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Macapagal: Smartmatic’s Server Tampering is Serious Despite Minor Correction

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Manila City Prosecutor Rector Macapagal indicated that the case filed by Abakada party-list Representative Jonathan dela Cruz is “serious” because the “security breach” that the complainant was referring to was when Smartmatic made an adjustment to the script to fix an issue involving the “Ñ” character being replaced by “?” is highly political.

Whether it affected the actual vote counts or not, Smartmatic is still at fault by not getting clearance from the Comelec for the alleged correction. Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon, backed this up saying; Smartamtic should have notified the poll body about the modification made in the script of the transparency server prior to the act or acts itself – since Marcos’s camp disclosed that the server was tampered twice.

In the Infromation Technology world, it is very common knowledge that changing a single element whether it is a period or a dash could totally change an ongoing process if not corrupt it. So, debating that it is just minor correction, is useless because aside from it being still against the law, it’s a nonsense explaination if you have a bit of know-how technically speaking – and if they expect the world to accept it, then they are hallucinating.