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Richard Gomez Disputes Robredo on BBM’s Help During Calamities


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: The Power Couple Express their Gratitude to BBM during Calamities.

BBM is Easy to Approach

Ormoc Mayor, Richard Gomez only speaks highly of Bongbong Marcos. His sense of gratitude is great for the works of Marcos in his locality especially during calamities. Earlier, VP Leni Robredo urges the public not to vote for Bongbong Marcos because he’s allegedly a liar and cannot be seen during disasters.

Always Helping Ormoc during Calamities

It is not true that Marcos is nowhere to be found during calamities. In fact, he wAs hands-on during typhoons Yolanda and Odette plus many more. The people should vote for him, the actor turned politician firmly suggested.

All-Out Support to the No. One Presidential Aspirant

It’s only BBM who continues to support Ormoc in different ways, added Mayor Gomez. This is in contrast to what Robredo said. He also has concrete plans for the country. This is why the power could supports BBM in return since 2016 and in the next 2022 election.

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Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez on BBM’s Kind of Leadership


By: Elena Grace Flores

Kaloyrose tv

[VIDEO]: BBM on Bataan Nuclear Power Plant: We have to look at it properly not as a political issue

BBM’s Leadership Style

Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez can only say good things about BBM. She said that the former Senator always puts his political platform right. This can of leadership only proves that he is after the welfare of the people. Self-interest is not at all a concern. His manifests and plans when he becomes president are clear. Unity is the name of the game for the country’s progress.

BBM’s Reply

BBM is thankful for Cong. Lucy’s kind words. He confirms that it is to his best interest to be able to work with everybody. Allies or not. When the time comes, the government would need his opponents’ help. Therefore, he made it a point not to retaliate despite the many criticisms he received. Such is really a sign of a an effective leadership skill.

The Able Congresswoman

It takes one to know one. Torres-Gomez has principally authored over 100 bills and co-authored 35. She is the chairperson of the House Committee on Disaster Resilience, the vice-chairperson of committees on Tourism, and Women and Gender Equality, and the special committee on Creative Industry and Performing Arts. She is also the beautiful wife of the popular actor and Ormoc City mayor, Richard Gomez. So, she knows leadership very well.