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Senator-Elect Raffy Tulfo is Put into Hot Seat on his Brother’s Libel Arrest


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: PH Senator-elect Raffy Tulfo on brother’s cyber-libel case, legislative priorities

Decriminalization Of Libel Case

Senator-elect Raffy Tulfo may be the voice of the people on air. But he prefers to criticize or voice his opinion privately to the president. This is because they are both elected by the people and he’s already a senator. Not a mere journalist like before. Now, he’s pushing for the decriminalization of libel case.

Raffy Tulfo’s Priority

Senator Tulfo said that the glitch of his brother’s arrest on a libel case must lie on his lawyer’s failure to update him. Going to jail may not be necessary anymore if the culprit can post bail. A fine can suit the offense better. He’s confident that he can defend himself well. His main priority now is the welfare of the common Filipinos who need assistance for fairness in the field of labor.

Amendments Needed

When an employee stole money from the employer, all he or she can do is return the money or go to jail. On the other hand, if the employer underpays the employee, there’s no provision that Dole can urge the boss to pay in full. So, an amendment in this area is needed. Plus many more from Senator Tulfo’s experience. He wishes for the chairmanship in labor.