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Atty. Chong, a Candidate for Senator Bravely Discloses the Police Scalawags Responsible for Santillan’s Murder

By: Elena Grace Flores

Due to the lack of interest from the mainstream media, Atty. Glenn Chong, a candidate for Senator in the upcoming 2019 elections announces the following update of the investigation of his aide’s murder by some police scalawags under the leadership of General Edward Carranza. The following are the highlights of Chong’s announcement: 1. Chong’s team bravely enters General Carranza’s territory recently; 2. The alpha or goons tried to frighten or kill Chong; 3. Carranza and his criminal followers are linked with Santillan’s murder; 4. Recap and highlights of the lies and claims of the policemen involved in the crime; 5. Richard “Red” Santillan is clean according to the policemen themselves; and, 6. According to the NBI, no one can prove that there was a shootout. z

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Candidate for Senator, Atty. Glenn Chong warns the police scalawags under Gen. Carranza after the Senate hearing of Santillan’s death.

Chong’s Team Enters General Carranza’s Territory

Chong’s team bravely enters General Carranza’s territory recently. The SOCO office and crime laboratory were visited by Chong to get the report that they withheld. Chong gets all the certified true copies where he found by surprise that 25 holes are on the t-shirt. 15 only went into his body. The rest can be a trace of torture that Carpio said he did.

The Alpha or Goons Tried to Frighten Chong

Chong is certain that the alpha or goons of Carranza tried to frighten or kill him. His staff also heard the police General who uttered that he’s dead meat. In Barangay Tikling, a red Nissan vehicle scares Chong’s group by showing the nozzle of an Armalite. The young attorney made a maneuver to let them know that he is aware of their plan to ambush him. He then informed the SM security that his life was under threat.

Carranza’s Link with Santillan’s Murder

Carranza and his criminal followers are linked with Santillan’s murder. Carranza approved the operation. Pitallo wrote an invalidated police report. Calixto’s men apprehended Santillan that resulted to his and his companion’s deaths. The PRO4A Police team gets a warning from Chong not to get involved with the case because he would really nail them down.

Police Lies Against Santillan’s Clean Reputation

Recap and highlights of the lies and claims of the police involved in the crime were not consistent with the evidence. Richard “Red” Santillan is clean according to the policemen themselves. Dr. Carpio, a medico-legal doctor said that there was no sign that Santillan receives a blow on his head. However, PAO forensics did a thorough examination and discovered a hematoma. Besides, Richard Santillan was found negative on paraffin test. Traces of gun powder nitrates were not found in his body and clothes.

Carranza is Dead Meat

The NBI also cannot get a witness to prove that there was indeed a shootout. Santillan was nabbed and tortured in the safe house then returned to the scene when he’s already dead with his companion who also died. The only negative thing that the police can point out was the family history of Jasmine. However, Senator Panfilo Lacson said that if some of her family members are robbers, it does not mean that she is a robber too. This is a challenge to PNP General Chief Agbayalde to allow Carranza to continue to do his function.

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Election Advocate Glenn Chong’s Car Peppered with Bullets that Killed Close Aide

By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong is known to be an election reform advocate. He exposes the alleged anomaly in the 2016 vice-presidential race between Leni Robredo and Bongbong Marcos. He now runs for Senator. Barely 6 months prior to the 2019 midterm poll, his car was peppered with 30 bullets. His aide for eleven years, Richard Red Santillan died. Chong was not in the car because Santillan left him in Naga as he headed off to Manila for his yearly pre-Christmas gift-giving activity.
Youtube Video by PILIPINAS Ngayon


30 Bullets are Proofs

Reports said there were 30 bullet holes in the car, and Chong said the incident proved the attackers were keen on killing their target. Chong revealed during Senate hearings that Smartmatic had a hand in the 2016 election cheating. He is relentless in his pursuit of the truth when he testified about the alleged electoral fraud in both the Senate and House hearings.

No Enemies

To Chong’s knowledge, Santillan has no known “enemies.” Except perhaps some people in Smartmatic and the Commission on Elections (Comelec). Chong is always critical of Smartmatic since the 2010 elections. It, however, got the Comelec bidding to provide the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) for the country’s first digital elections. Chong is among the first and most consistent critics of the PCOS system.

Chong’s Suspicion

Atty. Chong suspects that his aide was allegedly murdered by the police at around 2 a.m. on December 10 in Cainta, Rizal. He refers to the video they’ve got to back his theory. According to Chong, the video footage shows that there were patrol cars in front and at the back of Santillan’s car. This is contrary to the police spot report that his aide was engaged in a shootout with the authorities.

False Accusations

Furthermore, the election fighter cries fraud on the police claims that they found in Santillan’s possession three packets of shabu. He insinuates that “when the victim is dead, one can always plant evidence there.” He also points on some loopholes in the allegations that Santillan could be a member of the Highway Boys Group which operates in Taytay, Cainta and Pasig City.

Promise to His Comrade

Santillan was always with Chong in the last eight years of his association with politicians. They knew him as an associate because he is like a brother to Chong. He even gave Santillan with a Glock firearm registered under his aide’s name. Santillan may not have brought the firearm with him during the incident. Thus, he suspects that the firearms and a grenade were planted. Chong swears to stand by his fallen comrade and clear his name until the end.