertainty of His Health


By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte discloses that he might have cancer and added that he does not know where he stands as the results of recent medical tests have not come yet. Duterte said in a speech in Manila that he underwent an endoscopy and colonoscopy about three weeks ago. His doctor was advised this week to repeat the tests. Both tests aim to diagnose any abnormality in the digestive tract and colon. Despite the uncertainty of his health, he refuses to give hope to Vice President Leni Robredo that she can soon take over his place. He thinks that she is too weak strategy-wise to be a good leader for the Philippines.

YouTube video by TOKHANG TV

[VIDEO]: President Du30 said that VP Leni Robredo is too weak to be the next Philippine leader.

The President’s Health

Duterte has admitted even before that he has Barrett’s Esophagus, a gastroesophageal reflux disease in the stomach. The President has stated that he does not know how he is physically-speaking now. However, he said that in case he has cancer, he will let the public know about it. He does not care if it is stage 4. For sure, he will not prolong his agony both personally and professionally. The president also said that he will not prolong the agony of the top office of the land but to resign is definitely not an option.

Loyalty to the Late President Marcos

This strike against Robredo is not new anymore.  Duterte earlier said he would rather leave the country in the hands of a Marcos than his constitutional successor. He once said, “If I stop now in my crusade against drugs, and if there is no order in this place, and corruption will continue? You’re dead meat. I said you’re better off choosing an alleged dictator in the likes of Marcos. That’s what I suggested.” The late Ferdinand Marcos was accused as a tyrant but many prove the allegations as wrong and were just a black media propaganda against him. His namesake, Ferdinand Marcos is the Protester for the VP post.

Bongbong Marcos as Presidential Successor

Contrary to the media propaganda of Robredo’s camp, Atty. Glenn Chong assures the public that the recent threshold the PET uses for the recount of the VP electoral protest filed by Bongbong Marcos against Leni Robredo is 50%. Chong explained that 21,000 votes of Robredo did not pass the Supreme Court standard. As of now, they are set aside first. Therefore, the presumptive Vice President has 21,000 fewer votes currently. This is why in the revision reports, the total number of Robredo’s votes is a lot lower than the total of the election returns printed from the election machine.

Repeating History with Martial Law and Destabilization

According to Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Carlito Galvez Jr., the CPP has organized in at least 10 universities in the Metro for the plot to oust President Duterte. The traces gathered involving the activities of Reyes with the communist group can support this allegation. Galvez is also claiming that the communists intend to drag Duterte into declaring martial law as a political death trap. He compares it to the Plaza Miranda bombing of the 1970s. The authorities contemplate that a more or less similar scenario can happen again as per the nature of the rebels’ history.

VP Electoral Protest Update

Galvez also clarifies that the Liberal Party is not part of the CPP’s “Red October”. However, he adds that the CPP does desire to form a coalition with opposition groups to be able to oust the President. The party might not be officially associated with the communists but many of them especially the yellow-minded can only support the insurgents because of their intention to get rid of Duterte.

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Cayetano Can’t be a Threat to Bongbong Marcos’ Possible Vice Presidency


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Cayetano versus Marcos social media battles emerged right after President Du30’s VP speech. He said that if one of them is his successor, then he can already resign. Nonetheless, DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano is actually not in the position to compete with Bongbong Marcos when it comes to the Vice Presidency. According to the 1987 Constitution, the order of the line of succession is the Senate first. Then the Speaker of the House of Representatives is second. That is once Vice President Leni Robredo is impeached which is not the case at all. Only the Marcos-Robredo electoral protest holds much weight right now. So, the VP race is just between the two.

Video by; Pinoy Epic Viral Videos Channel

[VIDEO]: Kung nanalo lang sana si Cayetano o si Marcos wala na akong problema

Presidential Admiration

The President openly admires the leadership style of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. He considers the Marcos clan as important political allies who are helping him in rebuilding the nation. He is counting on the younger Marcos to take over the Presidency at the soonest possible time which adheres to the Philippine constitution. This is if Bongbong Marcos is successful in his protest to assume the Vice Presidency come 2018.

No Cayetano in the VP Line-Up

In an impeachment rap for the Vice President, the Senate President takes over which is Senator Koko Pimentel. In case of his inability, the Speaker of the House is next in line which is Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. He will act as Vice-President until the elected or the chosen one qualifies. If Bongbong Marcos wins in the electoral protest against Leni Robredo, he can immediately be installed in the VP post. Therefore, Pimentel or Alvarez’ take-over can be temporary. Although, it is not necessary for the time being since no case such case survived to remove Robredo.


Speculations have No Legal Basis

The speculations that Cayetano as the president’s running mate aspires to replace Robredo has no legal basis. He is not in the line of VP succession. He seems happy as DFA Secretary. His previous debates with Marcos were for political survival. The yellow traces in him are normal. Considering that many Senators and Congressmen shifted to the president’s PDP Laban from the Liberal Party.

Marcos as VP in 2018 is Still on Track

Marcos reiterates that once the recount is already on schedule by the Supreme Court, it takes only 2 to 3 months to know if he has merits to the case.  He is always for unity and to deal with misunderstandings among the supporters of the DFA Secretary is the last thing on his list. Loyalists must be prepared also to support the favored Du30-Marcos tandem by understanding the feelings of the followers of the rest of the unsuccessful 2016 Vice Presidentiables. That way, we can all stand united for nation-building.

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