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Marcos was Right! Is President Duterte Clearing the Path, Maharlikans?

President Duterte

By: Elena Grace Flores

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Duterte: I dismantled oligarchy in PH without declaring martial law

President Duterte: No to China, America, and Oligarchs

President Rodrigo Duterte is consistent on his stand. He does not take sides on the China-America conflict. President Duterte also declares his success to topple the oligarchs who he claims to play with the country’s elections. This is very timely with the ABS-CBN’s downfall. The media giant is a notable detractor of the late President Ferdinand Marcos that poisons the minds of many Filipinos to go against the government. The Filipino leader even hails Marcos by saying that he was right on the country’s name change to Maharlika.

YouTube video by GMA News

“Pilipinas,” gustong gawing “Maharlika” ni Pres. Duterte

President Duterte: Marcos was Right on Maharlika

The country’s independence means not taking sides in the current Chinese and American economic conflict. As an independent nation, Filipinos can pursue the arbitral claim on the disputed islands in the South China Sea. This is without breaking the economic dealings with China. On the other hand, American control in the Philippines through the oligarchs must also stop abruptly. Simply because they are denying the people with their privileges. Basic commodities should be available to Filipinos at affordable costs. Livelihood infrastructures must also be available to them for financial advancement. Not just to the few rich people.

YouTube video by CNN Philippines

“Pilipinas,” gustong gawing “Maharlika” ni Pres. Duterte

Serbisyo Ngayon: Pangalan ng Pilipinas, dapat na bang palitan?

Parliamentary Bill 195

The former Assemblyman, Eddie Ilarde in 1978 proposes Parliamentary Bill 195. However, it receives various oppositions because it connects with the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ intention. Ilarde explains that Marcos knew about the essence of the name change because he’s a brilliant UP scholar. Nevertheless, its main purpose is to create a nationalistic identity that is free from colonial mentality. He added that many countries made such changes and their progress follows after it almost immediately. The Philippines’ come back after the pandemic is very timely for Maharlika as an independent country with all the potentials of a great nation.

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Excuse my French? Get Ready for Bisaya: Abella’s Defense on Duterte’s “Killing” Talk Style

President Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

If the western world has the term “excuse my French” when swearing, the international community should now understand the native Visayan ways of talking called “Bisaya” in colloquial terms in the Philippines.

Youtube video by; OPLAN TOKHANG
[VIDEO]: Spokesman Ernesto Abella defends Pres.Duterte interview by Mehdi Hasan British political journalist- Abella Defends Duterte.

President Duterte’s Style

In Bisaya, firm and intimate language to emphasize an issue often includes the term “patyon teka ron” – which means “I will kill you.” However, that does not mean literally. In the Visayas. If one Bisaya really wants to kill another person like in ancient times, he is not telling anyone about it. If one announces that he will kill so and so, he is warning the public to comply or else the law will be upon them.

Media should See where Duterte is coming From

President is misjudged in not tolerating delays in implementing the laws of the land. He might swear a lot but as a lawyer and a public servant, he knows the right from wrong. It is also about time that the nationalistic spirit is again enhanced. The colonial mentality of the Filipinos are not helping in making the country better than it should be. This leads other nations to look down on them.

Philippines is a Sovereign Country

Other nations should understand that Philippines is a sovereign country. It is free to implement rules that are right for the country. Regardless of whether the international community who have no idea what’s going on inside the nation understand them. The Filipinos together with the President are not depending on aids from other countries. We have brilliant work force, vast natural resources, and the management supported by the majority at the present time.

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Stop Criticizing the President of the Philippines

If it’s world peace that Duterte’s critics are after, The should come to terms with the President as mandated by the people. Despite surveys showing that people are pro-Americans, most of them are more on pro-Duterte. Meaning to say that whatever the president decides on, he has the public support.

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Binay Aids Bongbong Marcos To Win Electoral Protest

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Binay Camp during elections does not really focus on the Binay-Honasan tandem. How could they when Senator Gringo Honasan himself endorses Bongbong Marcos? Hilario Andes explains that both Honasan and former Jejomar Binay really wanted Marcos to be the V.P. running mate. In fact, they aspire for him to become president soon.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Credible Marcos electoral protest witnesses from the Binay camp through Pastor Boy Saycon.

The Binay Camp Head

Pastor Boy Saycon of Copa is the Noybi campaigner but just like Binay, he is dismayed by the performance of former President Noynoy Aquino not prioritizing the welfare of the people. He heads the Binay Camp’s campaign may it be Binay-Honasan or Bi-Bong or Binay-Bongbong Marcos tandem.

Hilario Andes from Senator Nancy Binay’s Office

Hilario Andes travels around the campaign trails nationwide and really does physical work on the ground dealing with area leaders. In many discussions in such headquarters, he always mentioned Pastor Boy Saycon especially when he calls him in front of the Binay supporters. At the latter part of the campaign, he uttered that it doesn’t matter anymore if Binay wins or not – for as long as the next President will not be from the Liberal Party. He also relays Binay’s message not to ruin Duterte because he is with the alliance. At that time, the Binay camp never doubts Bongbong Marcos for the Vice Presidency. It is a sure ball!

Duterte’s Win is also Binay Camp’s Victory

It is almost expected that Binay will lose substantial votes because of the Liberal Party’s corruption propaganda. The good consolation happens with Duterte’s victory. The Binay camp did a vigil during the Vice presidential count as televised – but after having few hours of nap during the wee hours the night the alteration was made, Marcos’ lead diminishes until morning.

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Gathering Evidence

Since Mayor Abby Binay is also endorsed by the Iglesia ni Kristo just like Bongbong Marcos, many witnesses from the church approached the camp. Pastor Boy Saycon spearheaded the gathering of concrete evidence through affidavits, witnesses, and physical evidence. They were shortlisted for the electoral protest attachments. Pastor Boy Saycon informed President Duterte of the cheating activities found prior to his talks with Bongbong Marcos. Therefore, Marcos was surprised that the President already knew about the cheating beforehand.

‘I know there was cheating’