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Why Bongbong Marcos Continues Protest Despite the PET Chair’s Biased Resolutions?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos remains hopeful that the recount can put an end to the VP race dispute. He believes that despite Supreme Court Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa‘s biased resolutions, there are justices who support his quest. He discloses this during the rally by his supporters directed to the PET last February 7 and 8 to supposedly watch out for the initially scheduled recount. It is his intention not to give up until the rightful VP emerges from the recount set anew on March 19, 2018, instead of February 8. He owes that duty to the neverending support of his loyalists.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos addresses the frustrations of supporters. This is after the recent recount delay last Feb 8. He urges them not to get discouraged. Instead, continue to support the cause because, despite the biased PET chairmanship, he also has silent supporters inside the Supreme Court.

Unmatched Image Replicas

Vice President Leni Robredo seems to accuse the PET of giving Marcos the soft copies with alterations.  The latter also said that those with squares all went to Robredo. Robredo’s lawyer Atty. Bernadette Sardillo retaliates that if the Marcos team is present at the Comelec briefing, they won’t question it now. Marcos’ spokesperson Atty Vic Rodriguez replies sarcastically that the opponent has the privilege of PET’s exclusive treatment.

Marcos Forever

Crowds cheer as Bongbong Marcos shows up at the February 8 Supreme Court protest venue for the VP election recount.  He urges everyone to stay calm and be respectful of the law as he follows the mandate of the PET. The Supreme Court brings out the warrior inside each supporter if another delay happens.

The President’s Supporters

Right after disclosing that both camps have no pending motions Marcos loyalists to stage a protest watch rally from February 7, 2018, from 5:00 PM to the next day, February 8, 2018, in front of the Supreme Court. They said that some of the President’s supporters are also there.

Recount Delay

The recount of the ballots from Camarines Sur is initially set on February 8. Now, it is reset to March 19. Both camps accept each other’s challenges to withdraw all pending motions that can hamper the said recount. Then found out later that there are no pending motions from both. Can you blame Marcos for questioning the credibility of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET chairmanship? He said that Supreme Court Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa is biased in favor of Vice President Leni Robredo. However, this does not stop him from finding out the truth if he was cheated or not – with the help of his avid supporters.

Bongbong Marcos signs document to withdraw all motions from PET

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Atty. Trixie: Bongbong Marcos Needs Only 200,000 Discrepancies of Votes in Camarines Sur to Finish Election Recount


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The opening of ballot boxes in Camarines Sur for the recount in the election protest of Bongbong Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo may have to be verified contrary to what Atty. Trixie mentioned. However, she explained two vital things on the issue according to a lawyer’s point of view. First, the initial recount in one of Marcos’ pilot provinces, Camarines  Sur aims to justify the validity of his complaint that there was fraud in the VP race during the election 2016. He only needs 200,000 discrepancies of votes for that. Secondly, Robredo’s counter-protest must already be dismissed because of lack of payment.


Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Atty. Trixie said that the recount in Camarines Sur is specifically for Bongbong Marcos’ election protest. He needs only 200,000 discrepancies of votes to finish the recount in his favor.


Collection of Ballot Boxes

A total of 538 ballot boxes from Districts 1 and 2 of Camarines Sur arrived in the Comelec office in Pili last week. These ballot boxes are from the towns of Cabusao, Sipocot, Lupi, Ragay, Del Gallego, Libmanan, Pamplona, Pasacao, San Fernando, Milaor, Gainza, and Minalabac. Twenty-five more towns are expected to do the same during the media blackout. Mainstream media has no updates over the weekend. There were also reports that media practitioners in who are anti-Robredo are blocked from Facebook postings. This marks the start of the vote recount for the poll protest of Marcos.

Robredo’s Landslide Win Questioned in Election 2016

Marcos lost to Vice President Leni Robredo at the 2016 national elections by just 263,473 votes. Camarines Sur is one of three pilot provinces decided upon by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET in its partial grant of Marcos’ plea to recount the ballots. Robredo won by a landslide in the province. She gathered more than 660,000 votes, while Marcos got only about 40,000. It is remembered that 4 other Vice Presidential bets, Honasan, Escudero, Trillanes and Cayetano have family ties in Bicol. This has made her victory even more suspicious.

Fraud and Irregularities

Other provinces in the pilot recount of Marcos are Iloilo and Negros Oriental. He identified the three provinces as “best exemplifying fraud or irregularities” in his protest brief. Atty. Trixie also stresses in her video that Camarines Sur which is Robredo’s bailiwick is a good choice to start from. The 200,000 discrepancies can easily be proven there if the allegations of fraud are true. The recount in the area might put a top on the lengthy electoral protest process should the slim margin is justified.

Counter-Protest Dismissal

PET has required Marcos to pay P66 million and Robredo P15 million in two tranches to fund their protests and counter-protests. A petitioner needs to pay P500 per contested precinct. Robredo also listed three provinces in her own counter-protest brief: Capiz, Sulu, and North Cotabato. According to Atty. Trixie, no recount in Robredo’s pilot provinces can happen because she has not paid the second half of her counter-protest fee. In fact, that must be dismissed already according to the law.

Wondering about the Netizens’ Reactions on Robredo’s Darkness Speech via Social Media?

Bongbong Marcos Contradicts Robredo’s Media Spread of Darkness Rumor with Message of Honor

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Bongbong Marcos vs Leni Robredo VP Election Recount Now Pushes Through


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos’ election protest determines the “rise or fall” of Vice President Leni Robredo at the expense of Marcos. The results of the recount in the provinces of Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental are the key factors of his protest. Robredo’s lawyer, Atty. Bernadette Sardillo said that if the recount in these pilot provinces of Marcos shows that there’s no discrepancy with the official tally, then the dismissal of Marcos’ protest is immediate. However, Marcos loyalists also demand that if it is otherwise, Robredo must vacate the OVP at once.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The collection of ballot boxes starts at Camarines Sur which is one of Bongbong Marcos’ pilot provinces for the recount.

Retrieval of Ballot Boxes in Camarines Sur

Sardillo admits that the recount of votes in three of 25 provinces where Bongbong Marcos is confident that cheating in favor of Vice President Leni Robredo blocks his victory can put a rest on Marcos' election protest. The ballot boxes from the district one and two of Camarines Sur are now in the Pili Comelec Office. This is necessary prior to their transport to Manila.

Plus-Minus Speculation

It is remembered that Senator Chiz Escudero lost 36,442 votes during the 2016 VP race; at the same time when Liberal Party bet Leni Robredo’s numbers rose to 35,000. Clean election advocate and IT expert, Glenn Chong speculates that a plus-minus scheme is evident here. That is “dagdag-bawas” in Filipino.

Close Watch

The camps of Robredo and Marcos are on vigil while the logistics are ongoing.  Official results of the vice presidential race in Camarines Sur showed that Robredo got 664,190 votes (85 percent) to Marcos’ 41,219 (5 percent). Robredo is not the only VP bet from Bicol at that time. Former Senator Gregorio Honasan, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and Senator Chis Escudero all have family ties in the Bicol region. This makes it very suspicious that a mediocre politician like Robredo can have that much votes.

Let the Recount of Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest Begin for Cam Sur

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No Such Thing as Marcos Trauma, Just Media Blackout


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Media blackout refers to the censorship of news related to a certain topic, particularly in mass media, for any reason. What most people learn about the Marcoses worldwide for the last 3 decades is only about the martial law black propaganda. The alleged dictatorship, human rights abuses, ill-gotten wealth and the famous shoe collection of the Marcos matriarch poisoned the people’s minds – but they turn out to be the opposite in reality. Like Bongbong Marcos said, they must have done something good to be loved by many Filipinos the way they experience it. But sad to say, despite the false trauma publicity, media blackout is so obvious.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: People’s reactions around Bongbong Marcos Show that there’s no truth in the so-called Marcos trauma because of his father’s regime. He’s definitely aware that there’s some kind of media blackout.

Robredo is Out of Touch

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque disputed Vice President Leni Robredo's claim that darkness envelopes the Philippines. During the 72nd anniversary of the Liberal Party, Robredo claimed that history seems to repeat itself. She notes that the party's membership also declined during the time of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos just like now under President Rodrigo Du30.

LP Uses Millennials for Destabilization

An LP statement said that like national hero Jose Rizal, today’s millennials should use their time and talents to show their love for the Philippines. The Liberal Party urged them to work for a better Philippines, free of poverty and fear, and where justice and solidarity reign. They implied the alleged dictatorship of President Du3o. They described Rizal as millennial of his time. There are two obvious mistakes here. The national hero can't be a millennial as they claimed because he was not born after the technology age. Secondly, Philippines cannot have a dictator because of its democratic constitution.

Performance is the Best Measure

Bongbong Marcos said that like his father, he tries to enhance his performance in making his constituents' lives better. That is how he would like to be remembered by fellow Filipinos. This video comes a day before the retrieval of ballots from Camarines Sur, one of his pilot provinces for the recount as mandated by the tribunal on his electoral protest against VP Robredo. No matter how intense the news is, mainstream media failed to publicize such important event on time. However, social media posts as always never failed to ignore such development.

Media Fiasco Aims to Overshadow Ballot Retrieval for Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest

LP tells millennials: Be like Rizal

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It’s Not about Bongbong Marcos’ Election Recount Victory but How he was Cheated


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The May 2016 election is now history. Many people do not really know the real issues that surround the poll controversy. They only feel that they are cheated especially Bongbong Marcos’ voters who were intensely affected by the sudden shift of data on that fateful election night. To go forward, the upcoming recount in February 2018 gives Filipinos the opportunity to know how the fraudulent acts were done – at the expense of Marcos, of course.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Marcos said that all voters have the right to know where their votes went in the 2016 vice presidential election.

Anomalous Data Trends

There is a need now to remind the people about the dubious outcome of the elections. It is important to bring up the anomalous data trends on the record from straight lines, and of abnormal levels of undervotes despite the high voter turnouts. When votes are not properly counted, it is a mortal sin against democracy. This should be the main focus of the recount.

Failure of Election Factors

The zero votes for Bongbong Marcos in areas where there are block voters like members of the Iglesia Ni Kristo is highly questionable. Stories of fraud, and of actual evidence from the voters themselves populated social media. There were cases of pre-shading of ballots in many parts of ARMM. It is where elections have failed or did not occur at all. Some boards of election inspectors or BEI did not even convene. Election returns were already done on the eve of the elections not after.

Caguioa Must Inhibit

Given the nature of the frauds witnessed by real people, the objectivity of Justice Caguioa is doubtful. Bongbong Marcos has all the reasons to call to change the PET’s chairmanship. One option is to file a formal motion asking him to inhibit citing arguments that define the bases from where doubts about his objectivity arise.

The way forward for Bongbong Marcos’ protest