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Reputation Management: Martin Andanar announces Duterte’s plea to supporters

Reputation Management

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s always a bad potato among the good ones. But the Duterte myth is contrary to the belief that his supporters are unruly bastard and bitches. Capable only of below the belt personal attacks. The experiment overnight showed that when properly explained, the negative subject is neutralized. They give reasons without the “F” word. Most argue from the start but could be very supportive in the end for unity’s sake. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s plea to respect the media and Senator Leila De Lima will have great chance of success.

The President’s Plea


Reputation Management

The President through Martin Andanar urges his supporters to respect the media. This goes to Senator Leila de Lima as well. It is not good he said that Filipinos are hurting each other via social media. It is also unfair to our very own senator to be treated badly.

Senate as Co-equal Branch

The Palace recognizes that the senate is a co-equal branch of the executive office. They have the rights to conduct their own investigations on the alleged extra judicial killings.

Common Class Visayan Character

The president may be guilty of tough-talking. Saying one thing but meant another. But this is his strategy to confuse people. When confused, true colors can come out. Then he would know the sincere ones from the rest. People in Davao are very used to this kind of character. As Visayans tend to say bad words when showing closeness or fondness to others.

Social Media Reputation Management

It might not be appropriate to have a bad mouth as President, but Filipinos are forgiving. We just have to “educate” foreigners and international entities with Duterte’s culture. For Example, Duterte said; De Lima is only not screwing her driver but the country as well! This may sound humorous to most Filipinos – but mind you, it’s perversion in many cultures overseas. So. it’s up to us to help censor as an online reputation management effort.

President’s Awareness

The President is aware that he has crossed the line in terms of civilized public speaking. He is trying to change but it will not happen overnight. This is why he needs the help of his supporters not to escalate anymore his wrong language. It is evident that after bashing like Obama, the UN and the EU – social media supporters immediately promote them. Media on the other hand, cannot be blamed because it’s their job to document what really happened.

Supporters’ Responses

Reputation Management

It is already common knowledge that most Filipinos are not fond of reading the whole story. They immediately react at a sight of an intimidating title. This is experienced in a Political Group at Facebook named Freedom Society – which is composed mainly of Duterte supporters. Here, they even asked the media to stop destabilizing the country.  Personal attacks do happen but when the purpose is disclosed, most of them understand. So, reputation management for the president by his own supporters is very possible.

There were at least two who wanted a friendly discussion through the Messenger. I was privileged to have the chance to pick each others’ brains. In a very diplomatic way, of course. As for this one bad potato, he was too proud not to follow the president’s request. No wonder, he did not have a face on his profile!

Reference: Freedom Society at Facebook

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Online Reputation Review

By: Elena Grace Flores
You may already heard about Online Reputation – but still not cleared about it and its inclination to your business. This is a detailed video that explains the subject, why online negativity happens and how to go about it:

Online Reputation Management WTF?! How to Get and Market a 

Posted at Youtube by: Reese Richards

We can’t please everybody – so never let anybody ruin your business just because of isolated cases. Get into doing Reputation Management now and enjoy long-term business progress.

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Reputation Management Online Now a Legitimate Business


By: Elena Grace Flores

Social Reputation Management Conference March 2010
Social Reputation Management Conference March 2010 (Photo credit: ShashiBellamkonda)

It was just few months ago when the change of Google’s algorithm to reputation management was announced – and now, professional firms are sprouting here and there offering their expertise in building or cleaning up your image online for a fee. It can be hefty for high profile individuals but for common people with a damaging past to hide, it’s a lot affordable. Actually, you can do it on your own on a small scale – but also very effective. Read these tips and I’m sure you’ll benefit from them a great

6 Steps To Managing Your Online Reputation

By: Susan Adams

That quip helps explain the increased number of players in the field of  online reputation management., Reputation Changer, Big Blue Robot, Metal Rabbit Media, are some of the outfits that promise to hide negative information that comes up on Google searches about you or about someone else with your same name.


If for once in your life you’ve been attacked badly on social media like in Facebook, don’t panic.You can do something to wipe it out and actually turn it to your advantage. I have implemented all the steps discussed in this article and when I make a search online using my name, I really like what I see in the results. You can do this too!

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