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Ways to Accelerate Your Profits


By: Gynn Flores


ProfitIt is every businessman’s dream to be able to accelerate his profits. Therefore any effective way is taken into consideration. Nowadays, the internet is a big marketing option. It reaches practically more people than tri-media advertisements – that is basically, TV, print and radio exposures. Hiring an effective marketer can also help in formulating marketing ideas and in implementing them. Constant monitoring of promotional activities is a must to maximize results. Consumer credit counseling service is not only offered by financial companies. It can be offered by commercial companies to help prospective clients in managing deferred purchases. Here are points to consider improving sales and therefore accelerating profits:

  1. Employ the right sales personnel. Hard work and strategic approach are a must so choose people who have these abilities and motivate them with attractive incentives.
  2. Put up a web site and if possible in many different languages to enable foreign speaking people to read your advertisements.
  3. Give your clients a surprise bonus for buying this will entice them to buy from you again. Also they will talk about getting more than what they expect which is a perfect advertising campaign for you.
  4. Send greeting cards to clients just near you and online to those who are farther during holidays and special occasions. This will improve your relationship with them. Simple advertisement can also be incorporated with the card.
  5. Choose the right target market for your products and services. This will make the marketing effort more effective.
  6. Give customers the option to buy other products or add on products when they decide to buy your main product or service at the point of sale. This will automatically increase your sales and therefore a chance to make some more profits and convert slow moving items to cash.

  7. Always think of new ways to entice people to buy your products or services. You could add extra free bonuses, delivery options or payment options. New promos or freebies will always be more exciting and if they are used to variations, they will regularly visit your site for new items that they can avail on promo.
  8. Welcome other businesses to sell your products. It could be a simple joint venture deal for a period of time. This will generate more sales for you.
  9. Regularly follow-up with all your prospects and current clients. When people see you or your ad more often, they are more likely to buy.
  10. Constantly learn new sales ideas and educate yourself with new strategies to increase sales. You can read books and publications on business, advertising and marketing. You can also read on other businesses strategies and adapt it to your own business.

Having considered all of the above, there is a very big chance you will make good. Discipline is important for everybody especially in business so a consumer credit counseling service will be beneficial not only for the business but also for the buyers and their credit providers. Make a team out of your people and delegate but always monitor their activities. Have you heard of the saying “when the cat is away, the mouse will play?”

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10 Ways to Hit the Bottom line – Profits

By: Gynn Flores


ProfitWhen you are in business, you need to have a clever mind to come up with effective marketing strategies to gain a good market share. You need enough capital to finance the operation of your business and of course a good product line that can capture the buying public. The bottom line is to make profits. Achieving this entails a lot of efforts.  Here are some valuable inputs:

1.    Join exhibits and trade shows that are related to your product line or industry. Give out brochures and if applicable, do sampling or actual demonstration of how to use your product. Do not forget to give your business cards to make your contact details accessible to your prospective clients.

2.    Position your location where your prospective clients are. Making yourself accessible will give a better chance for your business to prosper. Proximity is very important especially when time is scarce for many consumers. Offer delivery service to accommodate people who are not so near your outlet. Service oriented businesses should offer home service at a higher rate to cover transportation and extra labor.

3.    Advertise through every available media like television, commercial magazines or newspapers, banners or billboards and plug in radio programs. Be visible to your prospective clients as easy recall is very important when they need your products or services already.

4.    As the internet becomes a more accessible media, create a website for your company or product line, be an e-zine publisher yourself or blog with other publishers’ websites. You can invite people to link to your site’s content also.

5.    Do e-mail marketing offering free consultations to your clients. Make it interactive by encouraging your clients to ask questions about your products. In the process of interacting with them, include a small ad of your products which they might need or want to try out.

6.    Establish a good after sales support team responsible to take care of your clients’ complaints, suggestions or further inquiries. Encourage positive responses and stories they have while using your product. Word of mouth is the best advertisement for almost any product or service.

7.    Always be aware of your competitor’s strategies and don’t be left behind.

8.    Make your rates competitive at all times. Be flexible in terms of giving discounts or freebies for volume purchases to encourage more volume sales.

9.    Make sure that the merchandise or services you are selling are of good quality as it speaks for itself.

10.    Be patient when a strategy you launched did not work. Try other campaigns based on actual statistics and be more creative to capture the target market’s interest and attention.

Having known these ideas to make your business gain more profits will further empower you to acquire a bigger market share. This would mean more profits for you. After all, gaining some money is the main reason why we engage in business.

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