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Marcos Loyalists: Proclaim the Real VP, Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores
Just last week, Atty. Glenn Chong and other Marcos loyalists announce through social media the recent peaceful protest. They urge the Supreme court to proclaim the real Vice President, Bongbong Marcos. The SC already completes the manual recount of all the clustered precincts of BBM’s three (3) pilot provinces, namely Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. After more than 3 years of waiting, BBM still awaits for the PET’s notice on any new development in his protest.

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[VIDEO]: Marcos loyalists protest to proclaim the real VP, Bongbong Marcos.

No News on the results of Completed Recount

5 March 2019 marks the termination of the manual recount in Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. BBM is patiently waiting for the PET’s notice regarding new developments in his protest. The loyalists, on the other hand, continue to show their presence at the Supreme Court. This is to stage a protest that many Filipinos are already fed up with the long wait.

The President’s Influence

Although it is known that the President has no jurisdiction over the Supreme Court, many loyalists still believe that he can influence the justices whom he has appointed. Particularly,  the new Chief Justice, Lucas Bersamin. He ranks higher than the pro-Robredo case assignee, Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa.

Atty. Glenn Chong’s Support to  BBM

Once again, Atty. Glenn Chong proves using his own voting system that an operator can manipulate Smartmatic automated election machines. He cites that in many precincts here and abroad, there are a substantial amount of people whose votes for him can’t be counted because his name was not in the receipts. He said that it is only possible if his name is excluded in the template. This is the reason why his supporters are one with Marcos.

Supreme Court Ways

To proclaim  BBM is a life-changing moment for the citizens of the Philippines.  This is the sign od the reversal of ultimate power from the previous EDSA victors to the heir of the late President Ferdinand Marcos that it topples. The magistrates have to examine all the legalities of his win because the opposition will not make it easier for them. They must cover all the possible loopholes to avoid any doubt that they are abusing their power under the current administration just like the previous one.

Proclaim the Real VP

The protesters rely on the Supreme Court to proclaim Bongbong Marcos as the real Vice President at the soonest possible time. Many believe that the country’s progress is faster with his capabilities. On top of that, he certainly has experience on how to unite the opposing public. Most of all, the namesake has all the rights and power to continue what the Marcos patriarch intends to do for the welfare of the people.