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Why Do this Color Changing Cars so Popular?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Cars (film)
Cars (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Controversial discussions are looming around internet viewers interested in toy cars. Why is this color changing trick using water so popular among online viewers? One thing, Cars the Movie by Pixar was a hit – and the products made after them were also selling like hotcakes. Perhaps car toy enthusiasts are just hungry for new things:

5 Color Changers Cars 2 Raoul Caroule Rusteze Mcqueen

Posted at Youtube by: BluCollection

Many are simply addicted with any shows regarding these highly popularized “Cars”. Others are in denial why they are attracted with the preview. The number of viewers might not be exact but using a highly tested software, there’s no mistaken why it reached almost 28 million viewers in just 2 years. They are just entertaining and fun to watch!

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Cats can have Postpartum Too!

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was not a pretty site waking up one day finding 6 new-born but dead kittens in the backyard. I’m always a cat lover and actually have 5 cats in our house already. However, I am also administrating for my sister’s apartment and staying there from time to time. It will not be ideal to keep some pets because aside from not living there regularly, it’s actually going to be converted into a boarding house.

This stray cat that I did not have any idea at all that she’s pregnant always visits in the morning to ask for food. I have to be tough to say no because I do not want her to end up living there and be miserable when I’m away. Based on experience also, when I start feeding one, it will take only few months and I will be feeding 2 to 10 cats! They are difficult to give out also because there are few or no willing takers. It’s not like Donating a Car in Maryland! That thought alone drove me to really be very strict in not giving anything to her. It’s not like the cat looks like she needs mesothelioma diagnosis so, I’m sure she can cope.

As I examined the dead bodies of the kittens one by one, I noticed blood on their necks and sure enough – their mother bit them too hard until they died. I know for sure that when a mother cat feels threatened with too many humans, too much interruptions and presence of other animals they could kill and eat their new-born! It’s obviously triggered by the Postpartum disease of the mother cat.

Postpartum is really real in cats. That’s why they need proper care when pregnant – whether they look like they need mesothelioma diagnosis or not. This is not possible of course when they have no owners. There are already too many stray cats all around us and although cats can live better than other animals in the toughest conditions, they also have their limitations and can be hazards to the community – the same as stray dogs. Will cat impounding works?

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Humorous Reptilian Script but Hating Lawyers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Many people hate lawyers because they can turn the bad guy into good in the court room. They are compared to reptiles which the later are much better because they did not choose to be one. To be a lawyer, you must have the heart to pursue things even if they are contrary to popular belief – but of course, you become one based on your aspirations in life. This humorous script was written not to degrade lawyers but for humor’s sake only!:

The Reptilians

By: Jim Pack

Alicia Florrick needs to gain the trust of a man who hates all lawyers. Synopsis for CBS’s “The Good Wife”.

This script has enough introduction describing the scenario of the play. The dialogue may be limited but it has all the  lines to make the discussion a humorous one! The author is kind enough to share his thoughts for free. He must be a very intellectual person who needs an outlet for his creative mind. Thank you for this script.

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Frozen na Binisaya ha ha

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
What is life without humor? This is just for fun guys! The famous Frozen repertoire in this video is translated into the Visayan vernacular mixed with English terms just to suite the rhyme of the song. Cute, funny and interesting work of art. Hopefully not a copyright offense. Anyhow, just for your viewing pleasure….

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman (gusto ba ka muhimo’g Suman)

Posted at Youtube by: moOdy bRunO

The movie Frozen is really a hit because it’s very inspiring. People from different cultures can relate to this fantasy-like scenario because it is very close to reality. A very beautiful escape for those people who are living in dreams – and wanted their real life to change for the better. Since dreams are for free, do it to make you feel better but just don’t stop there. The beauty is in the struggle so strive hard for a better life!

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Dog and Cat 2013 Saga

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It has been known since time immemorial that dogs hate cats and vice versa  – but is this true? According to this article on Why do Dogs Hate Cats the hateful acts can be triggered only by the difference in their characters. Dogs are sociable and cats are independent. Be amused by this video compilation:

Cats Vs Dogs – Supercut Compilation 2013!

Posteds at YouTube by: FRlKK

Actually, not all dogs hate cats. They just misunderstood the motives of one another. If only they can talk but needless to say, dogs and cats who have the opportunity of living together for a long period of time end up very friendly and loving to each other. So, if you want both pets under one roof, go ahead and do it. You might enjoy witnessing their love and hate relationship.

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