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Bongbong Marcos Considers Duterte as VP and Confident to Win as President


By: Elena Grace Flores
PweDelie TV

Bongbong Marcos is Confident that He can win the Presidency
Bongbong Marcos might have not clearly confirms to run for President, but if ever he will, he said he can win it. He also considers President Rodrigo Duterte as a VP contender. He already signed the acceptance of his PDP-Laban nomination, he added.

Marcos Considers President Duterte as VP

Marcos only have informal talks with PDP-Laban. In the last elections, he ran as independent. It’s more likely that he will do the same if the other party has other plans. However, it is clear that the VP bid of the president is something that he approves of.

Capability to do the Job

On a president’s health, Marcos believes that the leader must be capable to do the job as President. Regardless of any health condition, the top person of the country may have. He urges everyone to be careful with the Covid-19 virus. He survives it but not all could be as lucky as him. It’s unnecessary to suffer from the extreme symptoms of the virus, he lamented. So, better avoid the infection as much as possible.

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Duterte’s Federalism Support Party is First to Endorse BBM for President


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Partido Federal ng Pilipinas
The Federal Party of the Philippines (PFP) formally endorsed Bongbong Marcos as their party’s Presidential bet in 2022. This was at their National Convention held in September 2021. The PFP is a party formed in support of Federalism promoted by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Public Service Mandate

Bongbong Marcos knows the mandate of the PFP. He hails them for being careful. Not to deal with any politicking. They are more into public service. And they do that quietly, he said. The party is confident with Marcos. It is a national group. Their youth associations are active. Visionary leaders are also ahead of the game.

No Politicking on BBM’s Endorsement

Any party can endorse a candidate for president. Despite his not being a member of the party. They wanted to nominate him as their presidential bet. However, they cannot do it because he doesn’t belong to the group officially. His positive aura and brilliance in whatever he does make him won the hearts of the people behind PDP. Thus, the endorsement.

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The Next President According to Cavite Gov. Remulla


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Filipino Future

Cavite Gov. Jonvic Remulla introduces Bongbong Marcos as the next President.

The Next President

In an event in Cavite, Governor Jonvic Remulla introduces Bongbong Marcos as the rightful Vice President then, the next President of the Philippines. This was during the oath-taking ceremonies of barangay and SK officials. They always talk about politics and their alliance came way back to their fathers’ time.

Close to Former President Ferdinand Marcos

Bongbong Marcos said that the father of the governor, Johnny Remulla were one of those loyal officials of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. There were the first to join them in Malacanang in 1986. And the last to leave. They only left following the istruction of the former President. This was for them to be safe.

Infrastructures and Investments

Marcos hails the Cavite residents because of their competence. This is why investments continue to pour into the province. Being close to Manila is one advantage. But the resilience of the people is also a big help to prosper the economy, said Marcos. He also mentions the infrastucture projects of his father in Cavite. They are still in use up to this time. Those are proofs that Remulla’s territory was one of the priorities during the Marcos regime.

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The President Deals with the Cadets’ Oral Sex Scandal during Typhoon Rosita’s Briefing


By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Du30 orders the dismissal of the police cadets involved in the oral sex punishment scandal in the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA). He acts on the matter after reading the report about the incident as he explains during the briefing of typhoon Rosita’s damages and rehabilitation. He expresses satisfaction in the government’s efforts in alleviating sufferings during the disaster.

YouTube video by Innovation Philippines

[VIDEO]: President Duterte spends All Saints’ Day attending to Typhoon Rosita damage.

Dignity must be Intact

The President also reminds the police and the military of their duty. He stresses that their ultimate goal is to protect the people and preserve the nation. They cannot do this well without dignity. So, those soldiers who corrupt them by doing things that would mentally make them unfit such as the sexual hazing activity will be dismissed, swears Du30.

Satisfactory Response

Du30 said that he is satisfied with the collective response of the local and national government to Typhoon Rosita. He clarifies that there is still much work to be done as he agrees that the damage caused by the typhoon was extensive. There are also missing persons due to landslides that occurred during Rosita’s onslaught.

Pre-Halloween Destruction

Typhoon Rosita, with an international name Yutu’ entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) last October 30. It ravaged much of Northern and Central Luzon. Rosita also brought heavy rains and strong winds in some parts of the regions. That resulted in flash floods and landslides. It left more than 30,000 displaced families and at least 15 confirmed casualties, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.

Work Away from Scandal

The President works through the long weekend without missing important issues that needed his decisions. This is contrary to the questionable VP, Leni Robredo’s assumption that the Filipino leader falls short in servicing the people. She uses the surging prices of commodities as the basis of her theories which is brought about by the increasing rate of fuel or gasoline from the international market. This is why many Filipinos understand Du30 why he calls her incompetent.

Out of Tune Presumptive VP

Robredo is seen in interviews throwing the dumbest punches against the President and his allies including the Marcoses. These are definitely signs that she is getting insecure about her victory in the 2016 VP race. Since the massive revelations of the evidence of the electoral frauds, she is notably hiding behind her role as the leader of the opposition. Nevertheless, no matter how much media propaganda she uses, it’s already hard to get the people’s trust back. Surely, she can’t eradicate the suspicions anymore that she and her party cheated big time during the previous elections.

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Know Former President Ferdinand Marcos’ Care for Filipino Workers that Goes Beyond his Time


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Filipino workers are close to former President Ferdinand Marcos heart so he upholds their rights by signing the Presidential Decree 442 or the Labor Code of the Philippines.  This law sets out labor regulations in the country. It states policies favoring workers, such as regularization and job security, “endowment” restrictions, benefits such as overtime, holiday and disability pay, humanitarian work conditions, right to establish the union and collective bargaining agreement (CBA), and much more.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Dignidad sa Paggawa – Mga Programa ni Pangulong Marcos


To extend the opportunities and benefits of Filipino workers, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), are the key agencies administering and caring for Filipino workers and wanting to work abroad.

Overseas Contract Workers

Due to new rules and well-being in the field of overseas employment, the number of land-based Overseas Contract Workers (OCW) has grown. From only 12,500 in 1975, it reached 385,000 in 1988. While the Seafarers turn to 86,000 from 23,500 in 1975.

Critics Take it as an Image-Building Effort

In 1974, Marcos’ critics describe Presidential Decree 442 or the Labor Code as an image-building effort. Among its goals as per a mainstream media was “to ensure the careful selection of Filipino workers for the overseas labor market to protect the good name of the Philippines abroad.” It might not be the ultimate goal of the fallen leader but no matter how they twist the facts, this is also a positive development.

The Labor Export Patch Continues

No president after Marcos has detoured from the labor export path. During her term from 1986 to 1991, President Corazon Aquino also utilized labor export to address unemployment and source much-needed foreign exchange. Deployed Filipino workers jumped from 378,214 in 1986 to 615,019 in 1991. Meanwhile, average unemployment rate from 1985 to 1990 remained high at 10.46 percent. From 1992 to 1998, the Ramos administration took the same direction. In 1995, President Fidel Ramos signed Republic Act 8042 or the Migrant Workers Act to promote the welfare of OFWs. The number of Filipinos leaving for work abroad slowed down but still rose from 686,461 in 1992 to 747,696 in 1997. Joblessness remained a problem, with unemployment ranging between 8.6 percent and 10.1 percent during the term of Ramos. Under the short-lived Estrada, administration deployment increased to 837,020 in 1999. Unemployment under his administration averaged between 8.4 percent and 9 percent.

The Presence of President FEM Remains

FEM is long gone but his influence remains. Critics must think twice before accusing him of things he is not guilty of. Chances are; the noisiest detractors are definitely beneficiaries of the projects of the highly misunderstood President. This is very possible because of his infrastructure, education, and healthcare programs. It is overwhelming to think that even after his death, he still contributes to the field of labor.

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President Du30’s Advice to Gov. Imee Marcos on COA Budget Triggers Debate


By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Du30 threatened to make COA members fall down the stairs on an interagency briefing of Typhoon Ompong. He made this joke after he learned from Governor Imee Marcos about COA not allowing cash advances for emergencies. This was supposed to be for the budget on purchasing building materials for the victims of the disaster.

Youtube video by TOKHANG TV

[VIDEO]: Look:Imee Marcos humingi na ng dasal.

The President’s Humor is Again Not Taken Lightly

President Du30 came hard on the Commission on Audit for their restriction on government spending for the disaster. He is going as far as to say that COA employees should be pushed down the stairs.

The Governor can only Agree

With the COA only allowing cash advances for food up to Php 15,000, Imee Marcos gets exasperated. Du30 also criticizes the COA with their circulars that he could care less about.

The Budget is Needed for Emergency

COA defends that not all can be cash advanced, and also this occurring over the weekend makes things too difficult. However, Du30 criticizes the circulars further. He sees the circulars as cockeyed, with some people from the government getting to jail because of it while others get away scot-free also because of it. It seems it all depends on how they swing the legal arguments.

Cash Advance Restriction is Not a Law

With Ompong smashing through northern Luzon, which people describe as the strongest storm to hit the country for the year, the president comments on the uselessness of the circulars. He says that unless they are made into law the circulars are useless.

Typhoon Ompong Damages in Ilocos Norte

Ilocos Norte suffers a big loss after the Typhoon. The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council assesses the damage at around Php 2.3 billion. With agriculture damages amounting to Php 1.9 billion and damages in infrastructure amounting to Php 440 million. The COA may deserve some respect because they are just doing their job. However, they should put their attitude on a check when dealing with emergency disasters. They too must be prepared when cash is needed badly for the victims’ relief efforts.

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Bongbong Marcos Reveals his Presidential Platform Long before the Election


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is true enough to admit that since he was born into a political clan, politics is his career. It is only natural for Marcos to aim for the highest position in the land during the 2022 election or even before. This is not surprising given that his protest in the Vice Presidial race against Leni Robredo is ongoing. In fact, this is the expectation of many Filipinos.

Youtube video by;  Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos Reveals his Presidential Platform Long before the Election

President in the 2022 Election or Before?

It is just a matter of time for Marcos to be president. His loyalists believe that he can even be in the position should President Du30 calls it quits after his VP race victory confirmation. It was clear that this is the intention of the Filipino leader. The ultimate reason why he ran as President. To bring back the glory of the golden age.

Presidential Platforms

Marcos vaguely expresses his support to the teachers and government employees. He also stresses the importance of strengthening diplomatic relations with China. It is remembered that education and public welfare are amongst the priorities of his late father. China also was one of the economic foundations of the country during his time.

Slim Margin in the VP Race

The slim margin of the alleged election victory of Leni Robredo as Vice President made political experts believe that Marcos can indeed be President. Besides, the Martial Law stigma brought by the opposition’s black propaganda is already worn out. Logical thinking already excels in the digital world.

Nation Building

In contrast to the hateful regimes of the Aquinos’, Marcos is for nation building just like the family’s patriarch, former President Ferdinand Marcos. He swears not to run after the injustices done by his political enemies to block his return to power.  Now that this scenario is out in the open, Filipinos can go back to earlier predictions. That was to just wake up one day and find out that the nation already has a new VP – and then President in the near future.

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Supreme Court Revisors: The Slim Margin of Bongbong Marcos’ Lead Allows the Digital Cheating Strategy to Succeed

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The revisors at the Supreme Court said that they saw “many votes of President Rodrigo Duterte that did not go to him. However, their attention is on the result of the manual recount and revision of ballots in the vice presidential election protest filed by Bongbong Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo. The President knew this right after the May 2016 election when Pastor Boy Saycon of the Binay Camp first reports to him through the phone the anomalies done by the LP. Saycon’s pronouncement later matches the testimonies of witnesses in the Senate. This is why Du30 whispers to Marcos that he is cheated during their first meeting in Davao.

Youtube video by;

[VIDEO]: Duterte tells Sereno: You have to be out of the Supreme Court.

ThePresident was Cheated and He Knows it

The President said it many times to Sereno that he always follow the rule of law. Despite that, the ousted Chief Justice never stops discrediting him. That drives the Filipino leader to deal with her head on. At the present time, revisors of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal of the Supreme Court said that there were votes cast for President Duterte that were not counted in his favor. They randomly check the votes cast for the presidency “to check if there were also discrepancies in the presidential election after discovering discrepancies in the results for the vice presidential election.” President Duterte won the 2016 election with more than 6.6 million votes than those garnered by his closest rival, Mar Roxas.

Justices to Decide to Continue the Recount

The manual recount and revision of votes in the provinces of Camarines Sur, Iloilo, and Negros Oriental is now in its seventh week. The results in the recount and revision of ballots in the three provinces would determine if the PET, composed of all Supreme Court justices, would still pursue the protest in 24 more provinces and cities covered by Marcos’ case.

Not Surprising for the Marcos Camp

Lawyer Vic Rodriguez of the Marcos Camp said that the reduction of votes for President Duterte was not a surprise. “We are not surprised by such report because it just confirms what we have been saying all along – that the cheating was widespread that it also affected President Duterte but his lead was insurmountable that all attempts failed,” Rodriguez said.

Big Change in the Supreme Court

The removal of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno from the Supreme Court signals an upcoming big change in the government. Many Filipinos suspect and hope that the declaration of the VP race real winner is next to come. Marcos can be the new Vice President soon. Things may be quiet now because of the gag order but one thing is certain; the Philippines will soon have their elected leaders and much more.

PET revisors stumble on votes cast for Duterte but not counted for him

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Bongbong Marcos: ICC Must NOT Judge Us because We do not Judge Them


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

acting workshop

Bongbong Marcos reacts an hour after the news breaks that President Rodrigo Du30 withdraws the country’s membership from the ICC. The former Senator said that it is just right for the Filipino leader to defend the dignity of Filipinos after the international body’s unlogical criticisms and dictates to the President without full knowledge of the situations. The ICC must treat the Philippines as a mature sovereign nation, Marcos said. They should not judge us because we do not judge them, he added.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos agrees with the President’s withdrawal from the ICC because we are a mature sovereign nation and must be treated as such.

Avalanche of Withdrawals

The President’s spokesman, Atty. Harry Roque believes the Philippines’ withdrawal from the International Criminal Court is “the beginning of the end” for the court, as it will start an avalanche of withdrawal of other countries. The ICC violated its “complementarity” rule when it began its initial examination into the complaint against President Rodrigo Du30 in relation to the administration’s war on drugs.

Out of ICC’s Jurisdiction

Roque, who specializes in international law, stresses that the ICC, under its complementarity principle, can only exercise jurisdiction when domestic courts are unwilling or unable to do their work. This is not the case in the Philippines. The spokesman said he already brought the issue up before the ICC several times but he was ignored.

Major Powers are NOT Members

Roque points out that major powers such as the United States, Russia, and China are not even members. He is a former co-chairperson of the Philippine Coalition for the International Criminal Court. He was grateful to President Benigno Aquino III for the Philippines’ membership in 2011 but understands Du30’s point now. President Du30 decides to withdraw the Philippines’ ratification of a United Nations treaty that created the body. By withdrawing, the Philippines expects that it no longer has jurisdiction over the nation.

Anti and Pro-Administration

Marcos who is a staunch ally of the President hails his pulling out from the ICC. However, Senator Leila De Lima calls Du30 a coward for doing so. The people can very well see the kind of leaders and politicians from this incident.

Atty. Liza Araneta, Former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ Wife NOT Keen on First Lady Duties

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Bongbong Marcos’ Echoes the Pope’s ‘Who am I to Judge’ View as the President Agrees on Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine President Rodrigo Du30 may displease local Roman Catholic bishops but not the Pope. Bongbong Marcos in 2016 echoes the head of the church’s same sex marriage view saying ‘Who am I to judge?’ It’s the talk of the town via social media when Du30 vow to protect the rights of homosexuals. He even invites them to nominate a representative to work in his government.

Youtube video by; PTV

[VIDEO]: Pagpabor ni Pangulong Duterte sa same-sex marriage, ikinatuwa ng LGBT community

Pro Same Sex Marriage President

“I said I am for same-sex marriage – if that is the trend of the modern times,” the president said. “If that will add to your happiness, I am for it,” Du30 jokes that in his youth he was unsure of his sexual orientation. “Why impose a morality that is no longer working and almost passed?” “So I am with you,” he added.

‘Who am I to judge?’

In 2016, Bongbong Marcos cites the Pope’s reply to same-sex marriage queries. ‘Who am I to judge?’ The Pope humbly asked. Whatever the livelihood of these brothers and sisters of hours, for as long as they have not hurt other people, they deserve such respect, Marcos explained.

Unanimous with the President

Some people may use the bible to support their disagreement with same-sex marriage. However, if they insist on that, they also break other biblical rules which are more important. Love one another and do not judge. Besides, same-sex couples need the legal protection the same as heterosexual couples. As Bongbong Marcos said; Vox populi, vox dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God. That’s how we’ll follow,” Marcos elaborated.