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Incoming Finance Secretary Ben Diokno Corrects Foreign Reporter about the Country’s Recovery Status


By: Elena Grace Flores

Quest Means Business
[VIDEO]: The Philippines is actually on its way to a full recovery. From the recession in 2020, it bounced back.

Full Recovery

In an interview with a foreign reporter, incoming Finance Secretary Ben Diokno said that the Philippines is on its way to full recovery. From the recession in 2020, it bounced back at 65.7 last year. And looking at 7 to 9% growth rate this year.

Spill Over Effects

The Ukraine-Russian war has little effect on the Philippines. The lockdowns are already history. The country’s trade with China is only on the 3rd spot. US first, EU second. So, the impact on China in terms of the pandemic did not affect Filipinos much. The economic recovery starts to follow almost immediately.

Coordinated Politics on IMF

The IMF is really in trouble because of the pandemic. But the country’s counter measures are specific to each sector. International coordination is crucial specially on the prices of oil and gas. Suppliers must increase production. Reduce energy consumption also on the consumers’ side. Then, demand won’t be higher than the supply. Thus solving inflation.

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Bongbong Marcos is a Friend but Firm on China with UNCLOS Recovery and Talks to the UK, others


By: Elena Grace Flores

Melvs Castle
[VIDEO]: This can Shock China

UNCLOS Recovery

British Ambassador to the Philippines Laure Beaufils said the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) should take precedence over the South China Sea matter. The UK would continue to adhere to international maritime law. She told Bongbong Marcos when asked how they can help with the conflict. The recovery of the favorable decision at the Hague for the Philippines is vital.

Training and Joint Exercise

The UK will continue to work very closely with the Philippines like in the past. They will support maritime law not just through training, but also through joint exercises. Supports from other countries like France and the European Union are also coming through as PBBM is about to start his presidency officially.

Talks with a Firm Voice

Marcos evows to defend the country’s sovereignty by talking to China “with a firm voice.” He believes in diplomtic means but also gets his back ups ready when the worse comes to worst. China must be aware that the country is serious in the position recovery efforts when it comes to the West Philippine Sea.

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Toots Ople Reveals the Economic Recovery Plan of PBBM for OFWs and their Families


By: Elena Grace Flores

PH Latest
[VIDEO]: PBBM’s Plans for OFWs

Economic Recovery for OFWs

It’s a tear-jerker for OFWs to know the economic recovery plans of PBBM’s administration for the living heroes of the country. Toots Ople said that this does not involve only the Filipino Overseas Workers but also for their families.

Department of Migrant Workers

The recovery plan for the OFWs includes a housing project for them. Ople believes in the leadership of PBBM and she wants to help in her own little way. To lead the Department of Migrant Workers Department is a big step if ever.

Consultation Process

Specialization and competence are the main criteria for the selection for the head of the sector. This makes Ople happy to think about the position offered. However, she needs time to do consultation because she has an existing NGO to run. She takes it as a recognition of her many years of efforts in the industry.

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Sigh of Recovery Obvious among People Witnessing the Nostalgic Marcos First Family Moment


By: Elena Grace Flores

Kuya Bok Tv
[VIDEO]: Nostalgic Marcos First Family Moment after 3 Decades

Sigh of Recovery

People’s sigh of recovery was obvious during the final meeting de avance in Alabang recently for BBM-Sara Uniteam. Many were teary eyed. It was sentimental in the sense that it brought back memories the first family during the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’time.

Huge Crowd in Alabang

Around 1.2 million people gathered in Paranaque to support Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio’s bids. They are both frontrunners for President and Vice President respectively. Most people are expecting a landslide win for the two candidates.

Philippine Economic Recovery

Despite being the underdog due to the massive black media propaganda against the Marcoses, most Filipinos are hoping that the Marcos-Duterte tandem would lead the country towards economic recovery and then progress to the highest level.

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Recovery is Fun with the Tips from the Nation’s Mother by Senator Imee Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

Imee Marcos
[VIDEO]: Senator Imee Marcos shares the learnings from her mother.

Women’s Skills for Recovery

Senator Imee Marcos in conjunction with the women’s month, shares the learnings from her mother, Imelda Marcos for the recovery of the nation. Walk like a queen. Beauty, charms, and grace are weapons. So, dress to destroy. Also know when to play dumb which is very true.

Big Shots are Only People Too

It is a common mentality that popular people receive special treatments. When the truth is, everyone deserves respect. Therefore, as Filipinos work on the recovery of the nation, each and every citizen has a vital role to play.

Be Proud of your Origin

All problems will disappear when you start helping people. Looking at the projects of Imelda Marcos from hospitals to educational centers, they are really vital to the recovery of the country after the pandemic. It is just right to say that the best Filipino is a Filipina!

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Estate Tax Issue? Recovery of Marcos Inheritance Destroyed by Aquino is Uncertain


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: BBM’s Estate Tax according to the law.

BBM Avoids Inheritance Recovery Issue

The good nature of Bongbong Marcos is evident in the way he handles controversies over the recovery of his inheritance. While other politicians are banking on the alleged non-payment of the Marcos estate taxes, he avoids going to details. This is to avoild speaking ill against the Aquino administration.

Estate Tax vs. Real Estate Tax Simplified

You own a piece of land, and you don’t pay the taxes on these, called “real estate” taxes. You’ll be losing that lot when government sequesters it and sells it to pay for the amilyar. Contrast this to an estate tax. Your ancestor dies, you inherit his property (not necessarily real property but shares of stocks for example). The BIR says it’s worth P10 million. But you don’t have the P2 million (20 percent of the property’s value) to pay the inheritance tax. It needs to be paid for it to be transferred to you. You said thanks but I don’t want it. BIR can’t do anything if you won’t claim it. They can’t collect the real estate tax from you.

Destroyed by the Aquino Administration

BBM may be vague on the real estate tax issues let alone the recovery of his inheritance. But his detractors should thank him. His good nature is very clear to those who understand the issue very well. How could you pay the estate and real estate taxes on properties or shares that may not exist anymore? There are videos of accounts being frozen and Marcos’s houses demolished by the Cory Aquino administration. Imelda Marcos cries over it. So, why send a demand letter when the court’s judgment is already executory? Why can’t BIR just execute it?

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The Recovery of Ilocos Norte is Sandro Marcos’ Agenda


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos joins his son, Sandro Marcos’ proclaimation rally in Ilocos Norte

The Recovery of Ilocos Norte

Sandro Marcos’ promise is for the recovery of Ilocos Norte. He aims to bring it back to where it was before the pandemic. Better yet, make it better economic wise. The young Marcos runs against Ria Fariñas. His father, Bongbong Marcos joins his recent proclamation rally there. So, the event is twice as powerful.

Bongbong Marcos’ Support

The recovery of Ilocos Norte is in line to the political platform of Bongbong Marcos. As the future leader of the country, the older Marcos banks on unity in driving the country forward to progress. Planning to recruit only the best for his cabinet. Therefore, the victory of both is beneficial to Filipinos.

Qualified to Run for Congressman

Sandro Marcos is very qualified to run. The reason why he ran was not because of his family name. His only agenda is to serve the Ilocano people and make sure that amid this ongoing pandemic, the issues are addressed and the problems are solved.

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Duterte-Marcos Alliance Unstoppable for Economic Recovery


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Economic Recovery Assure with the Duterte-Marcos Alliance

Recovery is the Name of the Game

The Philippine recovery after the pandemic can be uncertain there’s no unity. This is the reason why many online players are desperate to destroy the Duterte-Marcos Alliance. However, this is not something that rumors can break. Just know the origin of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s Build Build Build project. Considerably, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ initiative. The yellow past presidents did make the project stop. Former President Erap Estrada almost got it. At last, it is President Duterte’s political will that weather the storm. So, their alliance is more than most people can think of. It’s with but an ultimate purpose for the sake of the Filipinos.

Trust the Leaders

No loyalists can go against the principles of the their leaders. How can one blame the government that their leader supports? They must have a hidden agenda. Therefore, it is always safe to listen to official announcements before making accusations. Afterall, it is not the call of the supporters but of the candidate.

No Better Choice is 2022

Bongbong Marcos’ time for the presidency is really in 2022. The effects of the pandemic are devastating worldwide. His father’s humanity WILL – can only be beneficial with a very strong leader who knows it more than anyone else. He’s the son of the visionary waiting for his turn. Others might not know his capabilities but the situation left them with no choice. He is bound to be the leader whom Filipinos are desperately waiting for, whether they like it or not!

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Cebu is Excited about Imee Marcos’ Nutribun Recovery Plan


By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Marcos tackles mainly the prevention of coronavirus spread. However, she receives a list of places where malnutrition is rampant in the province. She urges the officials to do something about is. As much as 30% of their children are indigents. We need a convergence to combat malnutrition, she pleaded. She encourages the DA (Department of Agriculture) to let the farmers plant monggo, malunggay, kalabasa, kamote, coconut, and other protein sources. This is in the hope to come up with nutritious replacement meals. Her plan to make Cebu as the pilot province for the Nutribun recovery is well received. In fact, many teachers in public schools are excited about it. Not to mention the Marcos era children who are now parents themselves.

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Presscon with Senator Imee Marcos at Bayfront Hotel, Cebu City

The press conference with Senator Imee Marcos at Bayfront Hotel, Cebu City on February 7, 2020, highlights coronavirus prevention and malnutrition solutions.

Nutribun Recovery Program

“During the 2020 budget deliberation, it has come to my attention the list of the malnourish and stunted children in the country. This is shocking for me. One of the highest rates is in Cebu especially in District 7 and District 2 that are somewhat serious, she added. The regional coordinator of the National Nutrition Council in Central Visayas, Parolita Mission confirmed what the Senator discloses. Mission said this is the reason why Cebu is among the priority areas of the government’s nutrition program.

Malnourish Children in a Rich Province

Senator Imee Marcos wants to pilot Cebu in her plan for the nutribun revival or recovery. She aims to implement this in the next school year to address malnutrition in public schools. She finds it ironic that the province is among the richest in the country but has the highest rate of malnourished children. Marcos pushes for the early delivery of Nutribiskwit. This is a better version of the Nutribun during the 70s and 80s in terms of more nutrients and protein. She said these snacks for schoolchildren shall be supplied by Cebu’s very own farmers to augment their livelihood.

Combatting Inflation

Earlier, Marcos called on President Rodrigo Duterte to offer cheaper food prices and better nutrition for the poor by the recovery of basic goods distribution network, Kadiwacenters and the child-feeding program Nutribun of the ’70s. In a statement, she said that while the country’s inflation rate has gone down, prices of basic goods remain high affecting the quality of nutrition, especially of children in low-income families.

Digital Nutribun Distribution

It is a fact that the Marcoses embrace technology when sending their messages across. Senator Marcos met with regional directors and other officials of Region 7 in Cebu City also to talk about the launch of a new application for the Nutribun recovery. The Nutribun became famous during the reign of Marcos’ father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. This is to help address malnutrition in the Philippines with the help of USAID. They were initially given to underweight children for free. Then, they were sold for 15 to 20 centavos each when the late Marcos discontinued the agreement of the US bases in the country but eventually died down later.