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Are you Religious or Spiritual?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
I often make rush decissions but somehow, there seems to be a stronger force that puts my life into balance. That’s why I believe that someone or something greater than us exists. Religious people call that divine intervention by no other than God – but what about the unbelievers?

Will religion make our lives better or worst? Other spectors call that spirituality. Having to trust not only yourself but also that spiritual being somewhere higher. Like the golden rule of karma. Whatever goes around comes around. Respecting the earth’s natural cycle and many other beliefs unfounded by science but proven to be true in the history of life as accounted by people who’ve been here long before us.

Whatever principles you may decide to incorporate into your life, there are only 3 measures to know that you are doing the right thing. First, you do not want to see the misfortunes of others, then you are inclined to do good in a daily basis and lastly, you feel true happiness with or without company.
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God Loves Us Regardless of Religion

By: Elena Grace Flores

There are many recounts published about near death experience by people with different religious background. However, although circumstances differ, there are common denominators. Seeing your body at a distance, the presence of light, a voice, the feeling or experience of heaven or hell and that God loves us. Watch this very credible video:

Heaven & Hell. Atheist professor in Hell! Meets Jesus (Near Death Experience)

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I know for sure that it’s the pureness of the heart and faith within that matter in our journey here on earth before we cross over towards eternity or nothingness – because me too had near death experience that made me what I am today. Believing in someone with great power who loves me regardless of my weaknesses and who inspires me to do His will in whatever I do. Real happiness is evident in this kind of way of life, for here and beyond!

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