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Political Analyst Criticizes GMA’s Presidential Interview

presidential interview

By: Elena Grace Flores

Prof. Clarita Carlos’ Take on GMA’s Presidential Interviews

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Poor Method for the Presidential Interview

Political Analyst, Prof. Clarita Carlos is not happy with GMA’s method of conducting the recent presidential interview. Deeper issues are better explained. No need for the one word trivia. It’s just a waste of time of the candidates.

TV Anchors Must Not be in the Center

TV anchors must not be in the limelight, Carlos said. Political analysts like her are the better interviewers for the presidential candidates. Social scientists can ask the concrete plans of aspirants in a 60-minute discusion. Just like the Boy Abunda Presidential interview. The media personalities must stop their game shows.

It Must be a Debate

It must be a debate instead of a presidential interview, the political analyst stressed firmly. It should be a collision of ideas. Their readiness to lead the country is obvious this way. Even if Bongbong Marcos was present during the said interview, she will still not watch. Because they looked for intelligent viewers but fed them with stupidity. A debate can immediately show the dumb ones.