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Settling Disputes with others is a Way to Forgive Self

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Believing that asking for forgiveness when you do others wrong is important, only meant that you value self-forgiveness to forget the negative feelings to move on. In a study conducted recently, participants with some disputes were asked the following questions:
Participants in the first study were quizzed on:
• How they forgive themselves for a real offense
• How much efforts made to apologize
• How they knew that they are forgiven
• How they perceive the value of self-forgiveness

Those participants who went out of their way to seek forgiveness are likely the ones who can easily forgive themselves for the mistakes done. The first test showed some fluctuating measurements when participants with emotional cases including partnership betrayals were questioned, so a second study was conducted that highlights the above questions hypothetically.
Generally, more guilt was experienced when the nature of the offense was higher – and it was helpful to be forgiven by others first to finally be able let self-forgiveness to happen as shown from the data of the majority.

It was also concluded that males can forgive faster than females. This is consistent with the fact that women are more emotional than men. It does help that we exert efforts in making amend because in reality, when we do the right thing, it feels that we are not anymore responsible with other people’s sufferings. It’s their choice to move forward or stay sad – allowing to forgive one’s self to take place.

This explains why people that bear most guilt are denying themselves with self-forgiveness. They tend to develop restlessness, irritation and hatred isolating them socially. Not knowing how to do the right thing will drive them to do more mistakes – making their lives miserable. Unhappiness is often the result of not being able to make amends. The Positive Psychology Journal reflects the above findings with data obtained from the 269 participants with negative situations with others and the follow up test involving 208 people who were questioned hypothetically during the studies conducted by Psychology researchers from Baylor University in Waco, TX.

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How to Blog for Somebody Effectively

By: Elena Grace Flores
Writers love blogging because this is an opportunity to show own personality, opinions and passion – but what if you have to blog for your boss? Blogging for your boss is not easy but it can be done with lots of practice. Becoming an expert regarding the subject can also make you confident. However, do not lose yourself if you need to imitate somebody’s style to write his or her blog. Read this article:

How Imitation can Kill the Innovation Inside you

By: Carey Nieuwhof

If you’re like me, you like to track with people who are ahead of you in age and stage, and probably ahead of you in their level of ‘success’.

Chance are you do this in real life (I hope you have mentors) but you also do this online.

Thanks to social media, smart phones, tablets and access to anything anywhere all the time, almost everyone tracks with some ‘celebrity’ type leader.

Please hear me. This is a great way of learning and growing.  I do it too.

Having a personal discussion regarding the subject and picking the boss’s brain about the specifics of the topic can help a lot in writing the details of the blog. Very personal facts can be hard to obtain but when properly done, the blog can be very popular due to its original and controversial nature. Pretty exciting in the end!

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Frozen na Binisaya ha ha

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What is life without humor? This is just for fun guys! The famous Frozen repertoire in this video is translated into the Visayan vernacular mixed with English terms just to suite the rhyme of the song. Cute, funny and interesting work of art. Hopefully not a copyright offense. Anyhow, just for your viewing pleasure….

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman (gusto ba ka muhimo’g Suman)

Posted at Youtube by: moOdy bRunO

The movie Frozen is really a hit because it’s very inspiring. People from different cultures can relate to this fantasy-like scenario because it is very close to reality. A very beautiful escape for those people who are living in dreams – and wanted their real life to change for the better. Since dreams are for free, do it to make you feel better but just don’t stop there. The beauty is in the struggle so strive hard for a better life!

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Discourage People from Stealing from You

By: Elena Grace Flores

Stealing Time
Stealing Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shoplifters, robbers and thieves have some kind of psychological problems on top of being so desperate with money. It is surprising to know that stealing can be prevented with some psychology tactics. The good thing is, the tips discussed here are for everybody. Read this:

How to prevent stealing

By:  M.Farouk RadwanMSc.

Psychology can help you deal with many of the life situations you face in a better way. Psychology can help you in preventing your stuff from being stolen and can make it less likely for you to get robbed.

After all the person who steals your stuff is just a human being who has feelings, emotions and certain weaknesses.

Many people rich or poor can sometimes go through financial trying times and can easily be provoked by the hardship in life to steal. You too can stop this circumstance and prevent yourself from being a victim. Like in your own household, be there to extend help to your helpers, workers or anybody who works for you. Let them know from the start that you are willing as much as you can to help – if only they let you know. This is a noble thing to do for as long as they don’t abuse it. Take care of your people and they will take care of you!

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