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Marcos’ $728,500 Partial Payment to Set Recount Protest in Motion with Friends’ Help has Reached International News


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Reuters reported that Bongbong Marcos, son of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos took a step towards securing a recount of votes in an election for the vice presidential race last year. He discloses that he was unfairly robbed of victory. Social activist and lawyer Leni Robredo was proclaimed the winner for only about 260,000 votes.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Dating Sen. Marcos, gustong iapela ang halagang pinababayaran ng SC para sa recount ng mga boto.

Kind-Hearted Friends

Bongbong Marcos said that it is good to have kind-hearted friends. That they also believe in his election protest because it is right, just and fair. He did not present all the 40 friends who contributed but they are listed with contact numbers and addresses for verification if needed by the media. The manager’s check was given in full to Marcos with the list and a protest letter to SC.

Robredo is Not Favored by the President

Robredo’s relationship with the President is not harmonious despite obvious efforts from both sides. He has cracked jokes publicly at her expense. She criticizes some of his policies, including his war on drugs. The most recent move she made just pulled her satisfaction rating down – when she delivered a video message to a U.N. human rights conference in Geneva deemed as a betrayal of public trust.

Preferred by the Administration

Last year, Du30 instructed his assistant to tell Robredo not to attend his Cabinet meetings. This prompted her to resign as housing secretary.  She remained vice president but not a cabinet member anymore. Rumors have it that the president favors Marcos and he is also preferred by the cabinet members to manage an important department soon.

Next Installment

Marcos’ next schedule to pay the rest of the recount fees is on July 14. He has to pay another 30 million pesos to complete the recount votes in more than 39,000 polling precincts nationwide. Vote-counting machines were allegedly manipulated to favor of Robredo. She has challenged his protest in the high court by filing a counter protest – but she failed to pay the required 8 million pesos deposit. Duterte’s father, a former governor in Mindanao province, served under the elder Marcos when he was first elected president in 1965.

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China is Aggressive in their Claim around Scarborough

By: Elena Grace Flores

China claims 1.35-million-sq-miles waters of the South China Sea which is 90 percent of the disputed area between Philippines and China plus other neighboring countries. The yearly $5 trillion a year fish trade via ship is already 10% of the global harvest. These are just additions to the perceived energy reserves in the claimed territory. Is their aggressiveness part of their strategy to position themselves as the next super power? Here’s the news:

China blames Philippines for latest South China Sea incident

By: Reuters

(Reuters) – China on Wednesday accused the Philippines of “deliberate provocations” over an incident in disputed waters in the South China Sea that drew a protest from Manila about what it called Chinese ships’ use of a water cannon on Filipino fishermen.

Back to history particularly during the Roman empire, the Chinese vowed to incur peace in their own terms which is measured by the amount of business trade they can take advantage of.  The typical Chinese culture just don’t dictate the positive meaning of peace. How can a tyrant Chinese government capable of imposing peace in its original sense to the world?

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