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Tourism Rehab is More Important than ABS-CBN


By: Elena Grace Flores

The ABS-CBN saga already has enough attention to continue to report on. It just boils down to having a compromise with the government. The real big problem for the economy at this point after the coronavirus outbreak is the tourism industry. With all the flight cancellation to and from the One China countries, losses are enormous. It is paramount to the tourism industry-independent families to start its rehab as suggested by tourism player, Bobby Joseph.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
The Tourism Sector is Greatly Affected by the Coronavirus
Bobby Joseph explains the serious tourism losses due to the coronavirus and how to recover from the financial ruins.

Chinese Travels

Chinese travels are not only limited to tourism. The business sectors are also unstable. On top of that, the continuity of Chinese students in the country is also uncertain. The service infrastructure from the taxi drivers to hotels are experiencing the sudden drop of revenues. The situation even worsens when Taiwan and Hongkong got the ban. This is regardless of their independent status because they are prone to the contamination location-wise.

Non-Renewal Compared to Media Shutdown

Some human rights lawyers’ claim that the ABS-CBN non-renewal threat is reminiscent of martial law years. The late Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s alegged media control is only something they can pinpont to. However, the Office of the Solicitor General files a quo warranto petition before the Supreme Court against ABS-CBN already.

Oligarchs in the Country

There are currently 11 bills before the House of Representatives in support of the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN. This shows that even the upper house is infested by oligarchs; President Rodrigo Duterte hinted. He said that ever since time immemorial, the rich people who monopolize businesses are also trying to run the country. This is in line with the former President Marcos’ justification as he battles the communist rebels.

Tourism Rehab is a Priority

It’s unbelievable that a giant media network’s plight that is all-powerful and well-funded would seek the public’s opinion on their disagreement with the government. There may be a lot of people affected as well but nothing compared to the sufferings of the tourism industry dependents right now. The rehab suggested is the replacement of international trips with the domestic ones. Well, the country is no doubt the best destination during the coronavirus scare. Thanks to its heat.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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4,000 Drug Abusers Surrendered but NO Rehab?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
More than 4,000 drug pushers and abusers surrendered to authorities and gathered in Tagum auditorium in Davao where President Rodrigo Duterte came from to comply to the President’s call to surrender or get killed. This is labeled as the biggest surrender so far since the president started his war on drugs campaign. They have done this obviously due to fear of dying in the hands of the police – but so far, no rehab in store yet.

As visuals of murdered drug fatalities flooded social media and TV screens, drug abusers are driven by families to do a voluntary surrender to preserve their lives. However, they will be monitored only since prison facilities will not be enough if the trend continues.

There were no indications of contingency plans on the rehabilitation of these drug abusers but responsible families should send the drug addict in the family into a rehab facility. Here’s the link to DOH’s accredited rehab centers:


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